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mardi, mai 31, 2005

Chewy news

Here are some news to chew on:

From bloggerland:

Win a date thingy sounds fun!! PLUS the date is at Equinox!! Check out the places to eat post!

From Mainland:
A spy from ST.

Future thoughts

I've wrote a rather long blog about my tots on the future.

But i somehow felt that it was too personal that i could not post it out.

So in the end, I emailed the entry to my sister. (so sis, you must read it!!) and started typing this.

Actually I am fine with posting it. But due to the possibility of my colleagues reading. I decided not to.

Its just that I have been in the mood of thinking about my future. my career path, etc.

I am very sure of what I want to do, at the end of the road. I want to lecture a polytechnic. which was why I worked so hard to publish a paper with IEEE. Speaking of which. YES, I got featured in a newspaper, which I do not feel like mentioning which one. The reason being:


I mean. even professors find it hard to publish papers in a prestiguous and internationally recognised organisation. The stupid newspaper did not even mention about my paper. Instead it blah-ed on working in france, and getting the contract before I actually graduate.

okok. it seems impressive that i got the job before I graduate. BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT right?

what can be more impressive than an IEEE paper?????!!

Tell me.


ok. I am done complaining. HAHA.

After venting my anger here. I think i should add some warm fluffy thingy into this blog.

I love my family.

When talking to Amicable. I really realised that I have the best family around.

EVERYONE. really everyone. everyone is very supportive of each other.

we support and help each other in whatever way we could.

we hug. we say 'I love you' to each other.

we go out of the way for each other.

No matter where I am. My heart can feel the support of my family.

I am here for you all too!! Dad, mum, sis!!

Then i cant help wondering why my relationship with my bfs are not like my relationship with my family.

I need to spend time with my bf to feel like he loves me. I need him to show affection for me to feel his love too.

But for my family. I do not require that attention. YET, i can feel the love of my family, warming me when things get tough, and I am all alone in this foreign land where people speak a foreign language.

I conveyed this thought to my bf.

And what i got from him is:
I do not understand why you can feel lonely when you know that I am thinking of you all the time.

Er.. hello uncle. if you dun say, how will i know?

Squeeze is not a conversationalistic in this sense.

He can talk. and talk well. BUT he doesnt talk about himself, especially his feelings.

Sometimes he seems so foreign.

I feel that after so long. I am still not able to understand this man.

which is what now. I am thinking.

I do not think that he is the one for me.

In anyway. I find myself controlling my feelings towards him.

I find myself typing msn messages of things I feel. and then deleting them away, without sending them to him.

I feel that I have opened up to someone who doesnt want to open up to me.

He told me that his family never talked about their feelings. Unless when it is absolutely necessary. like the first time they spoke. it was at his grandmother's funeral.

So maybe one can blame it on his upbringing.

Nevertheless, I am someone who needs to communication. and wihtout commuincation, he feels foreign to me.

I cant I cant. I feel that I cant go on if this persisits.

Be it due to his upbrining. He has to change if he wants things to be better.

But, oh well. he is a stubborn stubborn man. and so am I....

vendredi, mai 27, 2005

Battery hens, we are..

Everything is cool and fine.

The temperature here is Paris hits 33degrees today. I think I am going to die of a heat stroke. only 3 days ago, it is like 8 degrees, and the temperature suddenly shot up.

Squeeze and I spent a nice evening together. so everything is fine.

I am not sure about all girls. For me, it is just sufficient to show me how important I am to you. and I will be yours to stay.

ok, I mean, I have to be attracted to u in the first place lar.

I shall not write out the details of our conservation, unless you people want to kenna diabetes and vomit blood. (the same expression I used with cuzzie when we were talking about someone's tagboard. * wink *) haha


Sorry ting, I cant take a picture of the moon here. The days are so long now, that it is still rather bright at 10pm. and I do not really think I did see the moon. heh.

Yesterday, suddenly, me and amicable realised that we are like battery hens! you know, those hens that are keep in a closed room, with simulated day and night. It is made such that, there are 2 'days' in 24 hours, such that the chicken are able to lay eggs twice a day.

Having the sky still bright and shiny, we could not judge what time it is now. (i mean normally you can have a feel of the time right? ) its horrible! and for example, it made me really late for dinner, and strangely, i am not hungry. isn't it weird? I cant believe my stomach actually follows the brightness of the sky.

For now, the HUGE fuss here is for the voting of the constitution this sunday. Apparently 45% wants to vote 'non', and 55% is for 'oui'. People are talking about it day in day out. and Squeeze actually took the European Constitution book and studied it really really thoroughly, that I think you can test him on that.

oh well. I think I do not really care. all will be clear after sunday.

Meanwhile have a good weekend!

STICKY: List of places to eat when I get back

FYI, This blog entry is going to be like the 'sticky' threads you see on the forum, which means it will be at the top of the blog from time to time. Because I like food too much!!HAHAHAA

List of places to eat when I get back. Recommended mostly by my friend, Jingle-Ling. =P

I love to try new food!! Also to add on to my existing (NOT updated) list of places to eat.

This is to help me remember the places I want to go and eat!!=P

1. raffles hotel empire cafe

For the clayfish hofan


opened by a group of taiwanese tai tai
for the chocolate souffle and margarita

3. Tao's

6course lunch $19.00++
7course dinner only $24.00++

4. mango dessert place beside lido

I love mango

5. chocolate buffet at fullerton


6. Parris

japanese buffet place at marina square

7. Kuishin Bo
the japanese paper steamboat on suntec's sky garden

its by fiesta. just to try.

8. "V Tea Room" at esplanade

this one quite ex
very good service
interesting tea time food
go to experience something different

Type of food:
all for tea time n breakfast type of food
got crepe.
got egg souffle.
they are famous for their liquer cakes $15.00
brownie blend $11.50
normal tea $7.00

9. chongqing

Taiwanese steamboat.
It has renovated. must go!

10. Max Brenier or something
chocolate place at esplanade

11. Hyatt hotel "Mezzanine"
good dessert n food

12. Al Dente at esplanade.

13. Coffee club express
Rumours said that they offer the best mud pie, which I have not tried before.

14. Altivo
at Mount Faber. Should be super romantic with the view and all! spend more than $70, you get to sit on the special cushions. HEH

quite exp, $15 for a drink.

15. Bistro
Also at Mount faber. less exp and less perfect view.
$8 for a drink.

Purfect place i think, to go relax after work=)

16. Buckeroo bar and grill
at serangoon
Very large portions, very good food.
Try: the onion rings in a standing stick

Cost? Depends on what you eat.
A filling meal of starters and sides costs ard $10 each

17. West End
Opened by Jingle-Ling's cousin.
Near Haw par villa
potato skin very unique
steak is highly recommended
Local and western food available.

A filling meal of starters and sides costs ard $10 each

18. Equinox

Taking the place of the old compass rose. the meals are very expensive, at $100 per pax.
During valentines, it costs $200 per pax, and PLUS $30 for a window seat. so smart to make money!

19. Ice Cream at sunset way.

Flavours are like sesame, durian, lychee, chendol flavour and other common types.
Taste is good, and waffle is very nice
sunset way is in between clementi and upper bukit timah and holland V

* This list is not exhaustive and will be updated from time to time, as the author wishes * HA

mercredi, mai 25, 2005


Ok, finally food in europe.

Firstly i need something to keep my mind off the thing that I just blogged earlier.

Most of the food can be found in Lonely Planet's guide to europe. so I am rather lazy to describe. so it just more of a picture blog.


man, I can feel myself salivating...=P

Deliciouso pig organs

This morning, I woke up early to get to work early, as there is alot to do.

BUT ALAS, amicable is cooking delicious pig kidney and liver stuff. so delicious that I stayed back longer after she's left.

Despite after drinking my usual 2 packs of instant cereal, I managed to devour quite abit of the pig stuff that Amicable cooked!! omg, i think I am on my way to become a boudin!! (an ugly fat woman)

I really have no idea what happened. I was happily tucking in the rather sizable bowl of pig organs, and suddenly, I realised that I have almost finished the whole bowl!! OMG. I am a subconscious glutton.

Feeling really guilty, I SMSed amicable that I am sorry to have eaten some of her share of pig organs.. =(

A nice person, as she is. she said, since I like it, she will cook more next time. isn't she lovely!!

I think I am going to get fat man. I really have to stop, as summer is approaching, and the wearable clothes are going to put my figure to test. so I think i better watch what I eat.

Then again, I have been eating so much chocolate everyday that I dun think a few pig organs will matter. will it? :P

Anger is not a good thing. and it is definitely not an effective tool.

mardi, mai 24, 2005

Fear is the power of the darker side

On the way here, I have in mind upbeat things to blog about.

And once I reached work, I've lost all my words.

Work nowadays is so irritating that I am sooooooo frustated. ARGHHHHHHHHH! can u all sense my frustation?!? I am really so so angry!!!

I am totally full of anger and frustation today.

My thoughts turn to Star Wars.

Our wisest and cutest Master Yoda said in the previous episode:

Fear is the power of the darker side.

Fear leads to Anger
Anger leads to Hate
And Hate leads to Suffering.....

And I wonder how true this phase is.

I wonder, from where did my anger stem from? From which fear?

Looking at Anankin's fear turn into anger was not really a good experience for me.

The fear of losing his wife has turned into a certain kind of anger when he is facing the Sith Lord almost being killed. Pardon my ignorance, I really do not see the link to the fear part.

His anger seems to stem from the lack of trust that the jedi counsel placed on him. That they did not make him master.

There might be some anger at that end where he thought that Obiwan turned his wife against him.

But really have nothing much to do with his fear, unless u want to argue that his fear of losing his wife turns into anger towards Obiwan, as he thought that the Master Jedi turned his wife away from him.

So actually, Anger is the power of the darker side. do u agree with me?

As anger clouds the ability to analyse coolly. And in Yoda's words:

The dark side clouds everything.

However, I have really seen alot of examples of fear leading to anger, and I really want to believe in Yoda's theory. So I wonder, what is the fear that led to my anger this morning...

I still cant figure it out.

lundi, mai 23, 2005

Wee Kim Wee

Of all the presidents of Singapore, I feel closet to Wee kim wee.

Not that I know him personally, its just that he has this kind and caring look which I can associate to my grandfather.

He died, as all humans will.

Suddenly, I miss my grandma. Thoughts of my grandma surface often, when I feel lost. when I see old women carrying groceries.

I miss you alot, ma2 ma4. where are you now? est-ce que tu va bien?

Weekend May 7, 2005
MY grandfather's achievements as an editor, a diplomat and a head > of state are now the stuff of legend. You would have read all > these things in the newspapers or watched them on television - he > was a public man.
What I should talk about is my grandfather as a family man. I > cannot talk about my grandfather without also talking about my > grandmother. > She was the rock of his life. His last thoughts were of her. They were > holding hands when he finally went to sleep on Monday morning. > > Last year, we celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. After > dinner he presented her with a red packet full of money, which he > then followed up with a jewellery box - because my grandmother > loves wearing jewellery. > > There was a jade brooch inside the box. And, in return, in front > of everybody, she kissed him three times. They were 87 and 88 at > that time. > Once, (when) I was learning the piano, I thought I would learn > some songs to play at my grandmother's birthday party. I asked my > grandfather what songs he thought she would like. To my surprise > he gave me a type-written sheet (with songs listed)in order of preference. > He was always a busy man - he used to tell me that he had two > million things on his mind. But at some point in his life, he had > sat down and > thought hard about what music my grandmother would enjoy and typed > it all out andkept it in special folder ready to be whipped out at anytime.
Husbands who are here today: Do you have a list of your wife's top > 10 favourite songs in a folder? That's a lesson you can take from > my grandfather. > They celebrated 69 years of marriage together in April this year. > I thank my grandfather from the bottom of my heart for showing us > what it really is like to love a person. I also thank my > grandfather for showing us what it is to love life.
He was a man who enjoyed life. He collected snuff bottles, coins > and stamps. He travelled the world; he played sports; he planted > fruit trees; he loved the smell and taste of hazelnut coffee.
Whenever his grandchildren visited him in his office - whether at > the Malaysian High Commission, the embassy in Tokyo, the Singapore Broadcast Corporation or the huge halls of the Istana - there would > come moments when he would wink at us, open his desk drawer and > say "have a chocolate".
Unknown to my grandmother, who disapproved of his snacking in > between meals, he always kept a secret stash of Hawaiian hazelnut > chocolates, which he ate out of her sight during office hours.
My grandfather loved animals as well. He liked to watch horses running. > He liked dogs and cats and he liked fish. At the last count, his house > contained 11 chickens, eight terrapins, two goldfish and one dog. > >
Once, someone gave him six turkeys. I think the idea was for them > to be fattened up and eaten. My grandfather looked at them and > spoke to them. > He gave them names. I remember my mother saying to me, "Oh no, he > has given them names - we'll never get rid of them now". And so > the turkeys were with us for quite some time.
But one day, they started irritating the chickens so my > grandfather decided to find them a new home. The Singapore Zoo was > chosen. When the family heard about this, of course we all joked > that the turkeys would be fed to the crocodiles. > >
He was so alarmed by this that he made special arrangements with > the zoo. They were to send him a written report every time a > turkey died. > The report had to state the cause of death and age of each turkey. > >
That was the kind of man my grandfather was. He revered and > respected life - even the life of an animal. > >
The stories of his life are, to me, all stories of love. If you > wish to honour his memory in your life, then live your life to the > full, stand by your friends, cherish your family, listen to > everyone with an > open mind and welcome those who cross your path with an open heart. > He has gone on another journey now. We have spent the past five > days saying goodbye to him and it is now the time to let him go. > >
From all your grandchildren and great grandchildren: I know you > love us all so very much. > >
Goodbye gong gong (granddad). Goodbye. >

jeudi, mai 19, 2005

An ordinary construction worker.

Found this picture.

AND I have no idea why I feel the absolute need to post it up :P

The construction worker who went on wocai, as he looks like wu zhong xian.


mardi, mai 17, 2005

Dating your way through Europe -- In style!

Travelling in Europe is fun, in fact, it is really different from what I expected, so you have to see for yourself!! For example, in a country that produces machines of excellent quality, like Germany, the escalators in its metros (MRT) have the ‘stairs’ part of the escalator moving slower than the ‘handle’ part. So basically, your hand will be moving faster than yourself, that is if you place your hand on the support.

To turn into nerd mode. I recall that a lot of energy is needed to maintain the escalator at the constant speed. Change in momentum = mass x velocity. And in this case, the change in mass for the ‘stairs’ part of the escalator is more than the change in mass of the ‘handle’ part, and without the mechanism or ample energy to maintain the constant speed, the ‘stairs’ part will hence move slower.

Oh no, its is ok for me to declare my love for physics?? I actually wanted to become a physicist!! Can you believe it? People like Elephant, or Dollie or Sissy can vouch for my love for physics.

I am a closet nerd. Ah crap, I digressed again.

So, all in all, I visited 5 cities rather thoroughly, plus some short stopovers here and there.

The trip goes like that:

Paris => Amsterdam => Berlin => Prague => Vienna => Budapest => Milan => Paris

with stopovers at various places like Mont Blanc, Venice, etc..

SO! in addition to London, Brussels and Bruges earlier. Lets sum the men up! =P

Ladies, first let us take a second and consider the feelings of the male readers. Won’t they feel ‘objectised’? or even suffer from nervous attacks, after they know how we size them up? Oh, you men are such poor things. I totally emphasise.

Takes a moment to ponder if I should stop writing this blog.

Ok, moment’s over!

AND… I am still writing. Guys guys, I can emphasis, but I can’t sympathise. Too bad!

With my male colleagues commenting things like this (over coffee AND lunch), I really do not see why I should stop objectising men (especially its just for fun):

‘On general, the European ladies have bigger busts than Asians, and they are not afraid to show it.’

‘Many do not wear bra, or wear very low cut’

‘Italian ladies are prettier than the Spanish ones’

‘Spanish girls have bigger butts’

and the list goes on…

First I have to make it clear that I am not writing about how to get laid (as crude as it sounds). To get laid, I think you can head straight to the night spots. That, is a given. So I will not be writing on that.

I prefer romance….=)

Ok, lets start!

In this extremely liberal capital of The Netherlands (Holland), even drugs are legalised here. When you walk along the streets near the city hall, you might be approached by people selling drugs. In fact, many people go there to take drugs. Yes, quite a significant amount of Europeans take soft drugs.

Basically, two words. Not interested.

I am not into the wild kind.

If you are, I would recommend those ‘coffee shops’, where you can take soft drugs. Chances of getting picked up is high. Especially when people are high on space cakes. ( why space cakes? Because you will feel like you are in space after you ate the cake)

Basically people of German origin tend to be taller, which is nice. But Berlin is too runned down for my liking. Plagued by political problems until recently, it is still struggling to recover from communism.

Ah… Prague.

I was happily taking pictures on the street, and I did not know that there is actually a filming going on. Jokingly, the actor posed for my camera, so I just took his picture politely. And what happened was he stepped to me and asked me to email him the photo, and wrote me his email address. Ha! Nice.

Prague is a beautiful place, and most young Czechs speak English, so fret not! The best place to get to know a Czech man, is probably along the streets! The tourist appeal, I guess.

One of my favourites. The hometown to great composers like Mozart. And similar to Parisans, only the elites are into such cultural stuff.

For a sucker for cultural stuff like me, I absolutely love Vienna.

Ok, how to meet men.

If you can afford, you can buy front row tickets to operas, theatre, concerts. If not, (like me!), you can go buy the tickets one hour before the show and might still manage to get front row tickets with the student card. I got my tickets at 3.6 euros only, can u believe it?

Vienna speaks german, so there might be a language barrier. However, the guys you find at the opera houses are tall (remember german origin?) and on the average, rather dashing. Plus they are dressed to the nines with suits and ties. Very droolicious!

Oh, also, remember to be well dressed too! Dressing like a backpacker is not going to earn u any points.

Another recovering country. But this beautiful city appeals to tourists!

Lots and lots of tourists flock to their beautiful thermal bath places for a relaxing dip. Budapest has natural sulphurous water from the ground at 38 deg. Warm and comfortable.

So, the place in Budapest goes without saying is the thermal bath places!!! These luxurious bath places, completed with the beautiful architecture, white sculptures, will never fail to make you feel like royalty! The baths are open air baths, exactly like the kind u see in the asterix comics!

No worries, unlike in Japan, the baths in Hungary actually requires people to wear their swimming suits.

And there are really lots and lots of hunks, with looks and body to boot! All tourists. There can never be a better place to meet men than a place where people are having nothing much to do, except to soak in the same pool together. =P

I like Milan! People were like saying Milan is ugly etc.. but to me, anywhere there is good shopping is a good place! ;P

The people dress so so so well, I am really impressed.

The place to meet men is surprisingly not at the main shopping area, in my opinion.

The most perfect place is in the parks. As summer approaches, people head to the park for picnics, etc. I think I will just let the pictures do the talking! Check out what I found in the garden of the only castle in Milan!

PLUS Italian men love women. They are flirtatious and extremely cute, usually comes with dark coloured hair. The most common hairstyle is the one of Mu chun tuo za in the hair dresser show. I cant remember the name liao.

Will leave the other cities til next time!=) HAHAHA..

I cant believe I wrote this!

But oh well, happy dating!!=P

lundi, mai 16, 2005

Am back!! =)

Hey peeps,

Am back from my vacation.

Got alot to blog, but crap.. work is piling up. :(

My europe trip has been fun, eye-opening and tiring.

Will do my best to blog asap!!

oh also, keep an eye on the pictures coming up.=)

Instead of rambling on the places of interests other travel sites or blogs might have already done a good job on that, I decided I should blog on:
- the good food!!! =P
- AND just when you thought this blog cant get any bimbotic-er (is there such a word?), I am going to do the lady readers a HUGE service, by coming up with

"Date your way through Europe -- In Style!!"

I think i should add a disclaimer, before any insults start flying in. that blog is really just for laughs. (but it works! :P)


dimanche, mai 01, 2005

L'amour, le tresor..

Having many thoughts going through my head.

Feel like blogging but not sure where to start.

My head felt numb.

Just finished preliminary packing for my 2 weeks' trip. Kind of looking forward to the trip. as I now feel the need to escape from reality.

It is the first time that I will be away from Squeeze for more than 5 days (seeing each other in the office doesnt count!!). and yet he is out with his friend.

He wanted me to meet me later. But I am really tired of this meeting late thing, that I switched off my handphone, while leaving it to charge.

I feel that after being together, we have lost the chance of having a nice talk over a meal. Each time, when we are having a meal, it will be either with friends, or with some other distractions. I really miss the times that we had earlier. (although i was grumbling inside all the time, as i wasnt attracted to him yet)

I wonder if it is just me, being too uncompromsing to his lifestyle. or is it him being too inconsiderate.

Oh well.

Suddenly, I thought, what is the point of being in a exclusive relationship with someone, whom you are not even sure if you want to spend the rest of your life with?

what is the whole point of a monogamous relationship when you are not even ready to settle down with that person?

In our current dating climate, the general rules when you are with someone are:
-Both parties are supposed to (when asked) declare your status of couplehood.
-Not flirt with a member of the opposite sex.
-Not accept any dates (meeting up with friends are different with dates!)
-Stop looking for someone else (else risk being called a bitch or a bastard)

But when neither of you said 'I love you' yet. Neither of you made any future plans. why is there is need for monogamy?

I find this unwritten rule working against the advantage of women most of the time.

Facing the facts that our market value decreases as our biological clock ticks, ever so cruelly. Being with a man who have not decided on committing for long term, can be damaging to our prospects of meeting a potential someone else.

Similarly, if you have not decided whether you really liked the man, and whether you want to settle down with him. This stops you from getting to know other men. And considering the time needed to get to know someone well, before thinking long term. You may stand to lose alot of precious time on that.

And also by staying so faithful to Mr Question-Mark(???), just so that you are a fair player in this dating game. You are giving up the chances of finding THE Mr Full-Stop (.) in your life.

Facing with a Mr ??? beside me and many potential looking Mr Full-Stops around, I pray for an indication, an omen, showing me who is the one.

I really hope it is as easy as this. The potential one will have a halo or some shining rays coming out of the back of his head. And I can recognise him, and settle down nicely with him.

I have this theory that, if you are a compromising person, or as long as you are willing to compromise. it is really easy to find a guy and settle down.

I mean, everyone has their flaws, and it is up to each individual if they are willing to accept the flaws of the other.

If I were to be really compromising, I think i might be on the way planning a marriage with my first boyfriend.

My friends will tell me: You have to compromise is a relationship.


Relationships are about compromising

But to me, if I were to choose to compromise, it will have to be someone worthy to compromise for. And if that someone is worthy, I do not think that I really have to compromise much.

Compromising is always a choice. It should never ever be a MUST. if it were a must, i think i will have much more trouble with my selection process of men (oops!). I mean, that means everyone is eligible, because if the guy has a flaw, all I have to do is to compromise. and tadah! he is perfect again!

*rolls eyes*

Relationships are not about compromising, in my opinion.

Relationships are made of the prettiest things in the universe. Twinkling stars, colourful rainbows, lilac roses, the warm rays of the sun, the clear relaxing blue of the sky, and the refreshing green of the grass.

Love is truly the most beautiful thing in the world.

If you found it, please treasure it. It is really not easy.

I wonder how many people compromised, and got married just to get married. In the recent survey, a shocking high percentage of Singaporeans marry unhappily.

I wonder is it because they planned too much, llike me? ;P and hence were pressured into it by themselves and the expectations of the society.

A friend of mine, who is on the way to a divorce after 6 years of marriage concurred. She shared her experience. She, like me, planned alot. and got married in style. and regretted it now.

We reached a conclusion that it is the way that we are brought up, that makes us plan. Singaporeans are extremely vulnerable to such things. Before we are old, we are even trained to plan for our retirement.

Probably this is true, as we are not a welfare state. So, we have to plan everything overselves. unlike the people here in france, comparably, they dun plan at all! THey have social security where they visit the doctor and get medicine or treatment for free. They dun have to worry when they grow old!

However, somethings can be planned (and MUST be planned). For example, our finances, career, etc. (remember we are not a welfare state? =P the downside of not paying heavy taxes to feed those bummers lazing around)

But something like love, and wedding. I feel. finally. Should let nature take its course.

L'amour est le tresor que je voudrais trouver...