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vendredi, mars 04, 2005

Note:Read only if you are from whoosh.

Did not really want to discriminate my readers. But this is an extremely boring blog. you might find it extremely meaningless. and might strangely develop the urge to give me a punch. SO, DO NOT READ. unless you are from whoosh!.

Today night was an incredible night. So incredible that I have to blog it down.

Today, armed with whatever knowledge from akltg (did not want to type it out explictly), its alittle difficult to explain. It is kind of like some counselling skills.

I could sense that my friend is going through a tough phase. She could not feel any passion for her husband. They have an adorable 2 year old daughter and worked together in the same company.

It is hard to describe with words what happened. And I realised that I just used whatever tools that came to me there and then.

And it worked!

I am so so happy to have made a difference in their lives. In her life. It is such an intense feeling that I cant express it in words.

She cried, and I cried with her.

It is just to incredible to make a difference in people's lives. and YES, that is what I aim to do. For that, I feel its my purpose in life.

Look out people!!! I am coming back to train as a IAG coach!! if they want me that is. Who is joining too??

I want to make a difference!=)