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jeudi, mars 03, 2005

Sick of Snow

The snow has been on and off, intertwined with rain for quite sometime.

Well, at first, it was beautiful. BUT now as the weather gets colder and the rain and all. ARGH, it is getting on my nerves.

The temperature now ranges from -2 to -10 here now, and with the wind, the rain and the snow. One could imagine how tough it is to bear the weather.

Plus, the ground is all wet, and the melted snow is like some grey coloured mashed ice kachang.

Many near death experiences were witnessed, as the ground is too slippery to walk (think walking on ice), alot of people almost slipped.

This stupid freaking freezing weather stepped on my toes today. Because of the snow storm, some of the buses were cancelled. Including the one I take. argh!

And it doesnt help that the only alternative route -- the train (RER) has its staff happily calling for a strike.

seriously seriously seriously, can you believe the life in Paris?


In case you are wondering if I did go to the restaurant yesterday.

I did.

This is as if I don't, I will not get to see him til next Monday. Oh, yup, I am going to Belgium this weekend!=) YAY!

Also, I thought that I need a talk with him. cos if things doesnt change, I guess I will opt out.

will blog more later when i have the time.