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vendredi, juin 24, 2005

Women and sale

Feeling naughty today.

and undisciplined.

Today is the first day of the Great Paris sale of summer. (soldes d'éte). And supposingly, all the shops are supposed to open by 7am. but apparently not btw.

Surprisely, Ossie and I are able to drag ourselves out of bed to hit the shops at 8am. HA, considering that we are always late for tennis... this is really quite an achievement. PLUS, we did not even feel tired. it was like, full of energy all the way! hahahaha..

women.. buay tahan :P

AND our disappointment came when the shops only open later. for eg, Zara only opens at 9am, earlier than usual; still.

so, we took breakfast at good old McDonalds. The breakfast in McDonalds is quite cheap! 1.50 euros for a drink plus 3 mini croissants!=)

anw, so, about 8.30am, we saw quite a sizable crowd outside the shops. Especially monoprix. and when we got to Zara, we realised that there is a crowd there too. ha. u know, after all the reports of singaporeans being kiasu during sale really make us feel like freaks, queuing up for sale. but women all around the world do that too u know. ha.

Singaporean media always like to bash our fellow countrymen. I dislike.

Knowing that i have to reach office by the latest 9.30am. I am 30mins from office. BUT zara is opening at 9am.

so i promised that i will only look for 10mins and leave.

but in the end, I realised that i had to scan through all the things that are sold, before pulling myself away. =P

so happily i reached the office at 10+am. a happy and proud owner of a white zara tunic.


i think i can shop around for some work clothes for sis and send them back. the sale is quite great. 50% off most things. YAY!