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lundi, mars 07, 2005

Thoughts on the way to Brussels.

Am back from my wonderful trip to belgium. If you ask me, Belgium is absolutely beautiful. And should there be one place you were to choose between Paris, London and Bruggss. Let Bruggs be IT!

I will rant about my trip later.

This is more for the thoughts I have on the way to Belgium. What happened was really so dramatic and I reflected alot about myself.

All these while, I am convinced that kids are the only ones who needed help. Their sufferings are often the consequences of irresponsible or ignorant adults. Hence all along, my dream is to do something for the kids. Earlier in my life, some volunteer work does open my eyes to the needs of children, and made me more determined to do so. In my opinion, adults chose their own path. They are old enough to think for themselves, and hence, doesnt really deceive our sympathy. At all.

After my short stint as a primary school teacher. I really feel for those children who are not motivated to study, particulary due to the negligence of their parents, and environment. I have experienced personally, children who get zero for their spelling for 6 months straight, and those who did not submit their schoolwork for a long long time. And when I consult my mentor (HOD) on how to handle such children. She just told me straight. Give up on them, she said. And concentrate on the rest of the children who still have hope.

So yup, I aim to train and join as a IAG coach to give hope to these children, while the society has given up on them.

However just that night, with my friend. I realised. Adults need help too.

Yes, especially so in this affluent country of ours. It will be much more easy to solve the problems for the people in poorer countries, to provide food and shelter. But for us, it is really another different set of needs.

And what is really lacking in most families, is communication and the quality time to spend with each other.

Here I am looking at a highly successful career lady break down in front of me. I realised. I could contribute too, to helping married couples commuincate. This reminds me of the only lady, amongst the 3 who started NLP. With her love as a motivation, she helped lots and lots of couples to rekindle their relationship. Sometimes people just have no idea how to 'make it work'.

I remembered that earlier I heard this radio advert asking for volunteers for this family counselling thingy. I took down the number, without thinking much about it. and now, I am determined to do so, and make a difference. I am up to it. I am sure.

Off to another point. This harsh harsh winter this year has given the homeless people a hard time surviving. I read on my friend's blog about this lady who takes their leftover to eat in hawker centres.

Although phyiscally dirty, I actually respect them. Funny though. why?

I feel that they have at least the backbone to NOT beg for food. They have the backbone to NOT take advantage of people's pity on them, and use emotional blackmail to make people buy their over priced tissue papers. This, I feel, takes alot of courage. and I am not surprised it is a lady who is doing it. Men often has too much pride to do that.

AND that lady is not even eating the food herself. She is packing the food, probably to feed her family. pardon my imagination, but i can see a useless husband in the picture. HAha. I am biased.

I truly feel that women can really capable for doing whatever it takes to survive. Where men are far more interior to women in this aspect. *think the olden days samurais ending their lives just because they've lost a battle*

with this. I applaude women.

And I appeal. if you do see a lady picking up your leftovers. Please offer to get her something, or get some groceries for her. you would, wouldn't you?

Oh also, if you happen to be at the Burger King at Raffles City. And if you do see this really really filthy man, with a pair of broken spectacles, attached to his head with those cheap red elastic rubber bands. He is around our age (early 20s) and smells really bad. And if you happen to feel good, please get him a cup of lemon barley. He likes that. I really wonder how he is now. The life of a mental patient is really a life that we can not imagine. People are always looking upon you with scorn and disgust, as witnessed from the faces of onlookers. After buckering up my courage to speak to him. I realised it is really not too difficult to care for people who are different.=)

Having said all that, I am not a saint at all. and really not acting like one too. hahha.

I am really, just human.