A Bimbo, Re-Defined

...a princess's diary...

jeudi, avril 07, 2005


Children has just this ability of randomly drawing of i-dont-know-what, and melt the hearts of adults with their cutsy, ugly, random, innocent(of course!) drawings.

Yesterday night, the little terrorist crept into my room and placed a something in my room. But I did not know what she was doing, so I was rather pissed with her coming in, without knocking.

Then I noticed the note, and I felt guilty of being cross with her.

Although I have no idea what she was drawing, I guess its her way of showing that she is sorry for making so much noise??? WAIT, i guess not, cos she is still making as much noise as usual.

But I have this agreement with the mum, that the little terror is not to wake up before 9am. My days are much more peaceful since!!=)

Nice nice. I congratulated myself for coming up with such a brillant idea to coexist.

I guess that picture just means that she likes me. My friend thinks so too. When I tie my hair, she will get her mum to tie her hair for her. she will follow me around like a ghost in the morning, watching me while I makeup, and all.

I will definitely like her more if she is more well behaved, I think... But anyway, I think I will draw something and give it back to her.

Powerpuff girls, I suppose, as they are my forté, when I was working part time as a fairy face painter..HAHAHA. I was a popular one hor, so stop rolling your eyes!! We had to use paintbrushes to draw, so it wasnt that easy to control the strokes. AND i am proud to be able to draw and colour a powerpuff girl, in about a minute or so. (i think) I am really fast at powerpuff girls, and also piglet with a balloon, spiderman, superman, pikacu...etc. I hate wonderwoman most, and maybe even borbesaur (is this how u spell it), its one of the pokemons, highly difficult to draw. The pay is subtantial to compensate for the possible humiliation of masquerading as a fairy.=P

Anyway, my sore throat is getting from bad to worse, I cant really speak today. And yesterday I was desperate enough to drink salt water. *Ouch!*

Bought my pass yesterday after work, to travel europe. My europe trip is planned to be on the first 2 weeks of May. so looking forward to it!!!!

Although I really hope to go on a holiday with squeeze. But I am not sure I have enough money, as I guess I will be spending it all for the Europe trip. ='(