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mardi, juin 28, 2005

Moon search

paiseh lancy. and all.

very very very busy these few days. exhausted completely.

The wedding over the weekend. then rushing out a program after work. and dinner today at Squeeze's with Amicable, Ossie and Nanxing (who is in fact not a chinese, but a Latin American).

Anyway, Nanxing claims that his dad looks like Tony Leong, and his brother looks like Ossie's bf, Duke. Ha, we shall see, cos he promised to bring photos.

will update as soon as possible!!

oh also, everyone, kindly email me a picture of the moon from where u are. my email addy is on the right=)

we can NOW finally compare where the moon is rounder.hahhaa=p

ok, till next time.

vendredi, juin 24, 2005

Women and sale

Feeling naughty today.

and undisciplined.

Today is the first day of the Great Paris sale of summer. (soldes d'éte). And supposingly, all the shops are supposed to open by 7am. but apparently not btw.

Surprisely, Ossie and I are able to drag ourselves out of bed to hit the shops at 8am. HA, considering that we are always late for tennis... this is really quite an achievement. PLUS, we did not even feel tired. it was like, full of energy all the way! hahahaha..

women.. buay tahan :P

AND our disappointment came when the shops only open later. for eg, Zara only opens at 9am, earlier than usual; still.

so, we took breakfast at good old McDonalds. The breakfast in McDonalds is quite cheap! 1.50 euros for a drink plus 3 mini croissants!=)

anw, so, about 8.30am, we saw quite a sizable crowd outside the shops. Especially monoprix. and when we got to Zara, we realised that there is a crowd there too. ha. u know, after all the reports of singaporeans being kiasu during sale really make us feel like freaks, queuing up for sale. but women all around the world do that too u know. ha.

Singaporean media always like to bash our fellow countrymen. I dislike.

Knowing that i have to reach office by the latest 9.30am. I am 30mins from office. BUT zara is opening at 9am.

so i promised that i will only look for 10mins and leave.

but in the end, I realised that i had to scan through all the things that are sold, before pulling myself away. =P

so happily i reached the office at 10+am. a happy and proud owner of a white zara tunic.


i think i can shop around for some work clothes for sis and send them back. the sale is quite great. 50% off most things. YAY!

jeudi, juin 23, 2005

Belated Roland Garros

mercredi, juin 22, 2005


We, women, want our man to have a great career, to be able to provide for the family etc. On the other hand, we also want our man to pay attention to us, shower us with love, spend time with us.

Is it a contradictory thing? does it always have to be mutually exclusive?

I wonder, am i fitted to be a wife of a career man.

anw anw...

yesterday is the fête de la Musique, and IMO, it is disappointing. Just some performances everywhere, and they are not exactly up to standard. BUT i found out that my colleague Loïc has really cute friends! =P


Got a soirée tonight and meeting squeeze after that.

oops and my pictures are not uploaded yet!! ARGH!

I procrastinate.

But then again, not really. as I really have alot of things on hand.

My main aim now is to study my french. YEAH! for my career.

jeudi, juin 16, 2005

A bottle of disaster

Today, I am very fen nu!

It is partly my fault, i left my bottle opened and the guys in my room are playing the throwing-thing-at-each-other game again.

AND my bottle was knocked and all the water spilled into my bag, where there are precious and expensive things like:
*My handphone with swarvoski crystals
*my canon ixus
*my Sony MD
*and the most expensive of all: my dior sunglasses!

WAH LAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there happened to be a receipt inside, so the prints of the receipt is now happily on the case of my dior sunglasses!!

even though the case doesnt matter, but it is the part of the whole package no?


not mad at anyone is particular, it is really also my fault about my bottle.

sq gallantly wiped my sunglasses case on his expensive shirt. touched noless, but that is what he told me, i din see it with my own eyes.

This morning on the way to work, I mysteriously remembered to put on my bvlgari watch. if not, it might be drenched too.

The camera is dry n nice in its case, the MD also. the hp was saved in time.

Amen. (i am not even a christian!)

mardi, juin 14, 2005

Cafe Life à Paris 2

at the top of Kenzo near Pont Neuf. There is an extremely nice and classy eating place.

It is here where they filmed Sex and the City, with carrie eating with the bf's ex wife.

The vibrant broad colours and designs in this cafe screams the broad colours and designs of Kenzo.

lundi, juin 13, 2005

Sarong Party Girl

Due to a naked picture that this lady posted on her blog, all of a sudden, there are strange visitors chancing upon my blog, using the simple search as follows:

Earlier it was RUHUA who dominated my search. Now it is the sarong party girls of my country.

So sad!

anw, there is still one ruhua entry, so not too bad.

vendredi, juin 10, 2005

Wo shi xin fu hao bao bao

I am a xin fu hao bao bao~~~~ lalala...

Everybody loves me, nobody hates me. But I still think i ought to eat some worms.

heh. paiseh too bo liao le.

Amicable was commenting that, I am a very xin fu(fortunate) person, when I feel like eating, someone will miraculously cook for me.

One fine sunday morning, I woke up hungry, and feel like eating mee. and Amicable and Ossie offered to cook for me. Of course, in the end ,Ossie did not cook. Cos she is feeding on LOVE itself. Amicable cooked and I helped out.

One day i got back from work, hungry. I got offered a delicious cake from Ossie's bf (lets call him Duke from now on). Duke also offered me a piping hot pizza. Yummy! (except for the olives!) and I had such a strong craving for coke light that I wanted to walk across the street to get it. AND just as i was stepping out, Ossie commented that I can drink the coke light from the fridge, as they will not be able to finish the big bottle.

OMG, how xin fu can I get?

And and, my colleagues cooked meesiam for me.

of course, its a coincidence that all my 'xin fu'-ness seems to be derived from food. WHICH (of course) is not ture!

or it is?

Amicable was joking the other day that I will be happy just to have good food, and that I am rather low maintenance, I do not even need a big space to sleep. ha. which is............. quite true is fact :P

which makes me a xin fu hao bao bao. lalala........

oh, i watch a free musical on wednesday. was meaning to blog on it. soon.

mardi, juin 07, 2005

A Girls' guide to Spending less money in Paris (or spending more)

Since I am way ahead of my schedule at work. I am taking a breather to blog!! haha

hmm.. all these work and career path planning has taken an obvious toil on the number of blogs I post, no?

I think that it is more of the career path planning that is keeping my thoughts occupied. Its not really the work.

The work is although challenging, but it is still manageable.


since I am a shopping addict, I rely on certain ways to help me spend less money, OR in the reserve, to enable me to spend more money without guilt! HA!

Here's how my thinking process go:


1. When you see something that you like, check the price. AND convert it from euros back to SGD. u will probably get a shock of how much it costs and decide not to buy it.

2. Still not convinced? Think of the amount of things you can buy using that amount of money in Singapore. one decent shirt u buy here, you can buy 2 back in singapore. Think again. isnt it better to buy it back in Singapore?

3. BUT BUT.. the design is unique! you might argue.

but with the same amount, you can afford a super unique PLUS good quallity shirt in Singapore.

4. But this shirt is from Paris, and u will not run into someone wearing the same shirt in Singapore. u might think.

The shirt that you can buy in singapore is definitely of a good quality, and with that price u are going to pay, you are probably not going to bump into someone wearing the same thing.

5. one last reason: to boost the economy of singapore!

why not? We all love our country right?

6. FYI, branded goods are not NOT cheaper here. the only thing u can 'bank on' for the so-called discount, is the around 12% tax rebate u get when u exit from the aeroport.


1. Paris is THE fashion capital (nevermind that it is overhyped), so definitely it is justifiable to buy things here no?

2. The design is unique

3. U wun bum into someone wearing the same thing in singapore.

4. and when people ask where did u get that shirt from, u can coolly say: from Paris

5. Think that now that I am earning in euros, i should not convert things to SGD anymore, if not i will not even eat anything (think macdonalds' meal is ard 6euros, as compared to ard 6 SGD) .

6. In Singapore, u will definitely be able to find the same things, if u are to buy from Mango, etc. BUT u do not have the slightly fatter expat pay, so you are really spending SGD. FOr a stingy person, as I am, I will not bear to spend.=(

7. I probably wun have the time to do much shopping in sg, i will probably be busy with alot of other things (yah right! i work at orchard road..so this reason is not really valid)

ok, i m done with my crap!

dimanche, juin 05, 2005

Cafe life in Paris 1

ok, the first cafe I would like to recommend is the one at La Bon Marche.

The tranquil cafe uses 2 main colours, green and white. giving a very calm and peaceful atmosphere.

I absolutely love the leaf motifs everywhere. The menu is also in a leaf shape!

La bon marche

samedi, juin 04, 2005

Whats up

Dun the title sound alittle hip hop?? haha

like those:
Yo Yo whassup


Basically, what I am up these days are:

My dearest friend Ossie is here with me again in Paris. She is actually really living the 'ridiculous, inconvenient, cant-live-without-each-other love'.

This gal came here from London, all the way to see her beau.

Actually I am quite envious of their love.

Its the kind of love that you have when you are young. You know? young, reckless, without alot of other things on your mind.

Me like it.

Amicable and me decided that we have HAVE to enjoy the fine dining and classy cafes here. as Paris is famous for it!

So I made it a point to go to one nice place per week, as I am not rich!

So last week was La Bon Marche near Mabillon Metro with Amicable.

This week today is Kenzo, at Pont Neuf.

Only when I step in, I realised. Kenzo is the place where they filmed the last episode of Sex and the city.

where carrie and the ex wife of her bf ate.

the ambience was SUPERB!

Will post up the pictures!

Also, enjoyed myself at a fabulous flea market.

And and and! went to Roland Garros.

Although I was disappointed that it was a bad game.

BUT BUT BUT I did have fun take all the pictures. Especially with the nicely dressed Belgium fans!!


ok, tired now. Ossie is already asleep. I am just back from a fabulous mee siam dinner. or it might not be fabulous, it is just that my taste in food dropped. anything singaporean is ALWAYS good. haha

I love my colleagues!