A Bimbo, Re-Defined

...a princess's diary...

mardi, février 01, 2005


Today was an extremely tiring day at wirk. Frustating also, dealing with WSAD. and also have not achieved much.

I really have to drag my tired body back to my apartment. I wonder have I became a typical career woman?

When I got home, I was prepared to go to bed straight away.

My stomach seems to disagree with my decision to go to bed. I had to eat something. (FYI, I am really really the greedy type. Food always takes the precedence. Like my mum said, if you want to cheer me up or win my heart, you can just give me great food, and I will fall for it.=P )

Subconsciously, I decided to cook a simple dish.


My dad's favourite dish.

Its like, everytime he is home to eat, we must must must have this dish. I remember times when we still get to eat together as a family, each saturday AND sunday night.

As I was cooking this dish, my tears start to fall. And I wonder if it is the onions. This dish needs alot of onions, you know. I really cried, cried like a baby.

I shed my image of a smartly dressed career lady, and cried.

During the frying of the eggs, I felt this urge to call my mum. just to hear her voice. I miss my mum.

I miss my family. I love them.

Unlike most other people. I love my family. We are an amazing family. We are really united. and very supportive.

Although we are not geographically together. We have a yahoo groups! how cool is that? And we send emails to each other very regularly. We know what each other are doing, etc.

I love my family. In short.

Tearing, I called Dolphine to ask if I can borrow his phone. I just had to call home. This is half way through frying my egg, I was crying buckets.

Graciously, Dolphine said sure, u can come over. He is really a gentleman.

Somehow after eating the eggs, between huge blobs of mucus. I feel the strength within me.

I am not a cry baby anymore. I am a big girl.

Looking around me, everything has changed.

My colourful wadrobe is replaced with boring conservative smart looking professional shirts and skirts. ( i still have some colourful stuff, but very little )

Yes, I am officially a grown up.