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vendredi, mars 11, 2005

Its a beautiful day, yet again!

Today is another beautiful day i think!

HA! recently the days have been beautiful, after the stressful period of gobbling down my lunches, missing all the tea breaks and going back late with a headache, no less!

Last night was fun. My colleague and I happily went to check out the hair salons near my place, as there was an offer. And I am dying to dye my hair!!!! ARGH! I think i will take up the offer for 29 euros, colour + shampoo + conditioning. =)

Next, I invited her to my house. I have earlier smsed Amicable if she could cook for us. but she did not reply. so.. as desperate as I can get. I actually reached out for 2 packets of chu qian yi ding (instant noodles), and decided, just to cook that.

HA, I am sure you have the picture of how desperate and helpless I am!

BUT, since my friend is french, she doesnt even know that it is such a simple dish, ( i think!!).

Just after I opened the first packet.... TADA!! Amicable came to my rescue!! She whipped up a dish of delicious fried rice, which she conveniently named as 'Fried rice paradise'. This woman ar.. is simply full of branding.

also, she cooked a bonus dish. baby salmon. wah.. simply delicious.

You can really diffentiate who is the married woman here, cant you? =P

This morning, got a call from NTU mass comm people. Yup, this nice lady is actually from my batch!! PLUS she used to live in my neighbouring hall, AND she used to come visit my neighbour quite often. I think I might have seen her. so, basically chit chat abit. I found out that my neighbour, Yuan jie, who used to be the Fac Cap in VJC, is now a newscaster from 93.8FM. AHHHHHHHHH!! so unbelieveable. But really I have full respect for this intelligent friend of mine. She is the one that has scholarships coming her way and stuff. I am sure she will succeed in whatever she do.

Contrasting her, are the women who keep claiming that they are intelligent and capable. My foot! why is it that women now think so highly of themselves?? NOT all modern women are intelligent and capable ok? so stop diluting these 2 phases. One example is Carrie in Sex and The City. I still cant see why she is intelligent, and where she got to this conclusion that she is. humpf!

While Yuan-jie never said she is intelligent or capable. People just say that about her. So that is how things should be. =)

Look how I digress again. Ok; so due to my ECA commitments and achievements, and academic performance. She decided that I will be a good candidate to be interviewed.

*feels so honoured*

I promised to be a good girl and do the unversity proud!! count on me, fellow school mates. I will do you all proud, and say good stuff to the media. HAHA

Seriously, I did enjoy very much my 4 years in NTU, and I really feel that I am given the opportunity to learn alot of different things. Tangible things like academic stuff, and intangible things like management skills, PR, event management, marketing etc. And I loved it! It scretches me, and forces me to grow and change. some experiences are painful, some experiences are satisfying. All are essential to make me grow and be more matured.

In short, I am grateful. And i encouraged my sis to do so too. To be active in committees.

And look at her now! I am soo proud of her! NTU Student Union Vice President and NTU student embassedor no less!

haha.. enough of praising my sis, I can see you all rolling your eyes.

SO, lets change the topic to MEN!!!

A few days ago, I met the mosttttt smooth man in my life.

The moves that he made.. are soooo smooth!

I personally think that it is not so good to attract men from the same company. oh well though.

He is rather matured. Around 35. So I guess, he has been around and knows all the moves to melt a woman.Plus he is in a very senior position in my company.

So, the first time I saw him, he asked if he could offer me a drink. which I declined politely.

The next time, I met him. He dropped me his card, and asked again for a drink together.

He was persistent enough, and I am curious enough that we went for a drink in the morning at our company's café. Dun let your imagination run wild. It is really just an innocent drink.

This man is really really the ulimate man. I have met smooth men before. But this one, he is soo smooth, almost to perfection. He did something like gaze super gently and remarked that 'You are really beautiful, you know that?'

I could feel my goose pimples.

In my opinion, such men are nice to be around with. very interesting in fact.

BUT never a boyfriend. For one, if he does that to you, he can do that to anyone else. He seemed flirtatuous, and I cant handle my insercurities and jealosity. In short. NOT for me.

Yet, I am toying with the idea of accepting his invitation to dinner with him next week. should be fun.

Doesnt mean I dun like my squeeze. It is really just some innocent friendship, in my point of view, that is.