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jeudi, mars 17, 2005

Every sunny day is a nice day

Today and everyday from now on will be nice days.

Spring is HERE!! YAY!

There is a sharp temperature raise, so sharp that I sweated in my think grey coat. The temperature now is officially from 15-20 degrees.

Isnt it nice? But temperature fluctuations are expected still in Spring.

I could actually walk around in my gorgeous pink kimono top along Champs Elysee yesterday night.

That smooth man mentioned earlier asked me out just for a drink, and I thought, why not? What made me agree faster is to experience having a drink in some posh place along Champs Elysee.

I was late (not on purpose!!!), and met him across the Louis Vuitton flagship shop.

I actually wanted to take pictures, but.... I think he will think that I am some weirdo. So I did not.

I was given a choice of a purple themed romantic looking place by the street, or a red-themed drinking place on the third level of virgin mega stall (the buildings around are usually 3 levels max), which should have a nice view.

But in the end, I was feeling too warm that I chose the Haagen Daz (dunnid how to spell!) by the street. (partly also due to my howling stomach, WHICH obviously I did not say it out)

It was great, especially Macadamia Brittle. Its my first time trying it!

All in all, the evening was ok. Not great, but ok. We are still in the getting-to-know-each-other's phase. I guess it is always alittle be awkard at first, but at the same time, it was comfortable.

He is really really an intelligent man, very impressive. Especially the way he is able to treat a lady. He makes me feel more than 100% lady. A good friend to have, I concluded. =) I couldnt resist getting to know intelligent people!

However I feel that he might be thinking the other way, as in not just to be friends. He said something in french which I do not understand (but i know it is something about my lips, because I caught the keyword) And supposedly something beautiful in Spanish, or so he claimed. For that matter, he might be sprouting vulgarities, and I might not even be aware of.

So, I think I will lie low with him for awhile, before going out again, so that he wun get the wrong idea. I think for now, for now that is(until something drastic happens), I still prefered my squeeze.

Or maybe its because I cant imagine myself dating someone so old? well, he is not so old, SO OLD. mid 30s, I reckon.


I think you people are right.

I pondered on my own, and realised. Why that heck am I so uptight about everything. This relationship should be treated as what it should be. A not-so-serious one.

I should enjoy it, as long as it lasts, instead of being affect by it. Else it is really not worth it.

yup, thats my conclusion.

Next week is our 2 month anniversary. I really really cant think of what to give him!!! PLUS PLUS, I feel obliged if I were to get him something, it has to be branded. and I am low in budget. especially so when the sun is shining and I think I really need THAT pair of DIOR sunglasses!! hahaha. seriously. I am not joking.

so I think I will cook. =P

COOK, you exclaimed. (if you happen to know how lousy a cook I am)

Yes, calm down. I am going to cook. But the stuff I am going to cook is the fool proof kind. Haha.

Here is the plan:
For main course=>
*Oyster sauce
*Black soya sauce
*pork ribs
*a pack of instant herbs

How to do:
Dump them all into a pot and put water and boil.

VOILA! Bak gut teh!!

See, I smart hor. muahahaha

Oh yah, have to prepare Black soya sauce with chilli too!

for starter=>

Crap I am in france, no one eats a one course meal so..

I was thinking of the salad that I used to make.
my maid from philipines taught me a long time ago.

and I think I am going to make it special by using lobster in it. So you have it! lobster salad.

How to:
just dice up mango, grapes, apples, honey drew(if any) and lobster.
mix everything!

This is tricky.
I really dunno what. So I think I will make the chawamushi I experimented earlier.

Any comments? what do you think?