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mardi, février 08, 2005

Chu Xi

Today is Chu Xi, and I am following the New day with Singapore timing.

By now, its around 7.30 singapore time, everyone should be happily starting on their first bite of the tuan yuan fan, right?=P

I am sure and I can visualise, my family should be having steamboat, with abalone, of course!!

Looking down at my huge tummy now, I am just back from a very filling lunch. Part of my feeling good plan is to turn heads and eyes. It felt good. Cos..

For I am wearing one of my favourites, confirm-to-be-attractive tops!! haha. Yup, its my fav pink kimono top, very nice and stylish, in my opinion.

Then, my singaporean colleagues pour cold water on me, by saying that I looked much older in it, aka auntie. yeah right, like an aunty can fit into this gorg top. *roll eyes* well, it is just the same 2 idiots. i shall shrug the comments off.

Girls! The last thing you will want to do, is to let some random guy bring you down!!*you are beautiful.. no matter what they say* haha.

Looking at their dress sense, and badly styled hair, anyone will be mad to take their comments on fashion seriously. BUT why are there such guys in our world?? guys who are flabby, critisizing that this girl has fat hands, that girl has fat legs. very very ironical. There is a short and sweet word to describe these people : losers.

You know, in singapore, I never knew which festival was the most important. But now i know. no, it is not Chinese New Year. it is Chu Xi.

The thing I hold dearest is to have my family together and have a great meal. Not really the going-around-to-get-ang-pow part. I dun really care about it.

Lastly, i truly wish everyone I love/like to have a fabulouso year ahead.

I will be here counting down with you all=)