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mardi, avril 05, 2005

My many problems..

There are so many difficult things in life.

Today, I encountered some really difficult problems.

Problem one:

I realised that I have a birthday party to attend this evening.

Then I realised that I am probably expected to bring a present.

I checked my wallet, only to find 20 euros.

Hmm.. what can I do with 20 euros?

Problem two:

As I was thinking, I got alittle hungry.

I looked around, and only to find that I am surrounded by yummy chocolates (my fav!)

Then I remembered my sore throat. So sian!!

Problem three:

I was going to use Amicable's Miracle parfum.

I got distracted by her MAC's liquid eyeliner, which she guarantees, WILL NOT SMUDGE

I was happily putting it on, that I forgot to put parfum!!!! ARGH

And just now, i noticed black patches on my hands, then I realised the eyeliner SMUDGED!!!!! ARGH!!!

HAhaha.. what a shallow person I am!!!!! ignore me pleaese.