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mardi, mai 17, 2005

Dating your way through Europe -- In style!

Travelling in Europe is fun, in fact, it is really different from what I expected, so you have to see for yourself!! For example, in a country that produces machines of excellent quality, like Germany, the escalators in its metros (MRT) have the ‘stairs’ part of the escalator moving slower than the ‘handle’ part. So basically, your hand will be moving faster than yourself, that is if you place your hand on the support.

To turn into nerd mode. I recall that a lot of energy is needed to maintain the escalator at the constant speed. Change in momentum = mass x velocity. And in this case, the change in mass for the ‘stairs’ part of the escalator is more than the change in mass of the ‘handle’ part, and without the mechanism or ample energy to maintain the constant speed, the ‘stairs’ part will hence move slower.

Oh no, its is ok for me to declare my love for physics?? I actually wanted to become a physicist!! Can you believe it? People like Elephant, or Dollie or Sissy can vouch for my love for physics.

I am a closet nerd. Ah crap, I digressed again.

So, all in all, I visited 5 cities rather thoroughly, plus some short stopovers here and there.

The trip goes like that:

Paris => Amsterdam => Berlin => Prague => Vienna => Budapest => Milan => Paris

with stopovers at various places like Mont Blanc, Venice, etc..

SO! in addition to London, Brussels and Bruges earlier. Lets sum the men up! =P

Ladies, first let us take a second and consider the feelings of the male readers. Won’t they feel ‘objectised’? or even suffer from nervous attacks, after they know how we size them up? Oh, you men are such poor things. I totally emphasise.

Takes a moment to ponder if I should stop writing this blog.

Ok, moment’s over!

AND… I am still writing. Guys guys, I can emphasis, but I can’t sympathise. Too bad!

With my male colleagues commenting things like this (over coffee AND lunch), I really do not see why I should stop objectising men (especially its just for fun):

‘On general, the European ladies have bigger busts than Asians, and they are not afraid to show it.’

‘Many do not wear bra, or wear very low cut’

‘Italian ladies are prettier than the Spanish ones’

‘Spanish girls have bigger butts’

and the list goes on…

First I have to make it clear that I am not writing about how to get laid (as crude as it sounds). To get laid, I think you can head straight to the night spots. That, is a given. So I will not be writing on that.

I prefer romance….=)

Ok, lets start!

In this extremely liberal capital of The Netherlands (Holland), even drugs are legalised here. When you walk along the streets near the city hall, you might be approached by people selling drugs. In fact, many people go there to take drugs. Yes, quite a significant amount of Europeans take soft drugs.

Basically, two words. Not interested.

I am not into the wild kind.

If you are, I would recommend those ‘coffee shops’, where you can take soft drugs. Chances of getting picked up is high. Especially when people are high on space cakes. ( why space cakes? Because you will feel like you are in space after you ate the cake)

Basically people of German origin tend to be taller, which is nice. But Berlin is too runned down for my liking. Plagued by political problems until recently, it is still struggling to recover from communism.

Ah… Prague.

I was happily taking pictures on the street, and I did not know that there is actually a filming going on. Jokingly, the actor posed for my camera, so I just took his picture politely. And what happened was he stepped to me and asked me to email him the photo, and wrote me his email address. Ha! Nice.

Prague is a beautiful place, and most young Czechs speak English, so fret not! The best place to get to know a Czech man, is probably along the streets! The tourist appeal, I guess.

One of my favourites. The hometown to great composers like Mozart. And similar to Parisans, only the elites are into such cultural stuff.

For a sucker for cultural stuff like me, I absolutely love Vienna.

Ok, how to meet men.

If you can afford, you can buy front row tickets to operas, theatre, concerts. If not, (like me!), you can go buy the tickets one hour before the show and might still manage to get front row tickets with the student card. I got my tickets at 3.6 euros only, can u believe it?

Vienna speaks german, so there might be a language barrier. However, the guys you find at the opera houses are tall (remember german origin?) and on the average, rather dashing. Plus they are dressed to the nines with suits and ties. Very droolicious!

Oh, also, remember to be well dressed too! Dressing like a backpacker is not going to earn u any points.

Another recovering country. But this beautiful city appeals to tourists!

Lots and lots of tourists flock to their beautiful thermal bath places for a relaxing dip. Budapest has natural sulphurous water from the ground at 38 deg. Warm and comfortable.

So, the place in Budapest goes without saying is the thermal bath places!!! These luxurious bath places, completed with the beautiful architecture, white sculptures, will never fail to make you feel like royalty! The baths are open air baths, exactly like the kind u see in the asterix comics!

No worries, unlike in Japan, the baths in Hungary actually requires people to wear their swimming suits.

And there are really lots and lots of hunks, with looks and body to boot! All tourists. There can never be a better place to meet men than a place where people are having nothing much to do, except to soak in the same pool together. =P

I like Milan! People were like saying Milan is ugly etc.. but to me, anywhere there is good shopping is a good place! ;P

The people dress so so so well, I am really impressed.

The place to meet men is surprisingly not at the main shopping area, in my opinion.

The most perfect place is in the parks. As summer approaches, people head to the park for picnics, etc. I think I will just let the pictures do the talking! Check out what I found in the garden of the only castle in Milan!

PLUS Italian men love women. They are flirtatious and extremely cute, usually comes with dark coloured hair. The most common hairstyle is the one of Mu chun tuo za in the hair dresser show. I cant remember the name liao.

Will leave the other cities til next time!=) HAHAHA..

I cant believe I wrote this!

But oh well, happy dating!!=P