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mardi, mai 24, 2005

Fear is the power of the darker side

On the way here, I have in mind upbeat things to blog about.

And once I reached work, I've lost all my words.

Work nowadays is so irritating that I am sooooooo frustated. ARGHHHHHHHHH! can u all sense my frustation?!? I am really so so angry!!!

I am totally full of anger and frustation today.

My thoughts turn to Star Wars.

Our wisest and cutest Master Yoda said in the previous episode:

Fear is the power of the darker side.

Fear leads to Anger
Anger leads to Hate
And Hate leads to Suffering.....

And I wonder how true this phase is.

I wonder, from where did my anger stem from? From which fear?

Looking at Anankin's fear turn into anger was not really a good experience for me.

The fear of losing his wife has turned into a certain kind of anger when he is facing the Sith Lord almost being killed. Pardon my ignorance, I really do not see the link to the fear part.

His anger seems to stem from the lack of trust that the jedi counsel placed on him. That they did not make him master.

There might be some anger at that end where he thought that Obiwan turned his wife against him.

But really have nothing much to do with his fear, unless u want to argue that his fear of losing his wife turns into anger towards Obiwan, as he thought that the Master Jedi turned his wife away from him.

So actually, Anger is the power of the darker side. do u agree with me?

As anger clouds the ability to analyse coolly. And in Yoda's words:

The dark side clouds everything.

However, I have really seen alot of examples of fear leading to anger, and I really want to believe in Yoda's theory. So I wonder, what is the fear that led to my anger this morning...

I still cant figure it out.