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dimanche, mai 01, 2005

L'amour, le tresor..

Having many thoughts going through my head.

Feel like blogging but not sure where to start.

My head felt numb.

Just finished preliminary packing for my 2 weeks' trip. Kind of looking forward to the trip. as I now feel the need to escape from reality.

It is the first time that I will be away from Squeeze for more than 5 days (seeing each other in the office doesnt count!!). and yet he is out with his friend.

He wanted me to meet me later. But I am really tired of this meeting late thing, that I switched off my handphone, while leaving it to charge.

I feel that after being together, we have lost the chance of having a nice talk over a meal. Each time, when we are having a meal, it will be either with friends, or with some other distractions. I really miss the times that we had earlier. (although i was grumbling inside all the time, as i wasnt attracted to him yet)

I wonder if it is just me, being too uncompromsing to his lifestyle. or is it him being too inconsiderate.

Oh well.

Suddenly, I thought, what is the point of being in a exclusive relationship with someone, whom you are not even sure if you want to spend the rest of your life with?

what is the whole point of a monogamous relationship when you are not even ready to settle down with that person?

In our current dating climate, the general rules when you are with someone are:
-Both parties are supposed to (when asked) declare your status of couplehood.
-Not flirt with a member of the opposite sex.
-Not accept any dates (meeting up with friends are different with dates!)
-Stop looking for someone else (else risk being called a bitch or a bastard)

But when neither of you said 'I love you' yet. Neither of you made any future plans. why is there is need for monogamy?

I find this unwritten rule working against the advantage of women most of the time.

Facing the facts that our market value decreases as our biological clock ticks, ever so cruelly. Being with a man who have not decided on committing for long term, can be damaging to our prospects of meeting a potential someone else.

Similarly, if you have not decided whether you really liked the man, and whether you want to settle down with him. This stops you from getting to know other men. And considering the time needed to get to know someone well, before thinking long term. You may stand to lose alot of precious time on that.

And also by staying so faithful to Mr Question-Mark(???), just so that you are a fair player in this dating game. You are giving up the chances of finding THE Mr Full-Stop (.) in your life.

Facing with a Mr ??? beside me and many potential looking Mr Full-Stops around, I pray for an indication, an omen, showing me who is the one.

I really hope it is as easy as this. The potential one will have a halo or some shining rays coming out of the back of his head. And I can recognise him, and settle down nicely with him.

I have this theory that, if you are a compromising person, or as long as you are willing to compromise. it is really easy to find a guy and settle down.

I mean, everyone has their flaws, and it is up to each individual if they are willing to accept the flaws of the other.

If I were to be really compromising, I think i might be on the way planning a marriage with my first boyfriend.

My friends will tell me: You have to compromise is a relationship.


Relationships are about compromising

But to me, if I were to choose to compromise, it will have to be someone worthy to compromise for. And if that someone is worthy, I do not think that I really have to compromise much.

Compromising is always a choice. It should never ever be a MUST. if it were a must, i think i will have much more trouble with my selection process of men (oops!). I mean, that means everyone is eligible, because if the guy has a flaw, all I have to do is to compromise. and tadah! he is perfect again!

*rolls eyes*

Relationships are not about compromising, in my opinion.

Relationships are made of the prettiest things in the universe. Twinkling stars, colourful rainbows, lilac roses, the warm rays of the sun, the clear relaxing blue of the sky, and the refreshing green of the grass.

Love is truly the most beautiful thing in the world.

If you found it, please treasure it. It is really not easy.

I wonder how many people compromised, and got married just to get married. In the recent survey, a shocking high percentage of Singaporeans marry unhappily.

I wonder is it because they planned too much, llike me? ;P and hence were pressured into it by themselves and the expectations of the society.

A friend of mine, who is on the way to a divorce after 6 years of marriage concurred. She shared her experience. She, like me, planned alot. and got married in style. and regretted it now.

We reached a conclusion that it is the way that we are brought up, that makes us plan. Singaporeans are extremely vulnerable to such things. Before we are old, we are even trained to plan for our retirement.

Probably this is true, as we are not a welfare state. So, we have to plan everything overselves. unlike the people here in france, comparably, they dun plan at all! THey have social security where they visit the doctor and get medicine or treatment for free. They dun have to worry when they grow old!

However, somethings can be planned (and MUST be planned). For example, our finances, career, etc. (remember we are not a welfare state? =P the downside of not paying heavy taxes to feed those bummers lazing around)

But something like love, and wedding. I feel. finally. Should let nature take its course.

L'amour est le tresor que je voudrais trouver...