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mardi, mars 08, 2005

Tomorrow will be a better day!

Ha! dun I sound like some miserable person who keeps telling him/herself that 'tomorrow will be a better day'?

I really think so! After 2 full snow-less and rain-less days, I really think that the temperature is starting to pick up. Well, at least for today, it is around 2 degrees. Pas mal, indeed!!

Meanwhile, I can feel the competition amongst us (the expats particularly). Seems that everyone is fighting their arse off just to impress our boss back at home. All the wayang came about. As much as I hate politics, it is meant to stay.

I cant help wondering, how well will I survive in this competitive climate. Maybe I wouldnt fare too badly after all.

Oh well, no use worrying about it now. Real politics will start when we get back.

Recently there is an article on Channel News Asia, about women not earning as much as men in Singapore.

I always thought that men with the same credentials are paid alittle more, because they apparently spent 2 years of their youth, serving our nation. This reason, I concur.

Why not?

Using the same 2 years, any capable woman will be able to demand a pay higher than the man.

In my opinion, women are paid around the same amount as men. So Ladies, if in any case, you are not happy with your pay, and to you it is a big issue. Maybe it is time for you to leave the company.

For me, I am getting the same amount as my male peers. Causing sometimes certain amount of jealosity. I admit that I have not done NS, and might not deserve the head start. But what can I say? Thats just too bad for them.

So like any other common newspaper article, this article interviewed an obnoxious man.

What he said is as below, quoted from CNA:
"Women are not paid as well. I think it's the same as everywhere in the world at this moment; it's still like that because women are not taken as seriously as men."

He is simply quoted as 'a man'.

This no-balls guy most probably did not dare to allow his name to be published.

'Taken seriously'

I scorn at these 2 words.

My best friend and I were often not taken seriously because we are laughing all the time (cant help that we are happy people with a good sense of humour!! hahha), and also because we still adore sanrio products. Yes yes, my melody and twin stars and all.

It seems that some men, particularly , conveniently label us as bimbos, because of this.

This, I am very digusted.

For the same reason, I adore the show 'Legally Blonde'. I just adore her pink stuff, and bimbotic indulgences!!!

what right does a person who tabaos (fails subjects) in my course (computer engineering) has, to call ME a bimbo?!? For that matter, almost everyone has failed a subject or so, but thank my lucky stars (or is it my brain??=P) I have not fallen into the majority.

Although I am not willing to give up my love for sanrio items, I feel that some flexibility has to be exercised in this case. Just do everything subtly, not that loud like Elle Woods.

A part of me doesnt want to let go of my pink stuff, another part is well aware of the 'taken seriously' issue.

So my secret plan is to lie low, and show my capability first. THEN...TADA!!!! I will LINE my desk with little twin star's products. AND wear cheery colours like pink, yellow, orange and red. Cos I like it. Haha. Then people cant say anything much about it.

oh oh, I will also paste twin star stickers on my contracts!! and make my subordinates paste stickers on their laptops and name cards.HAHAHHA..i think i m mad!

How fool proof the plan is, don't you think???=P