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vendredi, mai 27, 2005

Battery hens, we are..

Everything is cool and fine.

The temperature here is Paris hits 33degrees today. I think I am going to die of a heat stroke. only 3 days ago, it is like 8 degrees, and the temperature suddenly shot up.

Squeeze and I spent a nice evening together. so everything is fine.

I am not sure about all girls. For me, it is just sufficient to show me how important I am to you. and I will be yours to stay.

ok, I mean, I have to be attracted to u in the first place lar.

I shall not write out the details of our conservation, unless you people want to kenna diabetes and vomit blood. (the same expression I used with cuzzie when we were talking about someone's tagboard. * wink *) haha


Sorry ting, I cant take a picture of the moon here. The days are so long now, that it is still rather bright at 10pm. and I do not really think I did see the moon. heh.

Yesterday, suddenly, me and amicable realised that we are like battery hens! you know, those hens that are keep in a closed room, with simulated day and night. It is made such that, there are 2 'days' in 24 hours, such that the chicken are able to lay eggs twice a day.

Having the sky still bright and shiny, we could not judge what time it is now. (i mean normally you can have a feel of the time right? ) its horrible! and for example, it made me really late for dinner, and strangely, i am not hungry. isn't it weird? I cant believe my stomach actually follows the brightness of the sky.

For now, the HUGE fuss here is for the voting of the constitution this sunday. Apparently 45% wants to vote 'non', and 55% is for 'oui'. People are talking about it day in day out. and Squeeze actually took the European Constitution book and studied it really really thoroughly, that I think you can test him on that.

oh well. I think I do not really care. all will be clear after sunday.

Meanwhile have a good weekend!