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lundi, avril 11, 2005

Shoppelicious Saturday

Really tired today. I am not sure why, I truly felt that I have slept sufficiently yesterday night, and I even woke up feeling that I have had a satisfying sleep.

Hmm… I wonder if its this new top that I am wearing. Today I wore the new top that I bought on Shoppelicious Saturday with Ostrich.

Shoppelicious Saturday : noun
The activity that is done almost every Saturday religiously. Hunting through bargains, going through shops and shops, browsing through lot of clothings for good finds!=P
i.e. a perfect retail therapy.=)

Ostrich is an old old friend who dates back to around 11 years back, where both of us simply bonded, due to our sheer laziness, playfulness, and a little of rebellious nature. In the stifling and traditional ECA that we were in, we simply wrecked havoc. Just a teeny weeny havoc.=P (cos our dearest senior might be reading in) HAHAHA.. one has to be politically correct when needed, no? haha

Anyway, this new top is a gorgeous orange halter top, which is really nice and all. BUT it is made to be rather low cut. Or rather, just too low cut for conservative me. I am really conservative, despite how I might appear to be like.

SO, my solution is to tie it really right up, so that it is not as low cut. But now, I m feeling that I cant breathe, as the halter strap is like cutting into the back of my neck.. HELP! Anyway, I am wearing a jacket outside the halter, as I am no office slut, u know!!

Oh crap, I cant wait to get home!!! I cant wait to take it off!!! I guess, I will just wear it out next time, not to wear it to the office.

It was really quite enjoyable to spend time with an old friend. A friend so old that she has seen me when I was still a extremely off-beat nerdy secondary school girl, with my hair still cut by my mummy dearest. Oh man, it is really really bad. And her, she was also really really bad too, sporting a short, bowl-like cut, by her aunty.=P Haha.. oh well, we both blossomed into fine ladies now, didn’t we? In fact a lot of nerdy classmates are now sufficiently stunning women, hence supporting the statement that: there can never be ugly women, there can only be lazy women.

Dun look down on us, ex-nerds ok!! We are back, revamped, and with the BRAINS!! HHAHAA.. oh no, I think I m going crazy. It might be the strap of this freaking orange halter, cutting into my neck!!!!

Anyway, I was telling Ostrich that I feel that there is this trend of Singaporean women marrying foreigners. And NO, I am not referring to those bimbotic Sarong Party Girls. I am referring to intelligent capable women, those that belong to the category of the ‘elites’ with excellent academic records. Within our not-very-big group of mutual friends, we have women with French, Canadian, Korean, and PRCs. I feel it is enough sample population to form a ‘trend’, but Ostrich disagreed. Haha, and being the more sensible one that Ostrich is, I guess she is right. It might just be the people we have around us.

Ostrich eats an amazing amount of sugary food and pastry, with her amazing metabolism rate, she still manages to remain slim and nice. (PLUS she is tall!!) and what about me? After these days with Ostrich, I have happily tucked in lotsa lotsa extremely sinful food, forgetting that my disgusting metabolism, PLUS the fact that I am short. =(

HAIZ, sian. Got to watch my diet for the next few weeks, and more tennis!!!! I am even considering of running early in the morning.. what do u think?

Anyway, mm, I wanna reply you with the reasons why the millionaires and billionaires are made from the dot com industry. BUT, I am too into this subject (yes yes yes!! You all should know that I am extremely interested in business) SO, I am only 1 / 4 through answering your question. =P will post it up soon!!

Squeeze is now more stably affectionate and loving. Nice. BUT that %@# person change his computer wall paper from our picture to his newest Da Vinci’s code wallpaper… so sian. Heh, I am such a nitpicking person.