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vendredi, janvier 21, 2005

An urban fairy tale

Alot alot alot alot of things happened for the past few days. My life has been a real roller coaster. Phew, I really do not know where to start blogging from!!!

Meanwhile, I just realised that I have unknowningly became a successful mei po aka matchmaker. This primary school friend I found from friendster has earlier asked me if I still have connect with this classmate of me. (I am from 6A, and she from 6C, and the guy in this subject is also from 6A.

so happens that he is her primary school crush, ha! what a sweet and nice story! SO, being kind hearted and helpful, I hunt down that guy in our class outing, AND told him that she was looking for him. Before I knew it, (cause i just logged into friendster to add this guy)

let me disgress about this guy. HE is the absolute coolest and one of the two winners of the RUHUA quiz ! =)

*pause finished, back to the above story*

Yes, I was saying, before I knew it, I saw her friendster account with the main picture of them! not being able to believe, I clicked in the thumbnail and confirmed it. SOO sweet!

isnt this one of the sweetest love stories you have heard?


Once a primary 4 girl fell in love with her classmate, and kept it to herself. she kept him in her heart and did not forget him all these years. Then one day, 13 years later, she found one of his classmates, and pestered her to pass her contact to him. which this classmate did. They finally met up and fell in love.

And I hope they live happily ever after and have lotsa kids!


Spoiling the romantic mood, there is an article of our dearest SpongeBob!

But at least two Christian activist groups say the innocent cartoon characters are being exploited to promote the acceptance of homosexuality.