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mercredi, mai 25, 2005

Deliciouso pig organs

This morning, I woke up early to get to work early, as there is alot to do.

BUT ALAS, amicable is cooking delicious pig kidney and liver stuff. so delicious that I stayed back longer after she's left.

Despite after drinking my usual 2 packs of instant cereal, I managed to devour quite abit of the pig stuff that Amicable cooked!! omg, i think I am on my way to become a boudin!! (an ugly fat woman)

I really have no idea what happened. I was happily tucking in the rather sizable bowl of pig organs, and suddenly, I realised that I have almost finished the whole bowl!! OMG. I am a subconscious glutton.

Feeling really guilty, I SMSed amicable that I am sorry to have eaten some of her share of pig organs.. =(

A nice person, as she is. she said, since I like it, she will cook more next time. isn't she lovely!!

I think I am going to get fat man. I really have to stop, as summer is approaching, and the wearable clothes are going to put my figure to test. so I think i better watch what I eat.

Then again, I have been eating so much chocolate everyday that I dun think a few pig organs will matter. will it? :P

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