A Bimbo, Re-Defined

...a princess's diary...

jeudi, février 17, 2005

After pondering

After pondering for so long,

I still cannot find a conclusion.

This is so stressful that i feel like smoking a cigar.

*takes out a strawberry pocky and pretends to smoke*

I wish I could find pocky in Paris, but no. oh well.

After an appetitive with his friends, I am feeling more miserable then usual.

His pregnant female friend was like asking, if he has brought me to this place, or brought me to that place.

Sadly, I have seen none.

I am really depressed.

Being someone who views romance as one of the most important thing in a relationship. You could imagine how depressed I am.

I wonder, if it is really silly to end a relationship because of the sheer lack of romance.

Not that he is not romantic at all.

He is nice and all.

-His english is not good, and he made lots of effort to communicate.

-He placed our photo as the background of his computer. That is really sweet.

-He assigned me a toothbrush, the first time i stayed over.

-He bought contact lens solution just so that he could assign me a case.

-He do not eat breakfast. But he asked what I have for breakfast, and especially bought milk and cornflakes for me.

-He fills up my bottle in the office, when he remembers. I drink alot of water, so its nice.

-He comes over and secretly kisses me in the office.

-He talks about me in front of his friends. Alot. Most of them already heard alot about me, before even meeting me. This is really really sweet.=)

-He cooks for me. and he makes effort to cook chinese dishes for me.

-He gazes at me very frequently. The 'lovely dovey' kind of dreamy gaze. That I like alot. Although it really made me blush. It is like that even when we were with his best friend, or other friends, or in the office. His best friend also buay tahan. But it is really sweet.

Writing til here, I am really feeling very blissful.


I am still not happy in this relationship.

Before you are going to label me as a extremely high maintenance gal. Please let me explain my stand.

Keep in mind that I am someone who lives for romance in relationships.

I am in Paris, the most romantic place. And he promised to show me all the romantic places in Paris. BUT, up to now, we have only eaten in like 3 places. His apartment. This japanese restaurant that he loves. This french restaurant, only ONE time.

Doesnt this show that he doesnt put in effort to romance me? I feel cheated.

I am supposed to continue listing why this relationship ais so wrong, but I am really too upset to continue.

So, thats all for now.

Peace everyone.