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samedi, juin 04, 2005

Whats up

Dun the title sound alittle hip hop?? haha

like those:
Yo Yo whassup


Basically, what I am up these days are:

My dearest friend Ossie is here with me again in Paris. She is actually really living the 'ridiculous, inconvenient, cant-live-without-each-other love'.

This gal came here from London, all the way to see her beau.

Actually I am quite envious of their love.

Its the kind of love that you have when you are young. You know? young, reckless, without alot of other things on your mind.

Me like it.

Amicable and me decided that we have HAVE to enjoy the fine dining and classy cafes here. as Paris is famous for it!

So I made it a point to go to one nice place per week, as I am not rich!

So last week was La Bon Marche near Mabillon Metro with Amicable.

This week today is Kenzo, at Pont Neuf.

Only when I step in, I realised. Kenzo is the place where they filmed the last episode of Sex and the city.

where carrie and the ex wife of her bf ate.

the ambience was SUPERB!

Will post up the pictures!

Also, enjoyed myself at a fabulous flea market.

And and and! went to Roland Garros.

Although I was disappointed that it was a bad game.

BUT BUT BUT I did have fun take all the pictures. Especially with the nicely dressed Belgium fans!!


ok, tired now. Ossie is already asleep. I am just back from a fabulous mee siam dinner. or it might not be fabulous, it is just that my taste in food dropped. anything singaporean is ALWAYS good. haha

I love my colleagues!