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lundi, février 07, 2005

Chinese New Year

Din realise Chinese New Year is so soon, on wednesday.

This will be the first year I am working through a Chinese New Year. Just the thought of it makes me feel miserable. Can you imagine that when people are happily counting down in Singapore, I am here stuck in my office, working at 5 pm Parisan time?

Quite depressing. Nevermind the ang pows, but the thought of my family members are together during the New Year, and I am not there with them.

Makes me remember the poem from 'jiu you jiu ri chong yang jie'.

"...... pian cha zhu yi sao yi ren.."

Or even Libai's poem makes sense now..

".. ju tou wang ming yue, di tou si gu xiang"

reminds me of my Chinese Literature lessons.

pardon my hanyi pin ying. it is bad. Not because my Chinese de-proved, my hanyi pinying was never good in the first place! Not all special stream people are good in hanyi pinying hor, that is such a stereotype! hahaha. I happen to depend heavily on my composition and summary to score.

i think i think i think I am having homesickness again.

On a brighter tone, I just have the feeling that the next year is going to be GREAT!!

for that matter, both my parents won 4D!! HA! my dad won 2nd prize, no less! my mum won small small. Not alot of money, cos they dun bet big anyway.

so yeah, the next year is gonna be TERRIFIC!!! ROOSTERIFIC!!
(spoken by a rooster herself. yup that is me!)