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lundi, mars 14, 2005

The power of brain waves emitting

Today I realised that the power of brain waves. (or maybe just a sheer coincidence!!!haha)

These days I am having an excellent time at work. Not busy at all, YAY!

so, meanwhile, I am observing my auctions closely. I suppose I am really emitting brain waves to prospective buyers. Cos today, my sales was quite good. Not fabulous, but reasonable.

And this rare phenomen happens always when i m scrutinizing my auctions items.

Strange huh.

I am a strong believer of brain waves.

When you look good, people around will transmit positive brain waves to you and you will feel more powerful and good. however even if you look good, but there are no appreciative brain waves coming your way. probably you will feel sucky too!

does it make sense????


anyway, the other day, I forgot to turn of this heater thingy (that is supposed to be turned off, else it might spoil) in my squeeze's house. and at the end of the day, when I got back. I was greeted by a rather-angry squeeze, asking me to go turn off the heater now, NOW.

so meekly, I went to turn off the heater. only to find a pot of beautiful orchids there waiting for me to discover them.

He knows i miss home, and our national flower, hence the orchids.


haiz.. what is this?

This is bliss...=)