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lundi, mai 16, 2005

Am back!! =)

Hey peeps,

Am back from my vacation.

Got alot to blog, but crap.. work is piling up. :(

My europe trip has been fun, eye-opening and tiring.

Will do my best to blog asap!!

oh also, keep an eye on the pictures coming up.=)

Instead of rambling on the places of interests other travel sites or blogs might have already done a good job on that, I decided I should blog on:
- the good food!!! =P
- AND just when you thought this blog cant get any bimbotic-er (is there such a word?), I am going to do the lady readers a HUGE service, by coming up with

"Date your way through Europe -- In Style!!"

I think i should add a disclaimer, before any insults start flying in. that blog is really just for laughs. (but it works! :P)