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mercredi, avril 06, 2005

Une bonne soirée

Blogger got problem again!!

I was happily visiting my friends' blog, then I realised, the comments thingy is not working!!!!!!

How devastating!!!!

Now, I cant leave my valuable comments. =( HAHAHA..

too bad

Yesterday night, was one of the best nights in Paris, I think.

So, armed with the 20+ euros I have, I went to Galleries Lafeyette to get wine. Squeeze said, for 20 euros, you can get quite a good wine.

Oh, one thing that is cheap in Paris, as compared to Singapore is the WINE!! you can get the cheapestest at 1-2 euros. great for those nights that everyone's aim is just to get drunk (but it is not very good wine though). oh, also the cheese and the escagots. ME LOVE IT! and of course the clichés like cars etc..

When I got there, I realised that the champagne is on sale. so happily, I bought the champagne instead.

A french man tried to pick me up using 'ni hao', which is 'how are you' in Chinese. Ha, I really do appreciate the effort, I do!! at least I did smile sweetly at him, and said bonne soiree! (have a good evening)

and also, I witnessed this really really cute man, who looks like a Calvin Klein underwear model. He was on the bus, and I was waiting around for my squeeze to call. He held his eyes on me for a very very long time. *drools*

BUT, haha, I am not so desperate and easily swept off. I acted nonchalant. though drooling a river inside. OOPS!! haha

After that, I went to the apartment of Luohan (squeeze's best friend). He has the most DROOLALICIOUS apartment, in my opinion that is.

No words can describe. I will post up pictures when I have more time at home.

Plus the food is really special, nothing I have tasted before. French-inspired fusion food is really amazing and exotic (because its fusion, it has some asian touches). We had mango rice, and lemon porc for the main course, with red wine. For starters, we have nam (which is vietnamese springroll), baby tomatos, baby sausages, shrimps, seasticks, with champagne, of course! everything is so nice that I think I overstuffed myself, alot.

The ambience is great. I am, of course, alittle handicapped by language. But it was really nice and relaxing. I love the apartment soo much that I kept taking pictures!!

Not to mention, squeeze was super lovey dovey. Now I know, when I see how other couples act, I know french men are not really very very affectionate always. French women are more affectionate. Boy, am I glad that I have an affectionate squeeze.=) We were rather lovey dovey all the way, he was like calling me 'cherie' (dear in french), and 'Pei Pei' (the way that my parents and relatives call me), of course with a strange french accent, but the accent made it sound even sweeter. =)

To think that I was actually a little grumpy about him ignoring me in the office. (OkOK, i know, the reason is obvious for those who know)


It was a beautiful night=)

I will do a field report with pictures soon.;)