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lundi, mars 28, 2005

L'Arc en Ciel

L'Arc en Ciel

I used to think that this is just the name of a band.

L'Arc => the arc

en =>in

Ciel => sky

which is a rainbow.

Apparently when I start to be fluent in french, alot of words that we used to illustrate in something foreign, seems to be just a normal word to use in everyday life.

Like bonjour, deja vu.. etc.

Anyway, this is the beautiful scene I saw on the way back, as mentioned earlier.

Isnt it beautiful?

There are 2 rainbows one after another. (if you are able to notice)

I think I am going to secretly make my man melt by sending this to him=P haha.

vendredi, mars 25, 2005


Words is a powerful tool of communication.

Of course, there are other tools like body language, tonality...etc. And according to the recent movie HITCH, 70% of the message that we are trying to convey is non verbal. (which is apparently true haha)

When you really like somebody, whatever they say will make an impact on you, whether you like it or not.

For example, when a man says 'I love you', it probably took 3 secs. but to the female recipient (or male recipient, keeping this relevant to our gaying society, HAHA) , it might mean hours and hours of deciphering what does those 3 words mean.

It makes me wonder it is just the women that wonders alot, or does the men wonder too?

I cant help feeling that the women tend to wonder more, as we are born to be more sensitive.

And at times my squeeze can be just making a stupid joke, and I get upset, because I find the joke insulting, or for whatever bullshit reason lar. and I will think and think and think. hence wasting my brain cells. I have alot of other things I have to think about, and I realised I have been neglecting my businesses.

I think I have to stop thinking so much and stop reading too much into his words.

This process is soooooo tiring.

And if you are a man, please please think through, before you want to say a mean joke ok? I am sure you do not want the lady of your life to be depressed because of it. It will be soo not worth it.

It did spoil my happy mood yesterday.

Yesterday is a day of ups and downs. Almost like a roller coaster.

Morning => happy
go to work with him

In the train => sad
he spoke that yesterday by getting down at the same station, we are making ourselves vulnerable to the suspicions of our colleague. I wonder if he is blaming me for inviting him to my place

Down at the escalator of the train station => happy
He waited for me, before parting seperate ways

At work => frustated
Because of work, basically

End of work => ok lar
Happily went back with another colleague, and was due to meet Von at champs elysee

At the exit of our company => sian
Raining quite heavily, and I did not have my umbrella, so got to share with my colleague

At the exit of the train station => happy, and awed
There is a beautiful sight of rainbow!! not only one, but 2 one after another. I took pictures, will post them up!!

On the bus => sian
Von called that she is working OT, cant meet

In my house => ok
cos Von called and we can meet again. And I realised Thursday is the special day that Printemps (the shopping place) opens til 10pm! HA! so luckily. so habouring thoughts of getting my sunglasses again

In the crowded metro => sian
Lost my umbrella in the midst of the people, can you believe!!??!!

At printemps => excited
Bought my sunglasses, HAHAHA. dun scorn. yes its an expensive pair of lunettes de soleil. but Me like it alot, and i really need to pamper myself.

At Pyramids => happily
ate delicious food with Von. had tako kari on her tab, (or rather on her company's tab, haha) but HEY, thats what expats are entitled to=P we are sad to be away from our family and country, we need good food to stay happy, so as to work right? =P

and we laughed and talked, with the cook joining in alittle, as we were at the counter for japanese food.

At night => sian, sad
Squeeze said that I am a lazy girl who doesnt even help order(pack) his flat, even alittle bit. super sad. I am not built for housework, which is true. I feel quite devastated, and thought that i am not the one for him. =(

This morning => sian
washing the dishes from last wednesday. thinking if he really likes me.. but he should as he still chose me, knowing that I am lazy, right?

hence blogged about me thinking too much.

and *PHEW* convinced myself that I was thinking too much.=)

feeling better wearing my sunglasses to work. =]

only to find out that my sunglasses are for cosmetic purposes, not really for serious protection from the sun. haha, oh man.

who cares? at least i look good in them!=P

jeudi, mars 24, 2005

Hidden secrets to get women in bed fast

This morning, chirpily checked my email.

ARGH. got this spam mail, titled: Hidden secrets to get women in bed fast.

Kill me, kill me now. man, hate spammers!

Isn't it sad to know that some men (if not, ALOT of men) out there, are thinking of getting women in bed fast? Given that this spam mail's target audience is men, and it has to start with a header that attracts men to read on.

What is the big fat deal of getting women into bed fast?!?

I read this somewhere, and please allow me to quote:

Why men are happy to be in a relationship with you

1)He needs to communicate with you
A lot of men need to be in a relationship more than women do. Surprising? Not really, when you think about it. Women usually have close relationships with their friends. They talk about health problems until they feel better. But men don't. As Helen Fielding's character, Bridget Jones, says, 'Women have emotions and men have football.' Men are competitive and so, in general, they rarely share their emotions or problems with each other, as they think it makes them look too weak. When he needs to open up and talk about his feelings, guess who he eventually shows his vulnerable side to? You!

2)He wants to be your hero
Knowing that he can make someone else happy makes him feel good inside, because he has the power to change things. And what bloke doesn't secretly want power of some sort? At least if he can't always be top dog at work, he can be a star at home. Instinctively, he aspires to be Spider-Man or Superman ?to be your hero, to be able to make things right: to be appreciated, to be someone's knight in shining armour. So when you are disappointed or unhappy, he feels responsible. What matters is that you are happy and then he's got one less thing to worry about. Strange but true.

3)He strives to make you happy
The number one reason men leave relationships is because they feel as though they can't meet their partner's needs. This makes them feel inadequate, and it makes them feel as though there's no way their partner can feel respect for them. For women, communication seems to be the top priority in keeping the relationship going ?but, quite honestly, men don't understand this constant need to talk about things over and over.For men, the relationship is a success if they feel respected and if they make their partner happy. This is why a new conquest is exactly that ?he feels as though he is in charge ?he is once again someone's knight in shining armour. If you resent him because you feel overworked and under-appreciated, stop doing so much ?you are probably destroying your relationship! He doesn't want to feel responsible for you rushing around, worn into the carpet, and most men really don't notice whether the housework has been done or not. What they want is respect and appreciation. 'All we really want from women,' a (male) friend recently told me, 'is for you to smile at us.' (And probably one other thing, if he thought about it for longer than a millisecond.)

4)Sex makes him feel loved
Sex has the same effect on men as romance does on women. So the reverse is also true: no sex = no love, no approval, no acknowledgement. They get that same sad, unloved feeling that you get when you don't get flowers, your partner looks at other women or ignores you.Sex has the same effect on men as romance does on women

5)You are his (secret) reason for living
He needs you because you inspire him to do better ?he has someone to do things for, goals to reach, a reason to go out and conquer the world. What's the point of being disgustingly rich and powerful if there's no one to share it with? What he needs is the gift of you.

Note the 4th point:
4)Sex makes him feel loved

And you know what? I was all ready to believe this crap!

yes, i really did, in fact. Sex makes a man feel loved.

If that is true, why is there a need to get a woman in bed fast? I will so spit at you if you are going to answer point 2)He wants to be your hero.

In the world today, where people sleep with people more often than they actually have a nice conversation with each other.

I can't help wondering, where is the love that is supposed to come hand-in-hand with the sex?

Sex is more traditionally defined as making love. It is (by right) the act of 2 people really in love with each other, expressing their love.

In france and other parts of Europe, (maybe including USA, but I cant vouch on that), people go for regular tests for STDs. AND the medical proof has to be presented, before you actually have sex with another person.

Incredible isn't it? and unbelieveable as well. I guess, for now, it is as important to protect yourself, so as to enjoy yourself?

But this also goes to show that how often people sleep around.

I wonder, when someone, with a rich sexual history, actually decides to settle down, will he/she be able to be sexually faithful? After years of sleeping with just anyone you find attractive, isn't it difficult to stop harbouring those thoughts again when you see someone visually attractive?

Will they be able to completely settle? emotionally.

Anyway, another interesting thing I came to find out is that almost all french ladies start to be on the pill since 16 years old.

so as:
-not to get pregnant
-to have regular periods
-to have less menstrual pains.

In Singapore, I doubt there is a widespread practice of exchanging of medical proof and regular pill eating.

Now, you see the sexual cultural difference?

by the way, I have been following that above 5 points of why men are happy to be in a relationship with u, as close as I can. You know what? it works! He became more loving, understanding and patient than before. Try it out, sisters!

lundi, mars 21, 2005

Grow old with you...

This morning, I was on the bus, on the way to work. And I noticed, this old couple walking together and resting at the same bench. The old man was walking with the aid of some sort of a walking aid. He has serious difficulty walking. His wife, a tiny old woman, just walk on his side, quietly. At the bench, he sat down to rest, while the tiny wife stood in front of him, nagging. The old man just nodded his head and did not show any sign of impatience or irritation.

And I thought to myself, don' t they look familar. I realised, it is not the first time I have seen them. I have seen them some time before, at the same bench.

Isn't this proof to us that Love exists? and no matter what happens to your partner, it is possible to stick it out and work things out. Also, understanding and accepting each other's faults is the way to a long and sweet relationship.

I wonder to myself, at the end of the journey, do I still have someone who would hold my wrinkled hand, as we walk through the park each morning.

(cos i'm sure I will become a grumpy old woman =P)

so memorised by that scene, something jolted me out of it.

This weird old woman started talking to me. I did not quite understand her. But she just went on talking and talking.

and when finally the bus stopped, she got down and WAITED for me by the exit and continued talking!

I said my goodbye to her, and walked off. She went on talking, louder and louder, so that I could hear her from far.



What a morning full of encounters with old people!!

In Singapore, I do get old people talking to me, and I do entertain them, as I really feel that probably their children are too busy to speak to them.

But here, there is a communication problem, so I guess its difficult to entertain them. haiz, anyway.

My friend offered a fresh perspective of what happened on saturday. She said that, it is because I mean alot to him, that is why he will get so upset. And he wanted me to think about that guy because he feels insecure, and is afriad that the charming guy could take his place in my heart. That is an interesting point of view.

And another friend recommended me this book called Boundaries, saying that it is really good for character building. I think i will purchase it to read it soon. BUT argh, i havent even finished my book, I am currently halfway through Beating the Streets, by Peter Lynch. And also I havent even finished my french learning book.

out of point for awhile:
Anyway, this same friend thinks that I am a scary girlfriend. oh no. Am I that undesirable? Maybe I should stop blogging on relationship stuff huh. So that I wun scare off all potential suitors...=( what do u think??

I guess I have to prioritise.

The first most important is still french I guess.

Does that mean that I choose career over personal development? (learning french is totally for career, really)

vendredi, mars 18, 2005

Our Education System

Last friday's dinner left me with a big question mark in my head.

One of the topics discussed is -- Our Education System

i start to wonder. Is there a problem with our education system.
All these while, I have no problem with our education system. In fact I feel that it IS doing a great job.

But from last friday's discussion, I started pondering. Is it because I am amongst those 'apples' of the eye of the government, thats why I am happy with the system. And maybe I wasnt exposed to the flaws of the system, as my friends are probably like me.

I spoke to 2 intelligent friends about it. And this is what I concluded from the great points that they pointed out.

So for all the days from last friday, my thoughts are on our education system.
As many of us know, our Education System went through many different phases, for Singapore is still a very young nation.

Point One:

Many people, are like my friend, Amicable, complaining about our education system, criticizing that they do not have a choice to pursue what they are like. For Amicable, it will be Art.

And havent you realised that, the people who are complaining are usually above a certain age?

I just realised after pondering for so long. I realised. People like Amicable, who are around their 30s, feel strongly about their lack of choices in fields of study and profession.

Lets scrutinise the situation Singapore was like when Amicable is born. Singapore just had her independence not long ago.

There are civil unrest in our small country. Threats from the communists. Racial disharmony as fights broke out between the Malays and the Chinese.

High unemployment rate. Poor living conditions.

It was so bad that even if we have economic potential, Malaysia did not want us.

In this time, a new government was set up, and they were faced with all these problems. What kind of Education System do you think will be most suitable for Singapore at this point of time?

The answer is obvious. We have to provide the education to the people so as to enable them to be employed after they graduate. This is to solve the high unemployment rate and social unrest. Not to forget that we have absolutely no natural resource (which a big country like France will have), so human is our only resource and we have to handle it well.

True, you might not have much choice at that point of time. But it is not really a matter of preference at that point of survival, the priority then is to fill up your stomach and feed your family. Am I not right?

And one proud Asian belief is that: You have to work hard for your own money.

So, unless you want to go into a profession that you cant earn your own living and has to depend on begging/getting money from the state, for example, an artist (at that point of time).

That is why our country who is not a welfare state, get to develop so fast from a third world to the first.

How will you feel if you have to work so hard, just to feed the people who are not working and pursuing their own interest, not having to care if it made them money?

How do you feel if, now you have to pay taxes that are 4-5 times the amount you are paying now?

That is the same question you could post to any foreigner who questioned about the lack of welfare, and the lack of flexibility of our Education System in the beginning.

Then the Education System evolved. Which brings me to point 2.

Point 2

Streaming. We have streaming for students to separate them into Normal, Express and Special streams.

The main arguement is that it is hard for the kids.

People will say: What will the kids think, if they were told to be stupid at a young age?

Also the same people will say: Look, grades doesnt mean everything. You cant judge a person is smart or not, just using the grades.

Look how people can contradict themselves.

First, students are streams into the different streams based on GRADES alone. so being in normal, just simply mean you did not score as well as the other. NO ONE said that they are stupid. Unless you are someone who judge people by the grades they get?=P see, how ironical?

Stream doesnt tell you whether you are a moron. It just seperates the "gifted" from the non gifted. Hence cultivating the best brains from a young age, so that there will be solid foundation for the leadership of the country in the future. And I am sure that everyone knows how important that is, as almost all of our neighbouring countries are looking at overtaking us. We need the talents and the wits to keep abreast.

Fact: one's IQ is more or less stagnant from the age of 5-7. And some are born with the gift of an high IQ.

It will really be a waste not to cultivate the talents, no?

Also, its the best way of stretching the academic potentials of the Singaporeans.

What about the normal stream people, you ask.

Maybe they just happen not to score well at the age of 12. However if they are able to score well, they could very well move up to express or special, as they like.

Also, different ways of teaching are designed to suit them better. People are encouraged to pursue something that they actually have interest in. Instead of forcing everyone to study English, Mother Tongue, Maths, Science, History, Literature, Geography, Arts, Music and Home economics/Technicam.

The government recognises that some people are just not interested in such things, and might be interested in other things like hair dressing, etc.
And many people from the normal stream blosomed from there! My friend was from the normal stream, and she might have dropped out from school if she was to be made to study the subjects she has no interest in. However, she was given a chance to have a go at learning makeup (proudly sponsored by our government). and look at her now, she is now a makeup artiste, who actually enjoys what she is doing.

That is the whole point of streaming.

The bad point that comes from streaming is the mentality of the parents. In US and UK, and in many other countries like China and Russia, streaming is also practised on the children. The difference is that in US, parents do not place emphasis on the grades that the child has, instead they placed emphasis on the profession that the child choose.

And in the highly competitive Singapore, parents associate the intelligence of the children to be parallel to their grades. which is not true to start with. This mentality is the main root to the many criticism of our Education System.

So far, we are a very young country, yet our Education System has produced a country of people who are able to work hard for their own survival.

Just to make a quick comparsion to the country I am in now. We boost low unemployment rate, low inflation rate. And we definitely have to be proud that our GDP is higher than a big country like France.

There are no beggars on our streets, as compared to the beggars on the streets of European countries. The reason is simple. The beggars on our streets are offered to be retrained and go through some education that enables them to be employed again.

With this, I am proud of our Education System.

Yes, you are right, that there are alot of room of improvement. And to allow diversity.

whether it will go on and evolve for the better. It is yet to be seen. =)

jeudi, mars 17, 2005

Every sunny day is a nice day

Today and everyday from now on will be nice days.

Spring is HERE!! YAY!

There is a sharp temperature raise, so sharp that I sweated in my think grey coat. The temperature now is officially from 15-20 degrees.

Isnt it nice? But temperature fluctuations are expected still in Spring.

I could actually walk around in my gorgeous pink kimono top along Champs Elysee yesterday night.

That smooth man mentioned earlier asked me out just for a drink, and I thought, why not? What made me agree faster is to experience having a drink in some posh place along Champs Elysee.

I was late (not on purpose!!!), and met him across the Louis Vuitton flagship shop.

I actually wanted to take pictures, but.... I think he will think that I am some weirdo. So I did not.

I was given a choice of a purple themed romantic looking place by the street, or a red-themed drinking place on the third level of virgin mega stall (the buildings around are usually 3 levels max), which should have a nice view.

But in the end, I was feeling too warm that I chose the Haagen Daz (dunnid how to spell!) by the street. (partly also due to my howling stomach, WHICH obviously I did not say it out)

It was great, especially Macadamia Brittle. Its my first time trying it!

All in all, the evening was ok. Not great, but ok. We are still in the getting-to-know-each-other's phase. I guess it is always alittle be awkard at first, but at the same time, it was comfortable.

He is really really an intelligent man, very impressive. Especially the way he is able to treat a lady. He makes me feel more than 100% lady. A good friend to have, I concluded. =) I couldnt resist getting to know intelligent people!

However I feel that he might be thinking the other way, as in not just to be friends. He said something in french which I do not understand (but i know it is something about my lips, because I caught the keyword) And supposedly something beautiful in Spanish, or so he claimed. For that matter, he might be sprouting vulgarities, and I might not even be aware of.

So, I think I will lie low with him for awhile, before going out again, so that he wun get the wrong idea. I think for now, for now that is(until something drastic happens), I still prefered my squeeze.

Or maybe its because I cant imagine myself dating someone so old? well, he is not so old, SO OLD. mid 30s, I reckon.


I think you people are right.

I pondered on my own, and realised. Why that heck am I so uptight about everything. This relationship should be treated as what it should be. A not-so-serious one.

I should enjoy it, as long as it lasts, instead of being affect by it. Else it is really not worth it.

yup, thats my conclusion.

Next week is our 2 month anniversary. I really really cant think of what to give him!!! PLUS PLUS, I feel obliged if I were to get him something, it has to be branded. and I am low in budget. especially so when the sun is shining and I think I really need THAT pair of DIOR sunglasses!! hahaha. seriously. I am not joking.

so I think I will cook. =P

COOK, you exclaimed. (if you happen to know how lousy a cook I am)

Yes, calm down. I am going to cook. But the stuff I am going to cook is the fool proof kind. Haha.

Here is the plan:
For main course=>
*Oyster sauce
*Black soya sauce
*pork ribs
*a pack of instant herbs

How to do:
Dump them all into a pot and put water and boil.

VOILA! Bak gut teh!!

See, I smart hor. muahahaha

Oh yah, have to prepare Black soya sauce with chilli too!

for starter=>

Crap I am in france, no one eats a one course meal so..

I was thinking of the salad that I used to make.
my maid from philipines taught me a long time ago.

and I think I am going to make it special by using lobster in it. So you have it! lobster salad.

How to:
just dice up mango, grapes, apples, honey drew(if any) and lobster.
mix everything!

This is tricky.
I really dunno what. So I think I will make the chawamushi I experimented earlier.

Any comments? what do you think?

mardi, mars 15, 2005

Frying omelette

Today, I am an angry person.

an &'"(-'(_èàé(- person left me a negative rating. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRR..... this person doesnt know how to use the sewing machine and happily decided that the machine is spoilt.

I would want to use a super duper vulgar 4 lettered word on her, but *takes a deep breath* I wouldnt. Its too beneath me. Vulgarity is just not part of my life.

still, mails like this spoil my day. more so, as it is right in the morning, when I just got to work.

so today, I am an ultra grumpy and angry woman. (plus other things that pissed me off)

try stepping on my toes and I will crack your head like an egg. and fry a delicious omelette with it.


So angry, so angry sooo angry. ARGH

i feel like an old spinister or something. dwelling in her own angry, bitterly.

Call me grumpy for today. I think its a better word to use. instead of my beautiful name (hahhaa). I am not fit for my name today. just today har! calling me names such as grumpy is strictly NOT allowed on other days, and WILL be met with violent response.

Speaking of omelette, I thought ahout what I ate yesterday night. I was rather upset yesterday. why? hiya, its for a really stupid reason.

Women in the company are more than comfortably friendly with my squeeze.

heh. I know its a stupid reason. and I hate it if i turn into a green eye monster. so, i did not show it, and instead, went to do alittle retail therapy with my gal pal.

PLUS indulge in KFC, something i have not eaten in months!! *slurps* its finger licking good! haha.

it is also the reason I shall hold true to my stand of NOT marrying a cute man. its too difficult to handle for me. plus i m not really very very secure, deep inside.

lundi, mars 14, 2005

The power of brain waves emitting

Today I realised that the power of brain waves. (or maybe just a sheer coincidence!!!haha)

These days I am having an excellent time at work. Not busy at all, YAY!

so, meanwhile, I am observing my auctions closely. I suppose I am really emitting brain waves to prospective buyers. Cos today, my sales was quite good. Not fabulous, but reasonable.

And this rare phenomen happens always when i m scrutinizing my auctions items.

Strange huh.

I am a strong believer of brain waves.

When you look good, people around will transmit positive brain waves to you and you will feel more powerful and good. however even if you look good, but there are no appreciative brain waves coming your way. probably you will feel sucky too!

does it make sense????


anyway, the other day, I forgot to turn of this heater thingy (that is supposed to be turned off, else it might spoil) in my squeeze's house. and at the end of the day, when I got back. I was greeted by a rather-angry squeeze, asking me to go turn off the heater now, NOW.

so meekly, I went to turn off the heater. only to find a pot of beautiful orchids there waiting for me to discover them.

He knows i miss home, and our national flower, hence the orchids.


haiz.. what is this?

This is bliss...=)

dimanche, mars 13, 2005

From: Tous Les Hits De L'Ete 05

These are my picks for the spring/summer!

From studying the fashion magazines like a fashion addict, I came out with my own wish list.=)


Luxury Shopping =0

We came up with this thing -- To take turns to cook for each other. Me, Squeeze, Nanxing and Amicable.

Instead of freaking out. I think I should just sit back and relax and enjoy the good food. and freaking out only when its my turn.=P

vendredi, mars 11, 2005

Its a beautiful day, yet again!

Today is another beautiful day i think!

HA! recently the days have been beautiful, after the stressful period of gobbling down my lunches, missing all the tea breaks and going back late with a headache, no less!

Last night was fun. My colleague and I happily went to check out the hair salons near my place, as there was an offer. And I am dying to dye my hair!!!! ARGH! I think i will take up the offer for 29 euros, colour + shampoo + conditioning. =)

Next, I invited her to my house. I have earlier smsed Amicable if she could cook for us. but she did not reply. so.. as desperate as I can get. I actually reached out for 2 packets of chu qian yi ding (instant noodles), and decided, just to cook that.

HA, I am sure you have the picture of how desperate and helpless I am!

BUT, since my friend is french, she doesnt even know that it is such a simple dish, ( i think!!).

Just after I opened the first packet.... TADA!! Amicable came to my rescue!! She whipped up a dish of delicious fried rice, which she conveniently named as 'Fried rice paradise'. This woman ar.. is simply full of branding.

also, she cooked a bonus dish. baby salmon. wah.. simply delicious.

You can really diffentiate who is the married woman here, cant you? =P

This morning, got a call from NTU mass comm people. Yup, this nice lady is actually from my batch!! PLUS she used to live in my neighbouring hall, AND she used to come visit my neighbour quite often. I think I might have seen her. so, basically chit chat abit. I found out that my neighbour, Yuan jie, who used to be the Fac Cap in VJC, is now a newscaster from 93.8FM. AHHHHHHHHH!! so unbelieveable. But really I have full respect for this intelligent friend of mine. She is the one that has scholarships coming her way and stuff. I am sure she will succeed in whatever she do.

Contrasting her, are the women who keep claiming that they are intelligent and capable. My foot! why is it that women now think so highly of themselves?? NOT all modern women are intelligent and capable ok? so stop diluting these 2 phases. One example is Carrie in Sex and The City. I still cant see why she is intelligent, and where she got to this conclusion that she is. humpf!

While Yuan-jie never said she is intelligent or capable. People just say that about her. So that is how things should be. =)

Look how I digress again. Ok; so due to my ECA commitments and achievements, and academic performance. She decided that I will be a good candidate to be interviewed.

*feels so honoured*

I promised to be a good girl and do the unversity proud!! count on me, fellow school mates. I will do you all proud, and say good stuff to the media. HAHA

Seriously, I did enjoy very much my 4 years in NTU, and I really feel that I am given the opportunity to learn alot of different things. Tangible things like academic stuff, and intangible things like management skills, PR, event management, marketing etc. And I loved it! It scretches me, and forces me to grow and change. some experiences are painful, some experiences are satisfying. All are essential to make me grow and be more matured.

In short, I am grateful. And i encouraged my sis to do so too. To be active in committees.

And look at her now! I am soo proud of her! NTU Student Union Vice President and NTU student embassedor no less!

haha.. enough of praising my sis, I can see you all rolling your eyes.

SO, lets change the topic to MEN!!!

A few days ago, I met the mosttttt smooth man in my life.

The moves that he made.. are soooo smooth!

I personally think that it is not so good to attract men from the same company. oh well though.

He is rather matured. Around 35. So I guess, he has been around and knows all the moves to melt a woman.Plus he is in a very senior position in my company.

So, the first time I saw him, he asked if he could offer me a drink. which I declined politely.

The next time, I met him. He dropped me his card, and asked again for a drink together.

He was persistent enough, and I am curious enough that we went for a drink in the morning at our company's café. Dun let your imagination run wild. It is really just an innocent drink.

This man is really really the ulimate man. I have met smooth men before. But this one, he is soo smooth, almost to perfection. He did something like gaze super gently and remarked that 'You are really beautiful, you know that?'

I could feel my goose pimples.

In my opinion, such men are nice to be around with. very interesting in fact.

BUT never a boyfriend. For one, if he does that to you, he can do that to anyone else. He seemed flirtatuous, and I cant handle my insercurities and jealosity. In short. NOT for me.

Yet, I am toying with the idea of accepting his invitation to dinner with him next week. should be fun.

Doesnt mean I dun like my squeeze. It is really just some innocent friendship, in my point of view, that is.

Out of point : Recruitment

Just posting this up for awhile. kindly forward around to people who are suitable and might be interested!!!=)

Part time coordinating executive required (females preferred)

Job Requirement:
A part time coordinating executive is required to handle customer
requests and coordinate assignments. Female preferred, as it is
associated to the beauty industry. Email janine.teo@gmail.com for more

The suitable candidate should:
*be outspoken
*React fast to unforseen situations
*able to converse well in English and Chinese
*work independently
*has access to internet readily

Interested candidate should contact janine.teo@gmail.com asap.=)

One vacancy only.


Holiday Job Assignment - Business Developement Executive Required

Job Requirement:
A makeover company is looking for potential Business Developement Executive to help develop the business.

The suitable candidate should:
*Able to converse well
*Have a pleasant personality and able to represent the company well
*Be energetic
*be outspoken
*React fast to unforseen situations
*able to converse well in English and Chinese
*work independently
*has access to internet readily

Interested candidate should contact janine.teo@gmail.com asap.=)

Belgium Trip -- FINISHED!!!=0


So proud of myself. I actually woke up early to do this!

*throws confetti*

Enjoy the pictures!!

OR at least humour me.

jeudi, mars 10, 2005

In a good mood today

haha... in a bright and cheery mood today.

all my problems disappeared after the long sleep yesterday..=)

actually this morning, i wanted to dress up in something nice again, just to feel good, cos i havent been feeling good lately. ok, not lately, just for yesterday, cos I was not very pleased with my boss. BUT it is just an emotion that passed like a flash. Just like that blog entry I removed.

I am really just venting my frustation into my blog, and after that, I am fine and chirpy again. as usual!=)


Yesterday I was happily tucking today dinner that Amicable made. I love this life. whenever i am home for the evening, I get delicious home cooked food. Just that home. THe feeling of home is great.

Just found out that Amicable and me share lotsa same things.

Although we are not saints, we just feel obliged, or it is somehow natural, to be nice to everybody.

and also, I have this life goal to write a book. and she does too! So qiao. so yesterday, we toy the idea of writing a book about luxury brand management.

so fun.

and I had an early night, due to the fatigue.

anyway, I just received an email from NTU! HA! they want to feature me to the media. HAHAHA. this is so fun. should i agree?

Ha, I think I will.

The buses now have 2 little flags just like horns, saying 'Paris - Candidate Ville- 2012'. Basically, olympics people are here. So the city is done up just to impress.

even the day before, the RER (train) greeted me with 'Welcome to Paris, Ladies and Gentlemen'. In English! My first time hearing that in Paris really.

All part of wayang.

However the sntp people are planning stage strikes in this period.

Why? you ask.

oh well, apparently their past few strikes wasnt a success. They did not get what they want. For eg, higher pay, more vacation...etc.

So, they figured out that maybe the gahmen might give in to them, just to prevent the mess for these important days. the most important day is on tomorrow i think. I heard that there will be a big strike.

And there have been small strikes on and off the past few days .

talking about saboing yourself.

it is actually a very adorable mindset.

mardi, mars 08, 2005

Tomorrow will be a better day!

Ha! dun I sound like some miserable person who keeps telling him/herself that 'tomorrow will be a better day'?

I really think so! After 2 full snow-less and rain-less days, I really think that the temperature is starting to pick up. Well, at least for today, it is around 2 degrees. Pas mal, indeed!!

Meanwhile, I can feel the competition amongst us (the expats particularly). Seems that everyone is fighting their arse off just to impress our boss back at home. All the wayang came about. As much as I hate politics, it is meant to stay.

I cant help wondering, how well will I survive in this competitive climate. Maybe I wouldnt fare too badly after all.

Oh well, no use worrying about it now. Real politics will start when we get back.

Recently there is an article on Channel News Asia, about women not earning as much as men in Singapore.

I always thought that men with the same credentials are paid alittle more, because they apparently spent 2 years of their youth, serving our nation. This reason, I concur.

Why not?

Using the same 2 years, any capable woman will be able to demand a pay higher than the man.

In my opinion, women are paid around the same amount as men. So Ladies, if in any case, you are not happy with your pay, and to you it is a big issue. Maybe it is time for you to leave the company.

For me, I am getting the same amount as my male peers. Causing sometimes certain amount of jealosity. I admit that I have not done NS, and might not deserve the head start. But what can I say? Thats just too bad for them.

So like any other common newspaper article, this article interviewed an obnoxious man.

What he said is as below, quoted from CNA:
"Women are not paid as well. I think it's the same as everywhere in the world at this moment; it's still like that because women are not taken as seriously as men."

He is simply quoted as 'a man'.

This no-balls guy most probably did not dare to allow his name to be published.

'Taken seriously'

I scorn at these 2 words.

My best friend and I were often not taken seriously because we are laughing all the time (cant help that we are happy people with a good sense of humour!! hahha), and also because we still adore sanrio products. Yes yes, my melody and twin stars and all.

It seems that some men, particularly , conveniently label us as bimbos, because of this.

This, I am very digusted.

For the same reason, I adore the show 'Legally Blonde'. I just adore her pink stuff, and bimbotic indulgences!!!

what right does a person who tabaos (fails subjects) in my course (computer engineering) has, to call ME a bimbo?!? For that matter, almost everyone has failed a subject or so, but thank my lucky stars (or is it my brain??=P) I have not fallen into the majority.

Although I am not willing to give up my love for sanrio items, I feel that some flexibility has to be exercised in this case. Just do everything subtly, not that loud like Elle Woods.

A part of me doesnt want to let go of my pink stuff, another part is well aware of the 'taken seriously' issue.

So my secret plan is to lie low, and show my capability first. THEN...TADA!!!! I will LINE my desk with little twin star's products. AND wear cheery colours like pink, yellow, orange and red. Cos I like it. Haha. Then people cant say anything much about it.

oh oh, I will also paste twin star stickers on my contracts!! and make my subordinates paste stickers on their laptops and name cards.HAHAHHA..i think i m mad!

How fool proof the plan is, don't you think???=P


lundi, mars 07, 2005

Thoughts on the way to Brussels.

Am back from my wonderful trip to belgium. If you ask me, Belgium is absolutely beautiful. And should there be one place you were to choose between Paris, London and Bruggss. Let Bruggs be IT!

I will rant about my trip later.

This is more for the thoughts I have on the way to Belgium. What happened was really so dramatic and I reflected alot about myself.

All these while, I am convinced that kids are the only ones who needed help. Their sufferings are often the consequences of irresponsible or ignorant adults. Hence all along, my dream is to do something for the kids. Earlier in my life, some volunteer work does open my eyes to the needs of children, and made me more determined to do so. In my opinion, adults chose their own path. They are old enough to think for themselves, and hence, doesnt really deceive our sympathy. At all.

After my short stint as a primary school teacher. I really feel for those children who are not motivated to study, particulary due to the negligence of their parents, and environment. I have experienced personally, children who get zero for their spelling for 6 months straight, and those who did not submit their schoolwork for a long long time. And when I consult my mentor (HOD) on how to handle such children. She just told me straight. Give up on them, she said. And concentrate on the rest of the children who still have hope.

So yup, I aim to train and join as a IAG coach to give hope to these children, while the society has given up on them.

However just that night, with my friend. I realised. Adults need help too.

Yes, especially so in this affluent country of ours. It will be much more easy to solve the problems for the people in poorer countries, to provide food and shelter. But for us, it is really another different set of needs.

And what is really lacking in most families, is communication and the quality time to spend with each other.

Here I am looking at a highly successful career lady break down in front of me. I realised. I could contribute too, to helping married couples commuincate. This reminds me of the only lady, amongst the 3 who started NLP. With her love as a motivation, she helped lots and lots of couples to rekindle their relationship. Sometimes people just have no idea how to 'make it work'.

I remembered that earlier I heard this radio advert asking for volunteers for this family counselling thingy. I took down the number, without thinking much about it. and now, I am determined to do so, and make a difference. I am up to it. I am sure.

Off to another point. This harsh harsh winter this year has given the homeless people a hard time surviving. I read on my friend's blog about this lady who takes their leftover to eat in hawker centres.

Although phyiscally dirty, I actually respect them. Funny though. why?

I feel that they have at least the backbone to NOT beg for food. They have the backbone to NOT take advantage of people's pity on them, and use emotional blackmail to make people buy their over priced tissue papers. This, I feel, takes alot of courage. and I am not surprised it is a lady who is doing it. Men often has too much pride to do that.

AND that lady is not even eating the food herself. She is packing the food, probably to feed her family. pardon my imagination, but i can see a useless husband in the picture. HAha. I am biased.

I truly feel that women can really capable for doing whatever it takes to survive. Where men are far more interior to women in this aspect. *think the olden days samurais ending their lives just because they've lost a battle*

with this. I applaude women.

And I appeal. if you do see a lady picking up your leftovers. Please offer to get her something, or get some groceries for her. you would, wouldn't you?

Oh also, if you happen to be at the Burger King at Raffles City. And if you do see this really really filthy man, with a pair of broken spectacles, attached to his head with those cheap red elastic rubber bands. He is around our age (early 20s) and smells really bad. And if you happen to feel good, please get him a cup of lemon barley. He likes that. I really wonder how he is now. The life of a mental patient is really a life that we can not imagine. People are always looking upon you with scorn and disgust, as witnessed from the faces of onlookers. After buckering up my courage to speak to him. I realised it is really not too difficult to care for people who are different.=)

Having said all that, I am not a saint at all. and really not acting like one too. hahha.

I am really, just human.

vendredi, mars 04, 2005

Note:Read only if you are from whoosh.

Did not really want to discriminate my readers. But this is an extremely boring blog. you might find it extremely meaningless. and might strangely develop the urge to give me a punch. SO, DO NOT READ. unless you are from whoosh!.

Today night was an incredible night. So incredible that I have to blog it down.

Today, armed with whatever knowledge from akltg (did not want to type it out explictly), its alittle difficult to explain. It is kind of like some counselling skills.

I could sense that my friend is going through a tough phase. She could not feel any passion for her husband. They have an adorable 2 year old daughter and worked together in the same company.

It is hard to describe with words what happened. And I realised that I just used whatever tools that came to me there and then.

And it worked!

I am so so happy to have made a difference in their lives. In her life. It is such an intense feeling that I cant express it in words.

She cried, and I cried with her.

It is just to incredible to make a difference in people's lives. and YES, that is what I aim to do. For that, I feel its my purpose in life.

Look out people!!! I am coming back to train as a IAG coach!! if they want me that is. Who is joining too??

I want to make a difference!=)

jeudi, mars 03, 2005

Sick of Snow

The snow has been on and off, intertwined with rain for quite sometime.

Well, at first, it was beautiful. BUT now as the weather gets colder and the rain and all. ARGH, it is getting on my nerves.

The temperature now ranges from -2 to -10 here now, and with the wind, the rain and the snow. One could imagine how tough it is to bear the weather.

Plus, the ground is all wet, and the melted snow is like some grey coloured mashed ice kachang.

Many near death experiences were witnessed, as the ground is too slippery to walk (think walking on ice), alot of people almost slipped.

This stupid freaking freezing weather stepped on my toes today. Because of the snow storm, some of the buses were cancelled. Including the one I take. argh!

And it doesnt help that the only alternative route -- the train (RER) has its staff happily calling for a strike.

seriously seriously seriously, can you believe the life in Paris?


In case you are wondering if I did go to the restaurant yesterday.

I did.

This is as if I don't, I will not get to see him til next Monday. Oh, yup, I am going to Belgium this weekend!=) YAY!

Also, I thought that I need a talk with him. cos if things doesnt change, I guess I will opt out.

will blog more later when i have the time.

mercredi, mars 02, 2005

Being treated .. like a lady

Living in the modern world today, working, dressing and thinking like a modern day girl.

I realised something deep down inside doesn't change. I am still very very traditional when it comes to love, and family.

Simple things, like roses, paying for my meals, holding the door for me, picking up and sending me home, sweeps me off my feet and melts my heart.

However in this century, after years of fighting for liberation, and equality in sexes, people who practise the little traditional things in dating are less and less. Sadly.

I wonder if any strong feminists will jump at me for saying this. I really feel that true equality can never be, between men and women. For the simple fact of our biological differences from birth.

I still want to be taken care of, with tender loving care.

As an onlooker, I have seen lots of couples around me going dutch, meeting straight at restaurants, and parting at the end of the day to different directions.

I was sheltered from the evolved modernised dating climate from my dear loving other halfs who ever so sweetly still treat me like their little princess. And I am grateful to that.

Stubbornly, I refused to acknowledge or to abide to the modernised dating rules.

With this french man I am dating, I realised I have mistaken the modernised dating rules, as cultural difference.

Not that he doesnt hold doors for me, or pays for me. He does. He even carries my bag for me if it is too heavy. It is really just the 'picking up and sending back' part.

Isn't it absolutely sweet for a guy to pick you up at your door and drop you at your doorstep after the date?

well, cinderella did not go to the prince's castle to look for him, just to try on the glass slipper, neither did snow white travel out of the forest in search of her prince.

So why should I travel out alone in the cold to meet mine?

Today, we are supposed to meet for dinner.

He told me, 2100 at the restaurant.

Should I, do I travel out in this darn weather which is a cross between raining and snowing just to meet him for dinner?

I just want to be treated .. like a lady.