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mardi, avril 05, 2005

Attached to work, i think

Worked a long day yesterday. But instead of feeling tired for leaving the office at 9pm, I actually felt great. Energized. And darn proud of myself.

I start wondering, if I am in fact a workaholic, in disguise.

Anyway, I was so proud of myself that I treated myself to the remains of the bah kut teh, boiled with chicken noodles.

It was simple, yet extremely satisfying.


When I was going to relax abit, this phone call reached me. (keeping in mind that I am sick)

It is my squeeze, asking if i could attend his best friend's birthday party tonight. Being the girl who needs affection, as I am, I whined that I stayed in the office til 9pm, and I am still sick.

The whole point is just to get some words of affection from him, asking if I was feeling better, etc.. =p


I got more probing into my progress. PLUS a suggestion that I should get to the office earlier the next morning to work.


oh well, isnt there a rule not to talk about work, outside office hours!!!


The demerits of intraoffice dating!