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mardi, juin 07, 2005

A Girls' guide to Spending less money in Paris (or spending more)

Since I am way ahead of my schedule at work. I am taking a breather to blog!! haha

hmm.. all these work and career path planning has taken an obvious toil on the number of blogs I post, no?

I think that it is more of the career path planning that is keeping my thoughts occupied. Its not really the work.

The work is although challenging, but it is still manageable.


since I am a shopping addict, I rely on certain ways to help me spend less money, OR in the reserve, to enable me to spend more money without guilt! HA!

Here's how my thinking process go:


1. When you see something that you like, check the price. AND convert it from euros back to SGD. u will probably get a shock of how much it costs and decide not to buy it.

2. Still not convinced? Think of the amount of things you can buy using that amount of money in Singapore. one decent shirt u buy here, you can buy 2 back in singapore. Think again. isnt it better to buy it back in Singapore?

3. BUT BUT.. the design is unique! you might argue.

but with the same amount, you can afford a super unique PLUS good quallity shirt in Singapore.

4. But this shirt is from Paris, and u will not run into someone wearing the same shirt in Singapore. u might think.

The shirt that you can buy in singapore is definitely of a good quality, and with that price u are going to pay, you are probably not going to bump into someone wearing the same thing.

5. one last reason: to boost the economy of singapore!

why not? We all love our country right?

6. FYI, branded goods are not NOT cheaper here. the only thing u can 'bank on' for the so-called discount, is the around 12% tax rebate u get when u exit from the aeroport.


1. Paris is THE fashion capital (nevermind that it is overhyped), so definitely it is justifiable to buy things here no?

2. The design is unique

3. U wun bum into someone wearing the same thing in singapore.

4. and when people ask where did u get that shirt from, u can coolly say: from Paris

5. Think that now that I am earning in euros, i should not convert things to SGD anymore, if not i will not even eat anything (think macdonalds' meal is ard 6euros, as compared to ard 6 SGD) .

6. In Singapore, u will definitely be able to find the same things, if u are to buy from Mango, etc. BUT u do not have the slightly fatter expat pay, so you are really spending SGD. FOr a stingy person, as I am, I will not bear to spend.=(

7. I probably wun have the time to do much shopping in sg, i will probably be busy with alot of other things (yah right! i work at orchard road..so this reason is not really valid)

ok, i m done with my crap!