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jeudi, juin 16, 2005

A bottle of disaster

Today, I am very fen nu!

It is partly my fault, i left my bottle opened and the guys in my room are playing the throwing-thing-at-each-other game again.

AND my bottle was knocked and all the water spilled into my bag, where there are precious and expensive things like:
*My handphone with swarvoski crystals
*my canon ixus
*my Sony MD
*and the most expensive of all: my dior sunglasses!

WAH LAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there happened to be a receipt inside, so the prints of the receipt is now happily on the case of my dior sunglasses!!

even though the case doesnt matter, but it is the part of the whole package no?


not mad at anyone is particular, it is really also my fault about my bottle.

sq gallantly wiped my sunglasses case on his expensive shirt. touched noless, but that is what he told me, i din see it with my own eyes.

This morning on the way to work, I mysteriously remembered to put on my bvlgari watch. if not, it might be drenched too.

The camera is dry n nice in its case, the MD also. the hp was saved in time.

Amen. (i am not even a christian!)