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lundi, mars 21, 2005

Grow old with you...

This morning, I was on the bus, on the way to work. And I noticed, this old couple walking together and resting at the same bench. The old man was walking with the aid of some sort of a walking aid. He has serious difficulty walking. His wife, a tiny old woman, just walk on his side, quietly. At the bench, he sat down to rest, while the tiny wife stood in front of him, nagging. The old man just nodded his head and did not show any sign of impatience or irritation.

And I thought to myself, don' t they look familar. I realised, it is not the first time I have seen them. I have seen them some time before, at the same bench.

Isn't this proof to us that Love exists? and no matter what happens to your partner, it is possible to stick it out and work things out. Also, understanding and accepting each other's faults is the way to a long and sweet relationship.

I wonder to myself, at the end of the journey, do I still have someone who would hold my wrinkled hand, as we walk through the park each morning.

(cos i'm sure I will become a grumpy old woman =P)

so memorised by that scene, something jolted me out of it.

This weird old woman started talking to me. I did not quite understand her. But she just went on talking and talking.

and when finally the bus stopped, she got down and WAITED for me by the exit and continued talking!

I said my goodbye to her, and walked off. She went on talking, louder and louder, so that I could hear her from far.



What a morning full of encounters with old people!!

In Singapore, I do get old people talking to me, and I do entertain them, as I really feel that probably their children are too busy to speak to them.

But here, there is a communication problem, so I guess its difficult to entertain them. haiz, anyway.

My friend offered a fresh perspective of what happened on saturday. She said that, it is because I mean alot to him, that is why he will get so upset. And he wanted me to think about that guy because he feels insecure, and is afriad that the charming guy could take his place in my heart. That is an interesting point of view.

And another friend recommended me this book called Boundaries, saying that it is really good for character building. I think i will purchase it to read it soon. BUT argh, i havent even finished my book, I am currently halfway through Beating the Streets, by Peter Lynch. And also I havent even finished my french learning book.

out of point for awhile:
Anyway, this same friend thinks that I am a scary girlfriend. oh no. Am I that undesirable? Maybe I should stop blogging on relationship stuff huh. So that I wun scare off all potential suitors...=( what do u think??

I guess I have to prioritise.

The first most important is still french I guess.

Does that mean that I choose career over personal development? (learning french is totally for career, really)