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lundi, janvier 03, 2005

You are Perfect.. on paper...

Have you all been watching Sex and the City? It was kind of popular, I am not quite slow to have just started to watch it now. And indeed, it was addictable!!I have been watching it overnight, after I came back from the New Year Countdown.

And while I am watching in the early morning of 1st Jan, I was slapped on the face by this phase that was used on me, by one of my exs. 'You are perfect on paper'. Me? perfect on paper. Sounds like a flattery, no? And I asked him what did he mean by that. He continued to say that I am intelligent, pretty, a great companion, and a perfect mother-to-be. And so I thought, it can't be anything bad.

Before I knew, I saw this phase used by Carrie in Sex and the City. It is used on this guy, who is cute, has a successful career.. etc, AND however, NOT the guy she will end up with. A perfect-on-paper guy is a guy that is perfect in every aspect, BUT you will still leave him for a jerk who breaks your heart. That was THE tight slap.

I absolutely do not believe it!!!GRRRR. I wonder if there is really something wrong with me.. Just because I left him, I suddenly became only good-in-paper?


Meanwhile, work has been very very stressful. and I have been having headaches almost everyday. Throughout. I somehow felt that my brain is expanding so much, that my skull is too small to contain it. and my brain kept pushing and forcing its way on my skull, that it hurts like crazy. :(

This is so, not a good time for me, I hope that work wun be so stressful and difficult tomorrow.