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vendredi, mars 25, 2005


Words is a powerful tool of communication.

Of course, there are other tools like body language, tonality...etc. And according to the recent movie HITCH, 70% of the message that we are trying to convey is non verbal. (which is apparently true haha)

When you really like somebody, whatever they say will make an impact on you, whether you like it or not.

For example, when a man says 'I love you', it probably took 3 secs. but to the female recipient (or male recipient, keeping this relevant to our gaying society, HAHA) , it might mean hours and hours of deciphering what does those 3 words mean.

It makes me wonder it is just the women that wonders alot, or does the men wonder too?

I cant help feeling that the women tend to wonder more, as we are born to be more sensitive.

And at times my squeeze can be just making a stupid joke, and I get upset, because I find the joke insulting, or for whatever bullshit reason lar. and I will think and think and think. hence wasting my brain cells. I have alot of other things I have to think about, and I realised I have been neglecting my businesses.

I think I have to stop thinking so much and stop reading too much into his words.

This process is soooooo tiring.

And if you are a man, please please think through, before you want to say a mean joke ok? I am sure you do not want the lady of your life to be depressed because of it. It will be soo not worth it.

It did spoil my happy mood yesterday.

Yesterday is a day of ups and downs. Almost like a roller coaster.

Morning => happy
go to work with him

In the train => sad
he spoke that yesterday by getting down at the same station, we are making ourselves vulnerable to the suspicions of our colleague. I wonder if he is blaming me for inviting him to my place

Down at the escalator of the train station => happy
He waited for me, before parting seperate ways

At work => frustated
Because of work, basically

End of work => ok lar
Happily went back with another colleague, and was due to meet Von at champs elysee

At the exit of our company => sian
Raining quite heavily, and I did not have my umbrella, so got to share with my colleague

At the exit of the train station => happy, and awed
There is a beautiful sight of rainbow!! not only one, but 2 one after another. I took pictures, will post them up!!

On the bus => sian
Von called that she is working OT, cant meet

In my house => ok
cos Von called and we can meet again. And I realised Thursday is the special day that Printemps (the shopping place) opens til 10pm! HA! so luckily. so habouring thoughts of getting my sunglasses again

In the crowded metro => sian
Lost my umbrella in the midst of the people, can you believe!!??!!

At printemps => excited
Bought my sunglasses, HAHAHA. dun scorn. yes its an expensive pair of lunettes de soleil. but Me like it alot, and i really need to pamper myself.

At Pyramids => happily
ate delicious food with Von. had tako kari on her tab, (or rather on her company's tab, haha) but HEY, thats what expats are entitled to=P we are sad to be away from our family and country, we need good food to stay happy, so as to work right? =P

and we laughed and talked, with the cook joining in alittle, as we were at the counter for japanese food.

At night => sian, sad
Squeeze said that I am a lazy girl who doesnt even help order(pack) his flat, even alittle bit. super sad. I am not built for housework, which is true. I feel quite devastated, and thought that i am not the one for him. =(

This morning => sian
washing the dishes from last wednesday. thinking if he really likes me.. but he should as he still chose me, knowing that I am lazy, right?

hence blogged about me thinking too much.

and *PHEW* convinced myself that I was thinking too much.=)

feeling better wearing my sunglasses to work. =]

only to find out that my sunglasses are for cosmetic purposes, not really for serious protection from the sun. haha, oh man.

who cares? at least i look good in them!=P