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vendredi, mai 27, 2005

STICKY: List of places to eat when I get back

FYI, This blog entry is going to be like the 'sticky' threads you see on the forum, which means it will be at the top of the blog from time to time. Because I like food too much!!HAHAHAA

List of places to eat when I get back. Recommended mostly by my friend, Jingle-Ling. =P

I love to try new food!! Also to add on to my existing (NOT updated) list of places to eat.

This is to help me remember the places I want to go and eat!!=P

1. raffles hotel empire cafe

For the clayfish hofan


opened by a group of taiwanese tai tai
for the chocolate souffle and margarita

3. Tao's

6course lunch $19.00++
7course dinner only $24.00++

4. mango dessert place beside lido

I love mango

5. chocolate buffet at fullerton


6. Parris

japanese buffet place at marina square

7. Kuishin Bo
the japanese paper steamboat on suntec's sky garden

its by fiesta. just to try.

8. "V Tea Room" at esplanade

this one quite ex
very good service
interesting tea time food
go to experience something different

Type of food:
all for tea time n breakfast type of food
got crepe.
got egg souffle.
they are famous for their liquer cakes $15.00
brownie blend $11.50
normal tea $7.00

9. chongqing

Taiwanese steamboat.
It has renovated. must go!

10. Max Brenier or something
chocolate place at esplanade

11. Hyatt hotel "Mezzanine"
good dessert n food

12. Al Dente at esplanade.

13. Coffee club express
Rumours said that they offer the best mud pie, which I have not tried before.

14. Altivo
at Mount Faber. Should be super romantic with the view and all! spend more than $70, you get to sit on the special cushions. HEH

quite exp, $15 for a drink.

15. Bistro
Also at Mount faber. less exp and less perfect view.
$8 for a drink.

Purfect place i think, to go relax after work=)

16. Buckeroo bar and grill
at serangoon
Very large portions, very good food.
Try: the onion rings in a standing stick

Cost? Depends on what you eat.
A filling meal of starters and sides costs ard $10 each

17. West End
Opened by Jingle-Ling's cousin.
Near Haw par villa
potato skin very unique
steak is highly recommended
Local and western food available.

A filling meal of starters and sides costs ard $10 each

18. Equinox

Taking the place of the old compass rose. the meals are very expensive, at $100 per pax.
During valentines, it costs $200 per pax, and PLUS $30 for a window seat. so smart to make money!

19. Ice Cream at sunset way.

Flavours are like sesame, durian, lychee, chendol flavour and other common types.
Taste is good, and waffle is very nice
sunset way is in between clementi and upper bukit timah and holland V

* This list is not exhaustive and will be updated from time to time, as the author wishes * HA