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mercredi, mars 02, 2005

Being treated .. like a lady

Living in the modern world today, working, dressing and thinking like a modern day girl.

I realised something deep down inside doesn't change. I am still very very traditional when it comes to love, and family.

Simple things, like roses, paying for my meals, holding the door for me, picking up and sending me home, sweeps me off my feet and melts my heart.

However in this century, after years of fighting for liberation, and equality in sexes, people who practise the little traditional things in dating are less and less. Sadly.

I wonder if any strong feminists will jump at me for saying this. I really feel that true equality can never be, between men and women. For the simple fact of our biological differences from birth.

I still want to be taken care of, with tender loving care.

As an onlooker, I have seen lots of couples around me going dutch, meeting straight at restaurants, and parting at the end of the day to different directions.

I was sheltered from the evolved modernised dating climate from my dear loving other halfs who ever so sweetly still treat me like their little princess. And I am grateful to that.

Stubbornly, I refused to acknowledge or to abide to the modernised dating rules.

With this french man I am dating, I realised I have mistaken the modernised dating rules, as cultural difference.

Not that he doesnt hold doors for me, or pays for me. He does. He even carries my bag for me if it is too heavy. It is really just the 'picking up and sending back' part.

Isn't it absolutely sweet for a guy to pick you up at your door and drop you at your doorstep after the date?

well, cinderella did not go to the prince's castle to look for him, just to try on the glass slipper, neither did snow white travel out of the forest in search of her prince.

So why should I travel out alone in the cold to meet mine?

Today, we are supposed to meet for dinner.

He told me, 2100 at the restaurant.

Should I, do I travel out in this darn weather which is a cross between raining and snowing just to meet him for dinner?

I just want to be treated .. like a lady.