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vendredi, février 11, 2005

My Amazing Capillaries

My blogging time happens each time I am generating the entities with WSAD. (which is quite often!) =P

well, oh well.

These days, I found myself staring at the back of my hands as I type. Scrutinising.

Isn't it amazing to about able to see capillaries at the back of your hands??? no??

Please forgive me, I haven been so fair before in my life. HAHA. If you dun believe me, you could jolly well compare the pictures I posted up.

The one to the right is taken when I was still in Singapore. Those in the blog are taken in Paris. See the difference? It is quite a huge difference, dun you think?

The funny part is, my face is becoming fairer, faster than my hands. and my foundation is one obviously darker than my face. HOWEVER, I dun think it is wise to change to another colour, as the colour of my hands have not caught up with my face.

Why is life so difficult???

HAHAHA. Sorry people, I know this must be torturous to read, but hey, I really cant take my eyes of the capillaries ok??? ARGH, help me!


For those who love hiking and those kind of nature sporty stuff. Here is a new place you might want to go, other than Bukit Timah hill that is!!(i know mm often goes there, and I still dun see the point!!)

I had the fright of my life yesterday.

This guy started to speak to me at the bus stop.

Then he started asking me out for coffee. I said no. "non, pas au jourd'hui"

Next he asked for my phone number. I did not really know how to reply. I said "Desolée, je ne te connais pas. Je ne donné pas mon numero". (sorry, I do not know you. I do not give my phone number) He doesnt seem to get it!!! He is a banker from credit agricole.

THEN, the cheek of that guy. My bus came, and I got desperate. He kept asking me to take the next one. and hindering me to get on my bus. He said "Vous etes trés trés trés bonne, vous etes charming". What crap! *roll eyes* He even showed me a thumbs up sign.

OMG, I am supposed to be charmed by this???!!!!

I was scared, and frustated. THEN he grabbed and held my hand.

FREAK! I quickly told him "a bientôt" and run off after my bus, for my dear life. only to hear him say "blah blah blah... demain". So I guess he will be there tomorrow.

ah crap, I cant take the bus anymore!!

Men men men men men. Only really charming ones need to apply ok? =P heh