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jeudi, février 24, 2005

Our National Flower

Sorry people, procastinated abit, will upload the pictures tonight maybe :P

Today while on the way to work, I saw this Carrefour poster advertising their latest offer, Orchids - the exotic flower.

Happily, I told my squeeze, look look, my national flower.

He replied, isnt that the thai national flower? they have it on the clothing of their air stewardess.

Pardon my lack of general knowledge, I had no idea that orchids in general, is the thai national flower.

So, when I reached the office, I decided to do a search.

And indeed, there are lots of misleading websites like this one claiming that orchids are the national flower of thailand.

How ridiculous!

It is like, they just ripped off our beautiful and elegant national flower, and claim it as theirs!!


Then I come across this one. Then I xi nu abit.(appease my anger)

Yuan lai, their national flower is the small small yellow orchid.

Whilst ours is this beautiful and elegant one!! =P So pretty right???

to be politically correct. both flowers are nice lar.


I had the honour to try out some vietnamese salad yesterday.

It was not really nice.

Also, I saw them selling chinese salad.

It looks like some weird preserved vegetables that consists of:
-alot of bean sprouts (tao gay)
-some random shredded carrots
-some cabbage lookalike thingy

EEK. will you eat it???

I can only conclude that it is chinese food for the french.

C'est Salade Chinose ça.