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vendredi, février 04, 2005

A roomie

I think my friend will be moving in with me.

As she wants to live in Paris, and the places are too expensive. So i am letting her stay.

Well, its been a long time since I lived with someone else. I remember the year one times when I was living with psn, aka the female cw.

I wonder did we drive each other crazy by our habits.

For one, she sleeps extremely late. Like maybe 3-4am. and likes to play music all the tiem (esp. mayday's music of course!). and as for me, sleep extremely early, like maybe 10-11pm. AND I cant sleep with music in the background.

Come to think of it, it was amazing how we lasted that long.

We have some similarities too!

For one, we are both very untidy. But she tidies, and I dun really tidy.Sorry about that!!

Also, we like to eat mamee alot. AND we tend drop it all over the place.

THEN when we do funny things like swimming(i think it might be just me, you know. do you do swimming also, cw?), or rolling about on the floor, if we chance upon an old Mamee crumb, we will still (horrors!!) pick up the crumb and eat it!

AND I do remember that sometimes that crumbs did not turn out to be Mamee crumbs BUT something else......gulps... then we will have a big laugh out of it.

Ha! I cant believe myself too. Please understand that I was a young and silly girl then.=P

I am alittle nervous that A is coming to stay. For she is like 28? and has a daughter. (of course her daugher is in Singapore).

Although we get along well and all, I wonder will we have any disagreements due to living together. I like her and respect her alot, as I found her very inspiring.

She is the owner of this successful brand management company with a branch in Singapore and another in Barcelona. Amazing right? She also taught me how to tie my hair into a french twist with just a chopstick. AND passed on how to achieve the 'permed' look, without perming your hair, by just tying your hair in a certain way.

I do not wish to lose her as a friend, hence I am really nervous...

hmm.. we shall see how it goes. =)