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jeudi, avril 28, 2005

My freaking biological clock

Will be meeting sq tonight. I have been preoccupied with other things to not be spending time with him for just the past 2 days, and yesterday night, he was like smsing : 'Are you sure you do not want to come today?'. HA!

Absence makes the heart grows fonder.

I never used to believe that crap. especially when I was crying my heart out when my first bf went to serve the army. but in this case, just a day and a half of absence, he is already missing me so much. which is kind of sweet. =P

SO, looking forward to tonight.=)

A thought just flashed through my mind.

Remember my goal of getting married and settled down early?


To settle down by LATEST 26 yrs old, I have to decide on my husband by 24 + half yrs old. As it is absolutely vital for me to plan an engagement party within 6 months, and a wedding within 1 year. =P

Dun blame me, I need everything to be perfect!! The start of a lifelong journey with a man I love.

To get to know a man enough to want to settle down with him: it takes 1 year AT LEAST!

which means.. I have to be with the man that I want to marry, or at least, a man who is of marriage material when I am 23 and a half yrs old...

This means that==>

Now I am.. 23 and a half PLUS 13 days!!!!


Am I supposed to freak out?

All the earlier thoughts about not to think too much about the future vanished. And the truth is we are only 3 months old, how to discuss about the future?? Then again, for the previous relationship, the future is often discussed after like... er.. one month, or even less. But it has to do with the fact that they are Singaporeans, no?

I have this impression that Singaporean men are more stable and keen to settle down than ang mohs. Maybe ang mohs only want to be with the girl, and then see if it is possible to have a future.

But with my biological clock ticking, i think i will muster up courage and talk to Sq about it tonight. heh.

Or maybe the urgency is brought about by a certain ex-bf who wanted me to give him another shot.....

mercredi, avril 27, 2005

Singapore can count on a hardworking, obstinate population which has great adaptabilites

Today, one french colleague sent me this:

Même si la situation géographique joue un grand rôle dans la prospérité de Singapour, celle-ci repose fondamentalement sur ses habitants. Manquant de ressources naturelles, Singapour peut compter sur une population travailleuse, opiniâtre et qui a de grandes facultés d'adaptation

This can be translated as:

Even if the geographical situation plays a great part in the prosperity of Singapore, this one rests basically on its inhabitants. Natural resource lack, Singapore can count on a hard-working, obstinate population which has great adaptabilities

Isn't nice to read what others have to say about us? especially from a foreign language.

Ha! we are HARDWORKING! we are OBSTINATE (not sure if its a good thing)!! AND we have great adaptability!! hahaha

So, everyone. be proud of being a Singaporean (but not too proud, if not a certain densely populated superpower nation might think that we are too proud again) and be proud of your job, no matter what it is! (so long as you are making your living in an ethical way)

mardi, avril 26, 2005

The dot come bubble (me like it!)

mm, Let me try to explain the dot com phenomenon here. with my very very limited knowledge of course, so all u dear readers, please contribute if you have any ideas/comments. I will love to hear them, as this is really a subject of my interest.

I wanted to explain in the tag board, but ...

I am too long winded! HAHA

(for those who did not read the previous post, you can refer to this, and drool at the eligible ones..=P haha)

anyway, lets separate the .com companies.

1. Google.com (with 2 millionaires)
2. eBay (with one millionaire)
3. Yahoo(with 2 billionaires)
4. Amazon (with one millionaire)

Lets start with the easiest to understand and comprehend.

Business: selling books online.
Why I love this company:

It offers convenience of ordering the books at the comfort of our homes, own time own target. which means, we could buy books as and when we like, this is especially useful for busy people, who usually read a lot. Being an online website of selling books, it is able to offer its service to whoever and whenever, of course provided that the person has internet access.

It has a wide range of products, people could count on it to find those hard to find books. Being without a shop front, Amazon does not have to be threatened by the limited shop space, so it is able to provide even those books that are not popular.

Low maintenance cost. Again, no having a shop front means that Amazon does not need to worry about expensive rental and electricity bills. Not to mention the manpower costs. THAT alone could amount to a huge sum of money per month, could you imagine the savings? Imagine a big chain of huge book shop that is accessible to the rest of the world at 24 hours a day, the actual amount to maintain such a big chain will be really huge. Not to forget the logistics needed to transport the books!

To put it simply:
Large group of target customers => High volume of sales with low maintenance costs, it is no wonder that he is almost a billionaire.

Oh, there are other perks too!

When you are searching for the book you want, Amazon helpfully offers you other similar books. and based on their market intelligence, it is highly likely for the customer to purchase another book, Plus a good customer loyalty program that keeps old customers coming back for more with sweet and thoughtful things like remembering your birthday, special offers, and list of new books that might be of your interest (the same market intelligence here). With a sophisticated rule-based algorithm, Amazon’s customer loyalty model is truly edge cutting for it to keep abreast from its competitors.

Ok, I realised that I have been too wordy with Amazon, so I will just go briefly to the following companies. And if you are interested, you can do your own research!

Business: online shopping, auction
Why I love this company:
Convenience of viewing items from throughout the world.
Charges a small amount for the sellers on the auction.
Acts as the role of the ‘middle man’ for the traders internationally.

Low manpower, of course, as it is fully automated and self running. Sellers do their job by placing their products up for sale, contacting the customer, and completing the whole transaction.

There is a ranking system in Ebay that makes the buyers feel safer to buy. Of course, the rating system helps a lot too! So the buyers can see that the seller is a honest seller, and feel secure with their purchase!

In general auction items are second hand items. BUT there are also a lot of sellers selling brand new items, straight from the manufacturers. So, you can get brand new items at up to 50% of their original price! (this is almost the same as the concept of DELL, which also happen to produce a young millionaire too!)

Business: Referral business
Why I love this company:
The search engine that google uses is incredible!

The money comes from advertising. And also, referral. Which means, when the user is searching for a particular service, the sponsored links will appear first in the search results. and because it is relevant to what the user wants, or is searching for, it is viewed less as an advertising. People are usually more receptive if they do not feel that they are looking at a sales pitch. The money comes in when the user actually clicks on the link of the sponsor, or makes a purchase (depending on the deal they strike with google, I guess), or even just of the referral.

Just do a simple search, and u will realise how big referral business is right now. Especially when you do a search, sometimes you will just encounter a page with some miscellaneous information and links. Yup, you have just reached a referral page! (they usually have easy-to-remember domain names)

Now, with the email thingy. Google is able to ‘recommend’ links that we might be interested in, by using rule based algorithm on our emails. (no wonder rule based research is heating up ) which feels like a more ‘personalised’ recommendation. Plus, its really accurate too!

Business: almost all of the above
Why I love this company:
This company provides almost everything provided above by other companies. online shops, auctions, search engine, emails...etc....even news!
That is the reason why it has 2 billionaires, no? ;)

Am getting too old and lazy to type liao. The thoughts in my mind move way too fast for my fingers. So there.

prays that my labby is ok

lundi, avril 25, 2005

Please do not abandon me!!!

Hey peeps!!

my Labby died on me yesterday. :(

Some blue screen appeared after the startup screen for like one second, and the computer restarts itself. and this process is iterative.

Hopefully it is just some data coruption, as the hard disk can still be detected. and the BIOS startup is ok.

But reformating also means that all the data inside is gone!!!!! SOBS!! all my precious pictures!!!!!!!

ok, til next time


dimanche, avril 17, 2005

Vending machines, yet again

Yesterday when I was out, I came across of this vending machine. and it vends flowers. what do u all think about this idea?

To the little terrorist with love...

lundi, avril 11, 2005

The soiree at Luohan

Field report of the gorgeous apartment!

The solution of the killer Orange Halter

Hey people!!

I found a solution to the killer Orange Halter!!!!!!

I tied the halter strings to the label at the back of the top.

And VOILA!! I have got a spagetti strapped top.

NIce!! HAHA. so happy. just did the transformation in the office.

Shoppelicious Saturday

Really tired today. I am not sure why, I truly felt that I have slept sufficiently yesterday night, and I even woke up feeling that I have had a satisfying sleep.

Hmm… I wonder if its this new top that I am wearing. Today I wore the new top that I bought on Shoppelicious Saturday with Ostrich.

Shoppelicious Saturday : noun
The activity that is done almost every Saturday religiously. Hunting through bargains, going through shops and shops, browsing through lot of clothings for good finds!=P
i.e. a perfect retail therapy.=)

Ostrich is an old old friend who dates back to around 11 years back, where both of us simply bonded, due to our sheer laziness, playfulness, and a little of rebellious nature. In the stifling and traditional ECA that we were in, we simply wrecked havoc. Just a teeny weeny havoc.=P (cos our dearest senior might be reading in) HAHAHA.. one has to be politically correct when needed, no? haha

Anyway, this new top is a gorgeous orange halter top, which is really nice and all. BUT it is made to be rather low cut. Or rather, just too low cut for conservative me. I am really conservative, despite how I might appear to be like.

SO, my solution is to tie it really right up, so that it is not as low cut. But now, I m feeling that I cant breathe, as the halter strap is like cutting into the back of my neck.. HELP! Anyway, I am wearing a jacket outside the halter, as I am no office slut, u know!!

Oh crap, I cant wait to get home!!! I cant wait to take it off!!! I guess, I will just wear it out next time, not to wear it to the office.

It was really quite enjoyable to spend time with an old friend. A friend so old that she has seen me when I was still a extremely off-beat nerdy secondary school girl, with my hair still cut by my mummy dearest. Oh man, it is really really bad. And her, she was also really really bad too, sporting a short, bowl-like cut, by her aunty.=P Haha.. oh well, we both blossomed into fine ladies now, didn’t we? In fact a lot of nerdy classmates are now sufficiently stunning women, hence supporting the statement that: there can never be ugly women, there can only be lazy women.

Dun look down on us, ex-nerds ok!! We are back, revamped, and with the BRAINS!! HHAHAA.. oh no, I think I m going crazy. It might be the strap of this freaking orange halter, cutting into my neck!!!!

Anyway, I was telling Ostrich that I feel that there is this trend of Singaporean women marrying foreigners. And NO, I am not referring to those bimbotic Sarong Party Girls. I am referring to intelligent capable women, those that belong to the category of the ‘elites’ with excellent academic records. Within our not-very-big group of mutual friends, we have women with French, Canadian, Korean, and PRCs. I feel it is enough sample population to form a ‘trend’, but Ostrich disagreed. Haha, and being the more sensible one that Ostrich is, I guess she is right. It might just be the people we have around us.

Ostrich eats an amazing amount of sugary food and pastry, with her amazing metabolism rate, she still manages to remain slim and nice. (PLUS she is tall!!) and what about me? After these days with Ostrich, I have happily tucked in lotsa lotsa extremely sinful food, forgetting that my disgusting metabolism, PLUS the fact that I am short. =(

HAIZ, sian. Got to watch my diet for the next few weeks, and more tennis!!!! I am even considering of running early in the morning.. what do u think?

Anyway, mm, I wanna reply you with the reasons why the millionaires and billionaires are made from the dot com industry. BUT, I am too into this subject (yes yes yes!! You all should know that I am extremely interested in business) SO, I am only 1 / 4 through answering your question. =P will post it up soon!!

Squeeze is now more stably affectionate and loving. Nice. BUT that %@# person change his computer wall paper from our picture to his newest Da Vinci’s code wallpaper… so sian. Heh, I am such a nitpicking person.

jeudi, avril 07, 2005

Top Ten Most ~~~~

It has been some time since I wrote such a long post.

Anyway, I got bored and looked at some statistics.

Like this:

Top Ten Most Widely-Spoken Languages on Earth
10) French-129 million
9) Malay-Indonesian-159 million
8) Portuguese-191 million
7) Bengali-211 million
6) Arabic-246 million
5) Russian-277 million
4) Spanish-392 million
3) Hindustani-497 million
2) English-508 million
1) Mandarin-1 billion+

I am suddenly glad that, the fact that me being a Singaporean, I get to speak more than one language since young. This fact is really difficult to be understood, if you are from a country like France, or Italy, where one language predominantly rules.

Also learning a language from birth is really different from learning it when you are adults. Somehow you can never speak it naturally, just like your mother tongue. And there will always be certain rules about the language that you can never understand. and evolution of the language that you can never follow.

For example, a french friend who just got back from New York, is apparently so amused that they used 'HUGE' to describe everything. This place is huge, that song is huge..etc. This piece of news is huge. To him, anything can be huge.

It irritates me so much is when squeeze and his friends started to use 'huge' in everything.

Silly frenchman 2: Is the wine good?
Silly frenchman 1: It is HUGE (paying extra emphasis on the word 'huge' of course!)

Silly frenchman 1: Is that document ready?
Me: yup
Silly frenchman 1: Is it HUGE?

As much I try to explain, it is difficult to. Yup, I guess it takes a 'native' speaker of the language to fully understand the slangs, no? (I know, it is not too difficult to guess that Silly frenchman 1 is Squeeze himself. haha)

Still dun agree? try explaining how to use the word 'Lah' then

Also, I guess it also makes sense that our SM suggested about learning Malay. Why not? It is ranked 9th.

(I can visualise the people complaining about the tremedous stress the children are going to face in school, should they be made to learn another language)

For me, I must improve my french even more, and I think I will want to pick up Malay when I get back. who is joining me??=P

Before coming to France, I did not realise the importance of language. Even if I have been to China a couple of times. and other countries who doesnt speak english. After coming here, you realise, why are most of the people stuck in the same country for the rest of their lives? The answer is very simple: the Language barrier. This is especially true for non english speaking countries.

During Chinese lessons, I will usually just treat the constant nagging of my Chinese teachers, on how important the language is due to the rapid development of China, etc, as some bullshit. Okok, I know that language is important, but should language be the ONLY thing that is emphasised? the Chinese teachers also make it sound like knowing chinese is the only pre-requiste that we need, to enter the China market. which, in fact, is very very wrong. wits and other business skills are much more important than that.

Somehow, I feel that the Chinese teachers, especially the old ones, are seriously suffering from an inferiority complex.

Why? you ask. Because most of them are seriously challenged in English. AND being in Singapore, an English speaking country, being very fluently in Chinese and really bad at English, is not really getting you anywhere, unless, of course:
1. you want to work as a Chinese teacher.
2. OR you want to do some research in Chinese.
3. OR you want to work in China.

Lets say the only amazing skill you have is your powerful Chinese. It is not really easy to find a job in China, considering that there are millions of people with Chinese more powerful than you. And maybe research life isn't that easy, and it is difficult to find people to fund your research.

SO, you are left with option ONE. which is what you can do, with a metal rice bowl, and a chance for you to boss people around : TEACH.

My observation is that, most Chinese teachers (the older generation ones) have no other choice and career paths, but to teach. Their passion for teaching is almost gone, and they sticking around just to cling on to their jobs.

PLUS, they get ridiculed some times, by rude children (as observed when I was doing relief teaching), as they do not possess a good command of English. The children can be quite mean sometimes, knowing that they are superior than their teachers in this sense.

So they get bitter and grab every chance to remind themselves and the world that they are very important, the language they are teaching is very very essential for survival. They could go on like some damaged CD, repeating the same thing over and over again. But perhaps, this message is hidden behind their bitterness, as that is all I hear.

Of course the Chinese teachers now are different lar!! (Jancy is one, so I must place a disclaimer!!=P) they are usually well versed in both languages, so there!

I, for one, love Chinese. But my As and distinctions in Chinese is definitely not the result of the teachings of my school teachers, as I never listen during lessons. My classmates are usually doing other work under the table or reading some book. But we all scored well with all A1s and distinctions, so no one is complaining. So the chinese teacher felt somewhat redundant I guess, which made him ramble even more on the development of China..etc..


One friend commented, after the many reports on how proud or obnoxious the Chinese people find Singaporeans. He said, knowing Chinese can be an advantage, as well as a disadvantage. Because knowing Chinese, allows you to communicate well. But also, the China Chinese people will expect your cultural background to be similar, which in fact is so not true!

We grew up in a totally different environment, with different cultures and religions all around us. How is it possible for us to think the same way as the people in China do?? C'est pas possible.

A classic example is a Singapore woman showing empathy by asking, 'wah, how do you manage without a maid?' to a Chinese mother of 3. The latter might take offense, but to us, it is really really natural. With the working and all, there are very little time you can spend with your child, surely you will not want to spend the rest of your time doing housework, no?

Anyway, for the females!! if you managed to make it so far. *sniggers*

Top Ten Richest Americans, Younger than 40
10) Ken Griffin, age 34, President of Citadel Investment Group, worth $725 million
9) Dan Snyder, age 38, Owner of Washington Redskins, worth $740 million
8) Larry Page, age 30, President of Products and Co-founder of Google, worth $900 million
7) Sergey Brin, age 30, President of Technology and Co-founder of Google, worth $900 million
6) Jerry Yang, age 34, Chief Yahoo and Co-Founder of Yahoo, worth $1.28 billion
5) David Filo, age 37, Chief Yahoo and Co-founder of Yahoo, worth $1.45 billion
4) Jeff Skoll, age 38, Chairman of Skoll Foundation, worth $3.85 billion
3) Jeff Bezos, age 39, Co-founder and CEO of Amazon.com, worth $4.85 billion
2) Pierre Ornidyar, age 36, Founder and Chairman of eBay, worth $7.06 billion
1) Michael Dell, age 38, Founder and CEO of Dell, worth $17.12 billion

And this list is perfect for me, as my personal expiry date for men is 40 years old. Any man younger, I can accept. HAHAHAH. any man after that, is too seasoned for me (imagining wrinkles all over)

I wonder who are the ones still eligible??=P anyone here knows???

disclaimer: the last part is just for fun!


Children has just this ability of randomly drawing of i-dont-know-what, and melt the hearts of adults with their cutsy, ugly, random, innocent(of course!) drawings.

Yesterday night, the little terrorist crept into my room and placed a something in my room. But I did not know what she was doing, so I was rather pissed with her coming in, without knocking.

Then I noticed the note, and I felt guilty of being cross with her.

Although I have no idea what she was drawing, I guess its her way of showing that she is sorry for making so much noise??? WAIT, i guess not, cos she is still making as much noise as usual.

But I have this agreement with the mum, that the little terror is not to wake up before 9am. My days are much more peaceful since!!=)

Nice nice. I congratulated myself for coming up with such a brillant idea to coexist.

I guess that picture just means that she likes me. My friend thinks so too. When I tie my hair, she will get her mum to tie her hair for her. she will follow me around like a ghost in the morning, watching me while I makeup, and all.

I will definitely like her more if she is more well behaved, I think... But anyway, I think I will draw something and give it back to her.

Powerpuff girls, I suppose, as they are my forté, when I was working part time as a fairy face painter..HAHAHA. I was a popular one hor, so stop rolling your eyes!! We had to use paintbrushes to draw, so it wasnt that easy to control the strokes. AND i am proud to be able to draw and colour a powerpuff girl, in about a minute or so. (i think) I am really fast at powerpuff girls, and also piglet with a balloon, spiderman, superman, pikacu...etc. I hate wonderwoman most, and maybe even borbesaur (is this how u spell it), its one of the pokemons, highly difficult to draw. The pay is subtantial to compensate for the possible humiliation of masquerading as a fairy.=P

Anyway, my sore throat is getting from bad to worse, I cant really speak today. And yesterday I was desperate enough to drink salt water. *Ouch!*

Bought my pass yesterday after work, to travel europe. My europe trip is planned to be on the first 2 weeks of May. so looking forward to it!!!!

Although I really hope to go on a holiday with squeeze. But I am not sure I have enough money, as I guess I will be spending it all for the Europe trip. ='(

mercredi, avril 06, 2005

Une bonne soirée

Blogger got problem again!!

I was happily visiting my friends' blog, then I realised, the comments thingy is not working!!!!!!

How devastating!!!!

Now, I cant leave my valuable comments. =( HAHAHA..

too bad

Yesterday night, was one of the best nights in Paris, I think.

So, armed with the 20+ euros I have, I went to Galleries Lafeyette to get wine. Squeeze said, for 20 euros, you can get quite a good wine.

Oh, one thing that is cheap in Paris, as compared to Singapore is the WINE!! you can get the cheapestest at 1-2 euros. great for those nights that everyone's aim is just to get drunk (but it is not very good wine though). oh, also the cheese and the escagots. ME LOVE IT! and of course the clichés like cars etc..

When I got there, I realised that the champagne is on sale. so happily, I bought the champagne instead.

A french man tried to pick me up using 'ni hao', which is 'how are you' in Chinese. Ha, I really do appreciate the effort, I do!! at least I did smile sweetly at him, and said bonne soiree! (have a good evening)

and also, I witnessed this really really cute man, who looks like a Calvin Klein underwear model. He was on the bus, and I was waiting around for my squeeze to call. He held his eyes on me for a very very long time. *drools*

BUT, haha, I am not so desperate and easily swept off. I acted nonchalant. though drooling a river inside. OOPS!! haha

After that, I went to the apartment of Luohan (squeeze's best friend). He has the most DROOLALICIOUS apartment, in my opinion that is.

No words can describe. I will post up pictures when I have more time at home.

Plus the food is really special, nothing I have tasted before. French-inspired fusion food is really amazing and exotic (because its fusion, it has some asian touches). We had mango rice, and lemon porc for the main course, with red wine. For starters, we have nam (which is vietnamese springroll), baby tomatos, baby sausages, shrimps, seasticks, with champagne, of course! everything is so nice that I think I overstuffed myself, alot.

The ambience is great. I am, of course, alittle handicapped by language. But it was really nice and relaxing. I love the apartment soo much that I kept taking pictures!!

Not to mention, squeeze was super lovey dovey. Now I know, when I see how other couples act, I know french men are not really very very affectionate always. French women are more affectionate. Boy, am I glad that I have an affectionate squeeze.=) We were rather lovey dovey all the way, he was like calling me 'cherie' (dear in french), and 'Pei Pei' (the way that my parents and relatives call me), of course with a strange french accent, but the accent made it sound even sweeter. =)

To think that I was actually a little grumpy about him ignoring me in the office. (OkOK, i know, the reason is obvious for those who know)


It was a beautiful night=)

I will do a field report with pictures soon.;)

mardi, avril 05, 2005

My many problems..

There are so many difficult things in life.

Today, I encountered some really difficult problems.

Problem one:

I realised that I have a birthday party to attend this evening.

Then I realised that I am probably expected to bring a present.

I checked my wallet, only to find 20 euros.

Hmm.. what can I do with 20 euros?

Problem two:

As I was thinking, I got alittle hungry.

I looked around, and only to find that I am surrounded by yummy chocolates (my fav!)

Then I remembered my sore throat. So sian!!

Problem three:

I was going to use Amicable's Miracle parfum.

I got distracted by her MAC's liquid eyeliner, which she guarantees, WILL NOT SMUDGE

I was happily putting it on, that I forgot to put parfum!!!! ARGH

And just now, i noticed black patches on my hands, then I realised the eyeliner SMUDGED!!!!! ARGH!!!

HAhaha.. what a shallow person I am!!!!! ignore me pleaese.

Attached to work, i think

Worked a long day yesterday. But instead of feeling tired for leaving the office at 9pm, I actually felt great. Energized. And darn proud of myself.

I start wondering, if I am in fact a workaholic, in disguise.

Anyway, I was so proud of myself that I treated myself to the remains of the bah kut teh, boiled with chicken noodles.

It was simple, yet extremely satisfying.


When I was going to relax abit, this phone call reached me. (keeping in mind that I am sick)

It is my squeeze, asking if i could attend his best friend's birthday party tonight. Being the girl who needs affection, as I am, I whined that I stayed in the office til 9pm, and I am still sick.

The whole point is just to get some words of affection from him, asking if I was feeling better, etc.. =p


I got more probing into my progress. PLUS a suggestion that I should get to the office earlier the next morning to work.


oh well, isnt there a rule not to talk about work, outside office hours!!!


The demerits of intraoffice dating!