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lundi, février 28, 2005

Stomach growling

Now waiting for this colleague of mine to go lunch together with.

She jioed me so LL. NOT that i dun like to eat lunch with her. It is just that her lunching hour is like 12:30pm. AND keeping in mind that my stomach starts subtly hinting for food at around 11:30am. You can imagine the state of my stomach now!!!


had quite a fulfilling weekend. hmm.. maybe fulfilling is not the right word.

Anyway, last weekend is our one month anniversary.

so, we kinda stuck to each other since friday night to Sunday morning.

oh well, talk about being sticky wicky.

*Goes to lunch..*

Back from lunch

We went out for awhile to post letters and stuff.

It was so freaking cold, that I think I can't feel my ears anymore, except for extreme pain. and the water on the ground has turned into ice, making it slippery to walk.

Great now, I have to get some hat or something, or even a very unglam bonnet. I actually did not want to spend the money for something I only need for like 1 or 2 months more. But it now seems like, I have to either buy it, or risk my ears dropping off. Pick one. The answer is obvious, I am going to buy one later straight after work.

So, back to my weekend.

Friday after having dinner with my friend, and some shopping. I went to a Gothic pub near Moulin Rouge to meet him. He is with his gothic friend there.

well well, this is the first time i m in a gothic bar, and man, I hate bars. BUT this bar turns out to be quite an interesting experience.

It is quite a small bar. so basically on the left side of the wall, it is filled with pictures of naked women and men.

at the centre, a huge screen with funny video for people walking here and there, played to match the music.

and on the right, a big coffin, the bar, and skulls, cross and other demon-like things.

it was quite an eye opener.

all was ok, except for the smoke smell of course. Then all of a sudden, this one woman started singing at the top of her lungs, some opera sounding thing. Her voice boomed over the loud music.

I almost thought that i was going deaf. but it was extremely amusing to see her make a big fool out of herself like that. she seemed very proud of herself.

and it doesnt help that her friends are like cheering her on, spurring her to sing even more and even louder. ARGH.

isnt it great to have such friends? haha

oh well, i had a great time laughing at her.

keep ur eyes in this space, as I am posting pictures taken in the gothic bar soon!=)