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vendredi, juin 10, 2005

Wo shi xin fu hao bao bao

I am a xin fu hao bao bao~~~~ lalala...

Everybody loves me, nobody hates me. But I still think i ought to eat some worms.

heh. paiseh too bo liao le.

Amicable was commenting that, I am a very xin fu(fortunate) person, when I feel like eating, someone will miraculously cook for me.

One fine sunday morning, I woke up hungry, and feel like eating mee. and Amicable and Ossie offered to cook for me. Of course, in the end ,Ossie did not cook. Cos she is feeding on LOVE itself. Amicable cooked and I helped out.

One day i got back from work, hungry. I got offered a delicious cake from Ossie's bf (lets call him Duke from now on). Duke also offered me a piping hot pizza. Yummy! (except for the olives!) and I had such a strong craving for coke light that I wanted to walk across the street to get it. AND just as i was stepping out, Ossie commented that I can drink the coke light from the fridge, as they will not be able to finish the big bottle.

OMG, how xin fu can I get?

And and, my colleagues cooked meesiam for me.

of course, its a coincidence that all my 'xin fu'-ness seems to be derived from food. WHICH (of course) is not ture!

or it is?

Amicable was joking the other day that I will be happy just to have good food, and that I am rather low maintenance, I do not even need a big space to sleep. ha. which is............. quite true is fact :P

which makes me a xin fu hao bao bao. lalala........

oh, i watch a free musical on wednesday. was meaning to blog on it. soon.