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vendredi, janvier 14, 2005

Shopping - Soldes dans Paris!

Guess what I have planned for Saturday!

A shopping trip and a nice meal with an old Singaporean friend. Feels like some reunion or something, although we havent really been that close, or even close. However, it is really nice to see old friends in France.

More and more singaporeans are coming to france! Seriously, why?

And those out of Paris cant wait to see Paris. Honestly, Paris is waayyy overhyped. So much for the fashion capital of the world! It just happens so that alot of designers are from this place. Other than that, there is really nothing great about its street fashion.

I am sure you have heard people raving about the fashionable clothes Parisans wear..etc.. You know, those people are most probably tourists. AND the fashionably dressed people are mostly tourists, or the tiny weeny percentage of the parisans (not to mention the rest of the french living of the suburban and urban areas. Tourists are so lucky, they get to see the best side of the city, and the high profile streets of Paris where normal parisan NEVER really go.

I am planning my shopping list too! Havent really shopped in a while, as it was too cold!

Look at these!!

Aren't they cute? =P

I definitely will check out those pretty wristlets at GAP. I've seen really cute ones on Yahoo Auction, and I really wanted to see what the hype is about. People usually sell things in singapore from abroad and claim that the item is very popular abroad. I hate people who lie about it!

This happens with this particular MLM brand.

Lets roll eyes together! at the count of 3. One, Two, Three: ROLL!!

They so claim that their products are very popular in France, AND all big departmental stores are using their products, as well as carrying their brand. Then when I reach here, and shopped around in Paris, I couldn't even catch a sight the so-said item.

Until recently, I saw it right at the bottom shelf of a secluded corner of a supermarket-cum-clothings shop. For those who want to lie about their products, think twice. People might get chances to travel around, so never ever lie about such things!