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jeudi, mars 10, 2005

In a good mood today

haha... in a bright and cheery mood today.

all my problems disappeared after the long sleep yesterday..=)

actually this morning, i wanted to dress up in something nice again, just to feel good, cos i havent been feeling good lately. ok, not lately, just for yesterday, cos I was not very pleased with my boss. BUT it is just an emotion that passed like a flash. Just like that blog entry I removed.

I am really just venting my frustation into my blog, and after that, I am fine and chirpy again. as usual!=)


Yesterday I was happily tucking today dinner that Amicable made. I love this life. whenever i am home for the evening, I get delicious home cooked food. Just that home. THe feeling of home is great.

Just found out that Amicable and me share lotsa same things.

Although we are not saints, we just feel obliged, or it is somehow natural, to be nice to everybody.

and also, I have this life goal to write a book. and she does too! So qiao. so yesterday, we toy the idea of writing a book about luxury brand management.

so fun.

and I had an early night, due to the fatigue.

anyway, I just received an email from NTU! HA! they want to feature me to the media. HAHAHA. this is so fun. should i agree?

Ha, I think I will.

The buses now have 2 little flags just like horns, saying 'Paris - Candidate Ville- 2012'. Basically, olympics people are here. So the city is done up just to impress.

even the day before, the RER (train) greeted me with 'Welcome to Paris, Ladies and Gentlemen'. In English! My first time hearing that in Paris really.

All part of wayang.

However the sntp people are planning stage strikes in this period.

Why? you ask.

oh well, apparently their past few strikes wasnt a success. They did not get what they want. For eg, higher pay, more vacation...etc.

So, they figured out that maybe the gahmen might give in to them, just to prevent the mess for these important days. the most important day is on tomorrow i think. I heard that there will be a big strike.

And there have been small strikes on and off the past few days .

talking about saboing yourself.

it is actually a very adorable mindset.