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mercredi, février 09, 2005

My New Year Countdown

Well, My new year countdown did not go too badly.=)

Being a Singaporean who holds her roots dearly, I follow the Singaporean time of counting down. so at Parisan Time 16.45, I am already getting excited, figity(cannot remember how to spell that). Everyone in the office could see that:P

Having my dad, mum and sis in one msn window, my 2 dear dear cousins in the other, and my shifu and my dearest friends with me, over the internet. I feel warmness, in my office, in Paris.

Well well, I did rushed to the toilet to drop a tear or 2. But everything went fine. I just miss everyone too much.

AND i made a promise to myself, NEVER to be away for chu xi, ever again. so witnessed by my cousins: Ling and Ying. (u know who you are!!)

After that, we had a rather sumptious meal in EastChamber's apartment. Mainly because he is back in Singapore happily, AND he has the largest apartment!! (i will explain Eastchamber more, when i have the time!)

We went to buy salmon to add to the celebration, but the cooking dummy here (*raises my hand meekly*) destroyed the salmon dish, by over diluting the sauce. Then after that over boiling, til everything is overflowing in EastChamber's kitchen. *gulps*

I will do better next time!!!! I will!!!

My ex-bf from UK called, and we talked abit. It was nice too. His business plan won some competition and now he is featured in Business Weekly! How awesome is that. I am really very happy for him.

After that, I counted down in Parisan time (YES, i counted down twice!!!) with my sq, who very sweetly bugged this Chinese waitress in his fav restaurant, on how to say Happy New Year in chinese. So that he can surprise me.

That is kinda sweet. I like=)

I am really grateful, and really appreciate all you people who showed your care and concern. Really. Everyone. Even those that just send an msn message or email saying a simple 'happy new year'. Also all those who left messages on my tag board (on the right), I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!!

Get more ang pow people!! Without me around, there should be more ang pows to go around, no??:P