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mardi, mars 15, 2005

Frying omelette

Today, I am an angry person.

an &'"(-'(_èàé(- person left me a negative rating. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR..... this person doesnt know how to use the sewing machine and happily decided that the machine is spoilt.

I would want to use a super duper vulgar 4 lettered word on her, but *takes a deep breath* I wouldnt. Its too beneath me. Vulgarity is just not part of my life.

still, mails like this spoil my day. more so, as it is right in the morning, when I just got to work.

so today, I am an ultra grumpy and angry woman. (plus other things that pissed me off)

try stepping on my toes and I will crack your head like an egg. and fry a delicious omelette with it.


So angry, so angry sooo angry. ARGH

i feel like an old spinister or something. dwelling in her own angry, bitterly.

Call me grumpy for today. I think its a better word to use. instead of my beautiful name (hahhaa). I am not fit for my name today. just today har! calling me names such as grumpy is strictly NOT allowed on other days, and WILL be met with violent response.

Speaking of omelette, I thought ahout what I ate yesterday night. I was rather upset yesterday. why? hiya, its for a really stupid reason.

Women in the company are more than comfortably friendly with my squeeze.

heh. I know its a stupid reason. and I hate it if i turn into a green eye monster. so, i did not show it, and instead, went to do alittle retail therapy with my gal pal.

PLUS indulge in KFC, something i have not eaten in months!! *slurps* its finger licking good! haha.

it is also the reason I shall hold true to my stand of NOT marrying a cute man. its too difficult to handle for me. plus i m not really very very secure, deep inside.