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jeudi, février 03, 2005

To judge or not to judge?

Here i am blogging on my new clie.

Why? Because my computer is running something, and i am not supposed to touch it.

All along, i found it difficult to say whatever i am thinking. Then slowly through this blog, i managed somehow. It is really getting better.

Perhaps it is because that i am sitting in my own comfort zone, typing out my thoughts. With nobody around to judge me. I kind of like this feeling.

I am touched by my friends' concern. Thanks you gals, and guys. Also after reading my friend's blog, i realised, how judgemental people are , and how fast conclusions are made.

Are we capable of taking things as it is? Are we able to not judge and accept people as they are?

I for one, is an extremely judgemental person. This fact i am changing. Really, i am less judgemental nowadays.

i remember this advertisement aired in singapore, about us giving ex-convicts a second chance. This man, with tattoos all over his arms, grabs the hand of this child, and caused anxiety over an onlooker. Only after, did the onlooker realised that the man is the father of the child, she broke out with a bright and relieved smile.

This advert demonstrates my point.

If your pretty female colleague is promoted over you, as obviously she is in good terms with your male boss. Please give yourself a tight slap if you have the thought if she did sleep with the boss to get ahead.

as for my many relationships, i have been really happy to have experienced them. I do, each and every time feel the flutter in my heart with each guy i loved so dearly. And yes, EVERYTHING i ever said, during a relationship is real, right from the heart. Please do not doubt me, if you are one of my ex, reading thie. The words i really do mean includes the sacred "i love you". When i say i really want to marry you, i really do. If you were to bring me to the ROM on the spot, i would have signed it, and be your dutiful wife. Yes, i will.

I know my speed of getting over a relationship often raises doubts in hearts whether if i am just toying with people's feelings. I assure you people, i am not. All the same, you are entitled to judge if you want.

I am a rather optimistic person, generally. Perhaps due to my ability to get over my failures, i am able to be back in the game in a short time. Forget about the grieving period, one has to move on.

I have been luckily, to have dated wonderful men. Men who are able to maintain the same standard of concern and care, from day one of courtship to the last day of relationshIp. Men like that do exist! You just have to believe.

Hence i am saying, do not judge so fast! Not all cute and popular guys are playboys, not all nerds are unromantic. And from my friend's experience, not all angmohs are good in bed. Haha.. (this friend is really one of a kind)

all you have to do is to really really believe, and it will come to you.

of course i am not advocating you to just sit there to wait for your other half to find you. What i am trying to say is that, presevere (not compromise), and love will find its way.=)


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