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mercredi, avril 27, 2005

Singapore can count on a hardworking, obstinate population which has great adaptabilites

Today, one french colleague sent me this:

Même si la situation géographique joue un grand rôle dans la prospérité de Singapour, celle-ci repose fondamentalement sur ses habitants. Manquant de ressources naturelles, Singapour peut compter sur une population travailleuse, opiniâtre et qui a de grandes facultés d'adaptation

This can be translated as:

Even if the geographical situation plays a great part in the prosperity of Singapore, this one rests basically on its inhabitants. Natural resource lack, Singapore can count on a hard-working, obstinate population which has great adaptabilities

Isn't nice to read what others have to say about us? especially from a foreign language.

Ha! we are HARDWORKING! we are OBSTINATE (not sure if its a good thing)!! AND we have great adaptability!! hahaha

So, everyone. be proud of being a Singaporean (but not too proud, if not a certain densely populated superpower nation might think that we are too proud again) and be proud of your job, no matter what it is! (so long as you are making your living in an ethical way)