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jeudi, avril 28, 2005

My freaking biological clock

Will be meeting sq tonight. I have been preoccupied with other things to not be spending time with him for just the past 2 days, and yesterday night, he was like smsing : 'Are you sure you do not want to come today?'. HA!

Absence makes the heart grows fonder.

I never used to believe that crap. especially when I was crying my heart out when my first bf went to serve the army. but in this case, just a day and a half of absence, he is already missing me so much. which is kind of sweet. =P

SO, looking forward to tonight.=)

A thought just flashed through my mind.

Remember my goal of getting married and settled down early?


To settle down by LATEST 26 yrs old, I have to decide on my husband by 24 + half yrs old. As it is absolutely vital for me to plan an engagement party within 6 months, and a wedding within 1 year. =P

Dun blame me, I need everything to be perfect!! The start of a lifelong journey with a man I love.

To get to know a man enough to want to settle down with him: it takes 1 year AT LEAST!

which means.. I have to be with the man that I want to marry, or at least, a man who is of marriage material when I am 23 and a half yrs old...

This means that==>

Now I am.. 23 and a half PLUS 13 days!!!!


Am I supposed to freak out?

All the earlier thoughts about not to think too much about the future vanished. And the truth is we are only 3 months old, how to discuss about the future?? Then again, for the previous relationship, the future is often discussed after like... er.. one month, or even less. But it has to do with the fact that they are Singaporeans, no?

I have this impression that Singaporean men are more stable and keen to settle down than ang mohs. Maybe ang mohs only want to be with the girl, and then see if it is possible to have a future.

But with my biological clock ticking, i think i will muster up courage and talk to Sq about it tonight. heh.

Or maybe the urgency is brought about by a certain ex-bf who wanted me to give him another shot.....