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lundi, février 28, 2005

Stomach growling

Now waiting for this colleague of mine to go lunch together with.

She jioed me so LL. NOT that i dun like to eat lunch with her. It is just that her lunching hour is like 12:30pm. AND keeping in mind that my stomach starts subtly hinting for food at around 11:30am. You can imagine the state of my stomach now!!!


had quite a fulfilling weekend. hmm.. maybe fulfilling is not the right word.

Anyway, last weekend is our one month anniversary.

so, we kinda stuck to each other since friday night to Sunday morning.

oh well, talk about being sticky wicky.

*Goes to lunch..*

Back from lunch

We went out for awhile to post letters and stuff.

It was so freaking cold, that I think I can't feel my ears anymore, except for extreme pain. and the water on the ground has turned into ice, making it slippery to walk.

Great now, I have to get some hat or something, or even a very unglam bonnet. I actually did not want to spend the money for something I only need for like 1 or 2 months more. But it now seems like, I have to either buy it, or risk my ears dropping off. Pick one. The answer is obvious, I am going to buy one later straight after work.

So, back to my weekend.

Friday after having dinner with my friend, and some shopping. I went to a Gothic pub near Moulin Rouge to meet him. He is with his gothic friend there.

well well, this is the first time i m in a gothic bar, and man, I hate bars. BUT this bar turns out to be quite an interesting experience.

It is quite a small bar. so basically on the left side of the wall, it is filled with pictures of naked women and men.

at the centre, a huge screen with funny video for people walking here and there, played to match the music.

and on the right, a big coffin, the bar, and skulls, cross and other demon-like things.

it was quite an eye opener.

all was ok, except for the smoke smell of course. Then all of a sudden, this one woman started singing at the top of her lungs, some opera sounding thing. Her voice boomed over the loud music.

I almost thought that i was going deaf. but it was extremely amusing to see her make a big fool out of herself like that. she seemed very proud of herself.

and it doesnt help that her friends are like cheering her on, spurring her to sing even more and even louder. ARGH.

isnt it great to have such friends? haha

oh well, i had a great time laughing at her.

keep ur eyes in this space, as I am posting pictures taken in the gothic bar soon!=)

jeudi, février 24, 2005

White Paris

This is me, reporting live from Paris.


The snow flakes were so big that my camera can capture them.

Our National Flower

Sorry people, procastinated abit, will upload the pictures tonight maybe :P

Today while on the way to work, I saw this Carrefour poster advertising their latest offer, Orchids - the exotic flower.

Happily, I told my squeeze, look look, my national flower.

He replied, isnt that the thai national flower? they have it on the clothing of their air stewardess.

Pardon my lack of general knowledge, I had no idea that orchids in general, is the thai national flower.

So, when I reached the office, I decided to do a search.

And indeed, there are lots of misleading websites like this one claiming that orchids are the national flower of thailand.

How ridiculous!

It is like, they just ripped off our beautiful and elegant national flower, and claim it as theirs!!


Then I come across this one. Then I xi nu abit.(appease my anger)

Yuan lai, their national flower is the small small yellow orchid.

Whilst ours is this beautiful and elegant one!! =P So pretty right???

to be politically correct. both flowers are nice lar.


I had the honour to try out some vietnamese salad yesterday.

It was not really nice.

Also, I saw them selling chinese salad.

It looks like some weird preserved vegetables that consists of:
-alot of bean sprouts (tao gay)
-some random shredded carrots
-some cabbage lookalike thingy

EEK. will you eat it???

I can only conclude that it is chinese food for the french.

C'est Salade Chinose ça.

lundi, février 21, 2005

To those who want to visit me =)


Just had a talk with my friends, those who want to visit me here, have to take note!!

In fact, all are welcomed, if u are reading this!

Go to Zuji to book your tickets for this May!!

The tickets by malaysian airlines cost like SGD$600++ to 700. To Paris.

So, ru, maybe u can come?

Accomodation will be provided by me. so feel free.

BUT please let me know in advance ok?=)

vendredi, février 18, 2005

Guest Blogger: Xiao ke

EEEeeek!!! eeeekkkks!!!

today, while I was happily chewing up some funny looking stack of papers, i think it is called a magazine. But I am not sure, heck, how much do you expect a rabbit to know huh.

I am not quite sure why they are lying around, so I guess, maybe they are placed so that I can chew them.

My heartfelt thanks, as I happily helped myself to these yummy treats.

THEN, horrors, HORRORS!!!

I came across this article:

EEEKS!! help help help.

Rabbbit meat is NOT NOT edible ok!!

Believe me! straight from a rabbit's mouth.

If you eat a rabbit, you risk to contact herpes and die.

OK, My point is: DO NOT EAT RABBIT MEAT, ok?
*trying to look as cute as I can*

Ok, til next time, for now, I have work to do.
*frantically chews up the recipe for rabbit cusine*

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jeudi, février 17, 2005

After pondering

After pondering for so long,

I still cannot find a conclusion.

This is so stressful that i feel like smoking a cigar.

*takes out a strawberry pocky and pretends to smoke*

I wish I could find pocky in Paris, but no. oh well.

After an appetitive with his friends, I am feeling more miserable then usual.

His pregnant female friend was like asking, if he has brought me to this place, or brought me to that place.

Sadly, I have seen none.

I am really depressed.

Being someone who views romance as one of the most important thing in a relationship. You could imagine how depressed I am.

I wonder, if it is really silly to end a relationship because of the sheer lack of romance.

Not that he is not romantic at all.

He is nice and all.

-His english is not good, and he made lots of effort to communicate.

-He placed our photo as the background of his computer. That is really sweet.

-He assigned me a toothbrush, the first time i stayed over.

-He bought contact lens solution just so that he could assign me a case.

-He do not eat breakfast. But he asked what I have for breakfast, and especially bought milk and cornflakes for me.

-He fills up my bottle in the office, when he remembers. I drink alot of water, so its nice.

-He comes over and secretly kisses me in the office.

-He talks about me in front of his friends. Alot. Most of them already heard alot about me, before even meeting me. This is really really sweet.=)

-He cooks for me. and he makes effort to cook chinese dishes for me.

-He gazes at me very frequently. The 'lovely dovey' kind of dreamy gaze. That I like alot. Although it really made me blush. It is like that even when we were with his best friend, or other friends, or in the office. His best friend also buay tahan. But it is really sweet.

Writing til here, I am really feeling very blissful.


I am still not happy in this relationship.

Before you are going to label me as a extremely high maintenance gal. Please let me explain my stand.

Keep in mind that I am someone who lives for romance in relationships.

I am in Paris, the most romantic place. And he promised to show me all the romantic places in Paris. BUT, up to now, we have only eaten in like 3 places. His apartment. This japanese restaurant that he loves. This french restaurant, only ONE time.

Doesnt this show that he doesnt put in effort to romance me? I feel cheated.

I am supposed to continue listing why this relationship ais so wrong, but I am really too upset to continue.

So, thats all for now.

Peace everyone.

vendredi, février 11, 2005

My Amazing Capillaries

My blogging time happens each time I am generating the entities with WSAD. (which is quite often!) =P

well, oh well.

These days, I found myself staring at the back of my hands as I type. Scrutinising.

Isn't it amazing to about able to see capillaries at the back of your hands??? no??

Please forgive me, I haven been so fair before in my life. HAHA. If you dun believe me, you could jolly well compare the pictures I posted up.

The one to the right is taken when I was still in Singapore. Those in the blog are taken in Paris. See the difference? It is quite a huge difference, dun you think?

The funny part is, my face is becoming fairer, faster than my hands. and my foundation is one obviously darker than my face. HOWEVER, I dun think it is wise to change to another colour, as the colour of my hands have not caught up with my face.

Why is life so difficult???

HAHAHA. Sorry people, I know this must be torturous to read, but hey, I really cant take my eyes of the capillaries ok??? ARGH, help me!


For those who love hiking and those kind of nature sporty stuff. Here is a new place you might want to go, other than Bukit Timah hill that is!!(i know mm often goes there, and I still dun see the point!!)

I had the fright of my life yesterday.

This guy started to speak to me at the bus stop.

Then he started asking me out for coffee. I said no. "non, pas au jourd'hui"

Next he asked for my phone number. I did not really know how to reply. I said "Desolée, je ne te connais pas. Je ne donné pas mon numero". (sorry, I do not know you. I do not give my phone number) He doesnt seem to get it!!! He is a banker from credit agricole.

THEN, the cheek of that guy. My bus came, and I got desperate. He kept asking me to take the next one. and hindering me to get on my bus. He said "Vous etes trés trés trés bonne, vous etes charming". What crap! *roll eyes* He even showed me a thumbs up sign.

OMG, I am supposed to be charmed by this???!!!!

I was scared, and frustated. THEN he grabbed and held my hand.

FREAK! I quickly told him "a bientôt" and run off after my bus, for my dear life. only to hear him say "blah blah blah... demain". So I guess he will be there tomorrow.

ah crap, I cant take the bus anymore!!

Men men men men men. Only really charming ones need to apply ok? =P heh

mercredi, février 09, 2005

Blogging in Chinese




I have the last laugh.

Just because of a stupid template problem, my chinese words doesnt show!!!

so now, voila!! the chinese words are appearing liao! HA HA HA!

BUT, I realised it is really really difficult for me to write in chinese, cos i m really really super duper lousy at hanyu pinyin. HAIZ. it takes doubly long for me.:(

Quite sad about it, cos i love chinese. and I love to write essays! I enjoy it so much, and i excel in it. But so sadly, I can't write like I used to. I feel.. somewhat... handicapped...

My New Year Countdown

Well, My new year countdown did not go too badly.=)

Being a Singaporean who holds her roots dearly, I follow the Singaporean time of counting down. so at Parisan Time 16.45, I am already getting excited, figity(cannot remember how to spell that). Everyone in the office could see that:P

Having my dad, mum and sis in one msn window, my 2 dear dear cousins in the other, and my shifu and my dearest friends with me, over the internet. I feel warmness, in my office, in Paris.

Well well, I did rushed to the toilet to drop a tear or 2. But everything went fine. I just miss everyone too much.

AND i made a promise to myself, NEVER to be away for chu xi, ever again. so witnessed by my cousins: Ling and Ying. (u know who you are!!)

After that, we had a rather sumptious meal in EastChamber's apartment. Mainly because he is back in Singapore happily, AND he has the largest apartment!! (i will explain Eastchamber more, when i have the time!)

We went to buy salmon to add to the celebration, but the cooking dummy here (*raises my hand meekly*) destroyed the salmon dish, by over diluting the sauce. Then after that over boiling, til everything is overflowing in EastChamber's kitchen. *gulps*

I will do better next time!!!! I will!!!

My ex-bf from UK called, and we talked abit. It was nice too. His business plan won some competition and now he is featured in Business Weekly! How awesome is that. I am really very happy for him.

After that, I counted down in Parisan time (YES, i counted down twice!!!) with my sq, who very sweetly bugged this Chinese waitress in his fav restaurant, on how to say Happy New Year in chinese. So that he can surprise me.

That is kinda sweet. I like=)

I am really grateful, and really appreciate all you people who showed your care and concern. Really. Everyone. Even those that just send an msn message or email saying a simple 'happy new year'. Also all those who left messages on my tag board (on the right), I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!!

Get more ang pow people!! Without me around, there should be more ang pows to go around, no??:P


mardi, février 08, 2005

Chu Xi

Today is Chu Xi, and I am following the New day with Singapore timing.

By now, its around 7.30 singapore time, everyone should be happily starting on their first bite of the tuan yuan fan, right?=P

I am sure and I can visualise, my family should be having steamboat, with abalone, of course!!

Looking down at my huge tummy now, I am just back from a very filling lunch. Part of my feeling good plan is to turn heads and eyes. It felt good. Cos..

For I am wearing one of my favourites, confirm-to-be-attractive tops!! haha. Yup, its my fav pink kimono top, very nice and stylish, in my opinion.

Then, my singaporean colleagues pour cold water on me, by saying that I looked much older in it, aka auntie. yeah right, like an aunty can fit into this gorg top. *roll eyes* well, it is just the same 2 idiots. i shall shrug the comments off.

Girls! The last thing you will want to do, is to let some random guy bring you down!!*you are beautiful.. no matter what they say* haha.

Looking at their dress sense, and badly styled hair, anyone will be mad to take their comments on fashion seriously. BUT why are there such guys in our world?? guys who are flabby, critisizing that this girl has fat hands, that girl has fat legs. very very ironical. There is a short and sweet word to describe these people : losers.

You know, in singapore, I never knew which festival was the most important. But now i know. no, it is not Chinese New Year. it is Chu Xi.

The thing I hold dearest is to have my family together and have a great meal. Not really the going-around-to-get-ang-pow part. I dun really care about it.

Lastly, i truly wish everyone I love/like to have a fabulouso year ahead.

I will be here counting down with you all=)

lundi, février 07, 2005

Chinese New Year

Din realise Chinese New Year is so soon, on wednesday.

This will be the first year I am working through a Chinese New Year. Just the thought of it makes me feel miserable. Can you imagine that when people are happily counting down in Singapore, I am here stuck in my office, working at 5 pm Parisan time?

Quite depressing. Nevermind the ang pows, but the thought of my family members are together during the New Year, and I am not there with them.

Makes me remember the poem from 'jiu you jiu ri chong yang jie'.

"...... pian cha zhu yi sao yi ren.."

Or even Libai's poem makes sense now..

".. ju tou wang ming yue, di tou si gu xiang"

reminds me of my Chinese Literature lessons.

pardon my hanyi pin ying. it is bad. Not because my Chinese de-proved, my hanyi pinying was never good in the first place! Not all special stream people are good in hanyi pinying hor, that is such a stereotype! hahaha. I happen to depend heavily on my composition and summary to score.

i think i think i think I am having homesickness again.

On a brighter tone, I just have the feeling that the next year is going to be GREAT!!

for that matter, both my parents won 4D!! HA! my dad won 2nd prize, no less! my mum won small small. Not alot of money, cos they dun bet big anyway.

so yeah, the next year is gonna be TERRIFIC!!! ROOSTERIFIC!!
(spoken by a rooster herself. yup that is me!)

dimanche, février 06, 2005

Household chores' day

I had a terrible day at ironing my zillions of clothings today.

I have no idea why after numerous times of ironing the same patch on my skirt, over and over again, that @$)#($# skirt just refused to be nice and straight. why oh why!!

So, I turn up the heat to maximum, out of desperation. only to find a slight light brownish patch on my skirt. and horrified, i turned the heat down and poured water onto the skirt.

what a failure I am!

Plus, i burnt my own hand with that stupid iron.

Some women are just not made to do housework. and I am one of them!

quite unmarriable hor?

vendredi, février 04, 2005

A roomie

I think my friend will be moving in with me.

As she wants to live in Paris, and the places are too expensive. So i am letting her stay.

Well, its been a long time since I lived with someone else. I remember the year one times when I was living with psn, aka the female cw.

I wonder did we drive each other crazy by our habits.

For one, she sleeps extremely late. Like maybe 3-4am. and likes to play music all the tiem (esp. mayday's music of course!). and as for me, sleep extremely early, like maybe 10-11pm. AND I cant sleep with music in the background.

Come to think of it, it was amazing how we lasted that long.

We have some similarities too!

For one, we are both very untidy. But she tidies, and I dun really tidy.Sorry about that!!

Also, we like to eat mamee alot. AND we tend drop it all over the place.

THEN when we do funny things like swimming(i think it might be just me, you know. do you do swimming also, cw?), or rolling about on the floor, if we chance upon an old Mamee crumb, we will still (horrors!!) pick up the crumb and eat it!

AND I do remember that sometimes that crumbs did not turn out to be Mamee crumbs BUT something else......gulps... then we will have a big laugh out of it.

Ha! I cant believe myself too. Please understand that I was a young and silly girl then.=P

I am alittle nervous that A is coming to stay. For she is like 28? and has a daughter. (of course her daugher is in Singapore).

Although we get along well and all, I wonder will we have any disagreements due to living together. I like her and respect her alot, as I found her very inspiring.

She is the owner of this successful brand management company with a branch in Singapore and another in Barcelona. Amazing right? She also taught me how to tie my hair into a french twist with just a chopstick. AND passed on how to achieve the 'permed' look, without perming your hair, by just tying your hair in a certain way.

I do not wish to lose her as a friend, hence I am really nervous...

hmm.. we shall see how it goes. =)

jeudi, février 03, 2005

To judge or not to judge?

Here i am blogging on my new clie.

Why? Because my computer is running something, and i am not supposed to touch it.

All along, i found it difficult to say whatever i am thinking. Then slowly through this blog, i managed somehow. It is really getting better.

Perhaps it is because that i am sitting in my own comfort zone, typing out my thoughts. With nobody around to judge me. I kind of like this feeling.

I am touched by my friends' concern. Thanks you gals, and guys. Also after reading my friend's blog, i realised, how judgemental people are , and how fast conclusions are made.

Are we capable of taking things as it is? Are we able to not judge and accept people as they are?

I for one, is an extremely judgemental person. This fact i am changing. Really, i am less judgemental nowadays.

i remember this advertisement aired in singapore, about us giving ex-convicts a second chance. This man, with tattoos all over his arms, grabs the hand of this child, and caused anxiety over an onlooker. Only after, did the onlooker realised that the man is the father of the child, she broke out with a bright and relieved smile.

This advert demonstrates my point.

If your pretty female colleague is promoted over you, as obviously she is in good terms with your male boss. Please give yourself a tight slap if you have the thought if she did sleep with the boss to get ahead.

as for my many relationships, i have been really happy to have experienced them. I do, each and every time feel the flutter in my heart with each guy i loved so dearly. And yes, EVERYTHING i ever said, during a relationship is real, right from the heart. Please do not doubt me, if you are one of my ex, reading thie. The words i really do mean includes the sacred "i love you". When i say i really want to marry you, i really do. If you were to bring me to the ROM on the spot, i would have signed it, and be your dutiful wife. Yes, i will.

I know my speed of getting over a relationship often raises doubts in hearts whether if i am just toying with people's feelings. I assure you people, i am not. All the same, you are entitled to judge if you want.

I am a rather optimistic person, generally. Perhaps due to my ability to get over my failures, i am able to be back in the game in a short time. Forget about the grieving period, one has to move on.

I have been luckily, to have dated wonderful men. Men who are able to maintain the same standard of concern and care, from day one of courtship to the last day of relationshIp. Men like that do exist! You just have to believe.

Hence i am saying, do not judge so fast! Not all cute and popular guys are playboys, not all nerds are unromantic. And from my friend's experience, not all angmohs are good in bed. Haha.. (this friend is really one of a kind)

all you have to do is to really really believe, and it will come to you.

of course i am not advocating you to just sit there to wait for your other half to find you. What i am trying to say is that, presevere (not compromise), and love will find its way.=)


The all time favourite phase:

Life is shaky what do you do?


mardi, février 01, 2005


Today was an extremely tiring day at wirk. Frustating also, dealing with WSAD. and also have not achieved much.

I really have to drag my tired body back to my apartment. I wonder have I became a typical career woman?

When I got home, I was prepared to go to bed straight away.

My stomach seems to disagree with my decision to go to bed. I had to eat something. (FYI, I am really really the greedy type. Food always takes the precedence. Like my mum said, if you want to cheer me up or win my heart, you can just give me great food, and I will fall for it.=P )

Subconsciously, I decided to cook a simple dish.


My dad's favourite dish.

Its like, everytime he is home to eat, we must must must have this dish. I remember times when we still get to eat together as a family, each saturday AND sunday night.

As I was cooking this dish, my tears start to fall. And I wonder if it is the onions. This dish needs alot of onions, you know. I really cried, cried like a baby.

I shed my image of a smartly dressed career lady, and cried.

During the frying of the eggs, I felt this urge to call my mum. just to hear her voice. I miss my mum.

I miss my family. I love them.

Unlike most other people. I love my family. We are an amazing family. We are really united. and very supportive.

Although we are not geographically together. We have a yahoo groups! how cool is that? And we send emails to each other very regularly. We know what each other are doing, etc.

I love my family. In short.

Tearing, I called Dolphine to ask if I can borrow his phone. I just had to call home. This is half way through frying my egg, I was crying buckets.

Graciously, Dolphine said sure, u can come over. He is really a gentleman.

Somehow after eating the eggs, between huge blobs of mucus. I feel the strength within me.

I am not a cry baby anymore. I am a big girl.

Looking around me, everything has changed.

My colourful wadrobe is replaced with boring conservative smart looking professional shirts and skirts. ( i still have some colourful stuff, but very little )

Yes, I am officially a grown up.

Who hates WSAD?

Who here hates WSAD?

I do.

Hours of my youth has passed (over the past few months) waiting for it to generate Entities Beans and RMIC Code.


Its a programming thing, in laymen's term.

One of my colleagues were saying, a friend told him to go Starbucks to buy java beans. which he did. just to find out that there are no java coffee beans.=P

And can you imagine, people like him are among us, software engineers?? sometimes I doubt the selection criteria of some companies. In my university, the only course that can produce sw engineers is Computer Engineering, I feel. NOT other engineering course who claims to touch on software.

I am not in in a relationship with a french guy, we are just trying out. so there. dun freak out.