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vendredi, février 18, 2005

Guest Blogger: Xiao ke

EEEeeek!!! eeeekkkks!!!

today, while I was happily chewing up some funny looking stack of papers, i think it is called a magazine. But I am not sure, heck, how much do you expect a rabbit to know huh.

I am not quite sure why they are lying around, so I guess, maybe they are placed so that I can chew them.

My heartfelt thanks, as I happily helped myself to these yummy treats.

THEN, horrors, HORRORS!!!

I came across this article:

EEEKS!! help help help.

Rabbbit meat is NOT NOT edible ok!!

Believe me! straight from a rabbit's mouth.

If you eat a rabbit, you risk to contact herpes and die.

OK, My point is: DO NOT EAT RABBIT MEAT, ok?
*trying to look as cute as I can*

Ok, til next time, for now, I have work to do.
*frantically chews up the recipe for rabbit cusine*

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